Full Disclosure  Right now I’m like an 8 y.o. who just discovered a family size bag of Snickers while Mom was out at the store. Bouncing off the walls. I just told Teri that this will be my best day until I hear the first guilty verdict at one of his criminal trials.

It’s going to be funny to see how FUX News window dresses this disaster up for the slobbering horde. I mean after all, Trump’s entire persona is that of being the Greatest winner in the history of the world! And I’m sure that the schmucks who keep buying schlock mug shot t-shirts will see him that way when he’s standing on a corner with a bucket, rag and scraper waiting for the 5th Avenue to change.

What a crock of sh*t, at least to those of us who can count to 10. But while I’m riding my buzz, let’s just take a little trip down Memory Lane, shall we;

  • Trump started his entire real estate career with a lie, claiming he got a small $1 million loan from his father, which he repaid with interest. NY Times reporter Suzanne Craig, along with her cohorts won a Pulitzer prize for showing that not only didn’t repay the loan, his father loaned him millions more he never repaid. They knew this from some Trump family tax records Trump niece Mary Trump found laying around, and gave them
  • Trump was so insecure that he became a laughingstock in New York media circles by calling reporters and claiming to be his own media agent while spreading propaganda
  • Trump showed his class and morals by messing around with his second wife while he was still married to wife #1. He added insult to injury by personally spreading salacious details to the media
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. He screwed around with his third wife while he was still married to wife #2. And once again salted the media with sleazy details
  • How about a hat trick? Trump got caught doing the mattress mambo with a porn star while wife #3 was at home nursing their infant son. He didn’t publicize this one, since he was running for President, but he covered it up so incompetently that he’s now going to trial in Manhattan for fraud
  • Money hasn’t made Trump more secure. He was found to have regularly overestimated the wealth of his assets in paperwork trying to make Forbes Top 100 List
  • Trump also has a bogus copy of a Time magazine cover claiming him to be Man of the Year in a frame on the wall of one of his resorts. Also a 6′ life-sized painting of himself he bought with funds from his Trump Charitable Foundation
  • Oh yeah, about that foundation? New York state went after him for running a fraudulent organization, had it dissolves, and barred him and his monkey spawn from sitting on a charitable board for 10 years
  • The same thing went for his bogus Trump University, which the state of New York also sued, broke up, and slapped His Lowness with a hefty fine
  • Trump starred for 10 years on NBC’s The Apprentice, without winning a single Emmy. Of course the voting was rigged
  • Trump’s hand picked Supreme Court ordered his accounting firm to turn his tax records over the Manhattan DA’s office, which is using them for his upcoming criminal trial, and likely shared them with NY AG Letitia James for her civil fraud suit against his organization
  • Trump is the only President to be found civilly liable of being a sexual predator in a lawsuit filed by columnist E Jean Carroll
  • Trump joined an extremely rare club by being elected President without winning the popular vote, which spawned an investigation into Russian campaign interference
  • He leveraged that to join another exclusive club, becoming one of the few Presidents who failed to win reelection when he ran
  • Trump is the only President in history to be impeached twice by the US House
  • Trump is also the first former President to be criminally indicted, in four venues, New York, Washington DC, Florida, and Fulton County, Georgia
  • And now a New York state judge has ruled that the evidence was so goddamned clear and obvious that the AG didn’t even have to hold a trial to prove it. He granted a summary judgement against Trump and his idiot children, excepting Ivanka, revoked their New York state business licenses, and order the company sold off to pay creditors and fines

Hmmm. You know when you look at it like this, I kind of see El Pendejo Presidente’s point. talk about a magnificent, rose petal strewn path from the bottom to the top of Olympus. The hell with Trump’s imbeciles, I wonder if trump is Sick of all this winning yet? 

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    • Why? We’ve had presidents, and mighty good ones at that, who were not businessmen quite possibly, or probably, because they knew they were not good at such things. Let’s take one: Eisenhower. A general who graduated from West Point, spent most of his life (his entire young adult life and then some) in the military: this until he became a politician/statesman. Nowhere in his resume do we find that he was adept at running a business. In fact, he did warn the nation about the U.S. getting too chummy with the military industrial complex (weapons biz). Now, his presidency did see some nice economic growth but so did Clinton’s, Obama’s, neither of whom were businessmen.

      No person can know everything there is to know about running a country. The smart money is on the president who surrounds themself with people who are very knowledgeable in various fields. Sure, there needs to be someone who is quite knowledgeable about business, labor, etc. but that person can, and often is, a cabinet member.

      Trump’s problem was that he was ignorant in many, probably all in fact, areas but rather than listening to those he chose presumably for their expertise he made decisions based on…who knows.

      I dislike this assumption that a successful businessperson might also be a successful president if only because if this becomes one of the criteria for the presidency, we will only have candidates who are CEO’s and the like. Nothing wrong with those folks necessarily but they are used to catering to the bottom line, stockholders etc.–revenue/profit is everything. Government is not a business-it needs to be available to everyone, not just those able to pay.

      • It’s not a matter of being adept at running a company – indeed there is a very strong argument that people who are good at running companies should be banned from politics.

        It is a more basic, moral issue. We have a basic licensing system that looks at the moral fitness of people or companies, the ethical values and consideration of others in society that they hold. The standard required is set very low – indeed it is automatically assumed that anyone holds the right to run a company without impedance. No-one is scrutinized at all, in any way, unless they have a poor business history, such as bankruptcy, to bar them from business.

        This is the ethical and moral bar PO1135809 has failed to clear, he is judged not fit to run a business. He lacks even the minimal and almost cursory requirements needed. His business history of fraud, cheating, and mendacity is too harmful to the rest of us to let him continue. He should have no part in owning or running ANY business or charity.

        Failing to meet the low moral standards of running a business means automatically failing to meet the moral standards required to run anything else, automatically disqualifying him from running for president of anything.

        Lacking these moral values to run a business mans he lacks the moral values to run anything.

        He simply, literally can’t be trusted.

      • It isn’t being a normal businessman that is the issue here, spike. It is being a corrupt and criminal.businessman that’s the issue.

  1. It feels like I’ve been trapped in a cave, wandering in the dark trying to keep a flame alive, when HARK!, a ray of light appears. If I keep on keeping on…hell, I just might find my way out to the fresh air and sunshine.

  2. It’s time to stop letting Republicans claim the mantle of patriotism without actually being patriots. Patriotism means loving freedom: the freedom to make your own health care choices, the freedom to choose who and how you love, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to unionize. Patriotism also means wanting Americans to be free from the fear of gun violence and free from crushing student debt. Above all, patriotism involves strengthening our democracy. True patriots don’t put loyalty to their political party above their love of America. True patriots don’t support an attempted coup. Now is the time for the rest of us to reclaim patriotism and affirm its true meaning.



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