ABC News has obtained new information about testimony former Vice President Pence gave to Special Council Jack Smith’s investigation into the Orangeutan’s attempts to subvert democracy on January 6th, 2021.

The weak willed Pence testified that at one point he considered not fulfilling his Constitutional role of presiding over the electoral count by Congress on that day because of “too many questions”.

But perhaps the bigger revelation in the report is that the idiot actually thought Donald Trump was his friend:

ABC News

“According to sources, one of Pence’s notes obtained by Smith’s team shows that, days before Pence was set to preside over Congress certifying the election results on Jan. 6, 2021, he momentarily decided that he would skip the proceedings altogether, writing in the note that there were “too many questions” and it would otherwise be “too hurtful to my friend.” But he ultimately concluded he had a duty to show up.

Speaking with Smith’s team, Pence insisted his loyalty to President Trump at the time never faltered — “My only higher loyalty was to God and the Constitution,” sources described Pence as telling them.

Sources said that investigators’ questioning became so granular at times that they pressed Pence over the placement of a comma in his book: When recounting a phone call with Trump on Christmas Day 2020, Pence wrote in his book that he told Trump, “You know, I don’t think I have the authority to change the outcome” of the election on Jan. 6.

But Pence allegedly told Smith’s investigators that the comma should have never been placed there. According to sources, Pence told Smith’s investigators that he actually meant to write in his book that he admonished Trump, “You know I don’t think I have the authority to change the outcome,” suggesting Trump was well aware of the limitations of Pence’s authority days before Jan. 6 — a line Smith includes in his indictment.”

You know (no comma) I think Pence is an idiot.

And so apparently does Jonathan Karl and his crew over on Twitter, who share their reactions to this astounding revelation:

Easy, you just let Paul Manafort pick ‘em.

Despite being a poser himself, Romney actually get it sometimes.

I need to see a bit more before I buy a hat…


Double yup.

Want an idiot 🙄🙄🙄



Yes it does, doesn’t it?



You know (no comma) Mike “I did my duty only after all other possibilities were explored and abandoned is not the flex you think it is.

Please, just slink off into retirement and don’t show your stupid face again unless you are indicted….

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  1. “How did Trump turn all these men into pathetic supplicants? The Republican Party is full of weak, sad men looking for relevance.” Trump did not do this, not entirely. The ‘pube party was headed this way for decades including toward the endgame of replacing our form of government with a dictatorship. Statistically, conservatives are less intelligent than liberals-this has been researched and it is established fact. Less intelligent people prefer perceived safety to freedom-this has been demonstrated throughout history. Where the republican party is in 2023 has been a trip they’ve taken for more than 4 decades (probably more than five in fact). It leads to their demise (hopefully) or America’s demise. Reckon we’ll have to wait and see which outcome wins.

    Pence was window dressing and damned poor window dressing at that. How he thought he was anything more than a necessary evil to trump is indicative of just how ignorant he is…and how ignorant pubes in general are. That he thought of trump as his “friend” makes me realize that outside of his wife, he has none.

  2. Great article and informative. I would however point out that it wasn’t so much Manafort that got Pence on the ticket as Steve Bannon and KelleyAnne Conjob. Rebecca Mercer was bankrolling Ted Cruz’ campaign and had Bannon and Conway running things for him. Mercer was, like her father one of those behind the scenes big money people funding “Christian” conservative causes and when Cruz flamed out the thought of Trump appalled her as he was everything a “devout Christian” like her could be. But Trump needed Evangelical support and even if leaders of the movement were all-in for Trump convincing their flocks was still a tough sell. Cruz had been their guy so when Manafort started involving this duo they settled on Pence as someone who could reassure Evangelical voters Trump had magically become one of them. Sure enough the con worked. In no small part because Pence’s blind ambition made him so effing GULLIBLE.

    I marveled at Pence over the years as he stared at Trump with an adoring gaze that reminded me EXACLY of Nancy Reagan’s adoring gaze at her hubby Ronnie! It was actually kind of creepy, and even more so with Pence and Trump. What’s truly amazing is that although they were (and with good reason) although Pence and his FAMILY were in fear for their very lives on January 6 (and the mob was oh so close without realizing it!) that for so long afterwards he continued to defend Trump.

    I agree he should just stay gone. Except for when it’s time to take the witness stand and do to Trump what Trump tried to do to him.

  3. I love Molly Ploofkins’ Jack Smith cap so I clicked on her tweet. Wrong — it sent me to a MAGAt merch site filled with the “real” made-in-China Trump hats. Beware.

  4. “Where the republican party is in 2023 has been a trip they’ve taken for more than 4 decades (probably more than five in fact).”

    As far as “the modern Republican party” look no further than the late 1920s. FDR got their goat: “I welcome their hate.”

    That’s all they got – hate.

  5. Trump.doesn’t have any friends, just associates he dumps as soon as they are no longer useful. Pence was a naive believe Trump was his friend. He was VP because he could lasso the evangelical vote because he can speak.their language. He closed his campaign because Trump had that vote sewn up and Mikey is no.longer necessary. When –not if Trump wins the primary, it interesting to.see his VP pick. I could see him.choosing Hailey in hopes of winning back white women’s votes. And she actually has some qualifications as a governor and U.N. ambassador. DeSantis is not in the running unless it looks like Moms For Liberty succeed in pushing him. Nobody else is even worth considering.


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