Administration Considering “Camps” For L.A. Homeless Population!


Please, read, from the Washington Post:

A team of Trump administration officials toured a California facility once used by the Federal Aviation Administration this week as they searched for a potential site to relocate homeless people, according to three government officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private tour.

Anytime one hears the term “relocate” within the same sentence discussing a marginalized group in society, it ought to send the shock of fear bolting within your body.

This is the same administration, after all, interring migrants on the border, in “camps,” where people sleep sitting up for lack of space, cannot have access to a toothbrush, and drink toilet water. No one should trust this administration to provide “camps” for yet another group that “troubles” Trump.

Notice the warning signs here:

Trump has asked aides to figure out “how the hell we can get these people off the streets,” one senior administration official said.

The FAA facility toured by administration officials is located in or near Los Angeles, but its precise name or whereabouts — or whether it is a current or former government facility — were not immediately known.

Temporary housing for homeless people could be a good thing, perhaps a great thing. But good things start with a discussion like this: “Figure out how the hell we can help these people get off the streets and back into life.” Coming from Trump, the goal appears to be “cleaning up” these people’s presence in order to benefit the other citizens of Los Angeles.

Moreover, why the cagey secrecy? If this were a well-thought out plan, one that truly could solve the problem in a well-intentioned manner, one would expect the administration to be revealing every detail possible, practically running ads in Los Angeles. They do have a specific facility in mind, there surely are other details that exist, yet they do not want the public informed. That ought to scare people, too.

Of course, there is more, and you knew that:

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the administration is considering razing tent camps, creating new temporary facilities or refurbishing government facilities as part of Trump’s directive on homelessness. The changes would attempt to give the federal government a larger role in supervising housing and health care for residents.

Policing, especially these types of problems, has always been entrusted to the states. Indeed, Republicans are the people that lead the charge to get the federal government out of “state business,” returning power to the states. Except maybe not so much here, with this administration.

It appears that Trump’s people want to “impose” the solution. “Attempt to give … a larger role in … supervising housing for residents.” Perhaps in some other administrations this sentence wouldn’t be so terrifying. But the administration is not offering help to Los Angeles or the state of California, it is not “offering” money or a partnership. It seeks to “supervise.”

If this attempt were well-intentioned, explain this:

Los Angeles officials were blindsided by news of the sweeping plans being considered by the administration for the city’s homeless population. Some had thought White House officials were arriving this week to simply learn more about the issues.

The administration’s delegation divulged little information to city officials about what they were doing in Los Angeles when they were not with city representatives.

Again, keeping as much information possible from locals is the biggest red flag. Moreover, an administration official chided the media for jumping to conclusions, stating that they are not considering “rounding up” people, “yet.”

Well, they are “considering” something, because they’re refusing to give details to the very city impacted by the problem. They must have wanted to “surprise” Los Angeles, which is just what one would do if seeking to impose a “round-up” of any marginalized group.

“Offering” help to people in dire straights, such as farmers impacted by the tariffs, is the federal government’s job. But that offer of help was advertised as if it were the most magnanimous and economically healthy thing an administration had ever done. This? Not so much.

It is still possible for this “policy initiative” to be healthy. But it also has the potential to be viciously imposed, abused, and take this country to a new level of cruelty. Dictatorships, and abuse of citizens, is always done in steps, and always in secret. Recall that ICE blocked congressional officials from touring camps at the border?

Never stop asking yourself, why, in the United States of America, are certain problems being addressed so secretly.

“It cannot happen here, in the United States.” We always tell ourselves. We wouldn’t purposefully abuse anyone. Remember, in the 1920s, Germany was the most sophisticated country on Earth, the unrivaled leader is sciences, health care, and the arts. Within just 15 years, Germany unleashed the greatest abuses imaginable, on a scale we still don’t appreciate. We likely won’t kill off large segments of people, but that doesn’t mean other horrific abuse cannot happen here. It can happen anywhere, but always in steps.


Peace, y’all.


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  1. I don’t know where there are any “former FAA facilities” closer to LA than the Antelope Valley. (I’d actually expect them to try walling off the poorer areas of the city and force the homeless to live in those.)


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