The news that New York Attorney General Letitia James had recently served both Donald Trump Jr., as well as Ivanka Trump with subpoenas for documents as well as a deposition, had to be a cold water douche for Ivanka particularly.

Let’s be honest here, shall we? Don Jr. has always been the classic wastrel son. With no particular skills or talent, he has spent his misbegotten life safely cocooned in the Trump organization. Son Eric tried to follow in Daddum’s footsteps, formed a company, and bought an industrial park for renovation and resale. But being a Trump, the goddamn thing had a warehouse filled with toxic waste, and Eric was losing his shirt. Daddy finally stepped in, bought the property, and tried to use local zoning laws to force them to clean up the mess. They told Trump to fuck off, and he took a bath.

But Ivanka has always been the Chosen One. The apple of her father’s eye. Strong and independent, she set out to make her own way in the fashion industry. She started with a line of apparel under the Ivanka Trump brand, and then branched out into shoes, handbags, and accessories. She was on her way to becoming another Trump mogul.

And for quite a while, while Daddum’s was wowing the stiffs with The Apprentice, the grift worked fine. The family name kept the suckers rolling in, and life was good.

But there was trouble in Paradise. As Ivanka’s public profile increased, so did public scrutiny, especially in the media. Suddenly, newspaper and media reports started talking about child labor law violations, as well as forced labor factory allegations in her overseas factories. And after Trump’s election, Ivanka took a serious hit for the sudden issuance of multiple Chinese patents after snagging a seat next to the Chinese President at an official White House dinner.

Ivanka’s brand took a major hit after her father took office. It turned out that his toxic behavior slopped over on her. The national retail chain that my wife works for carried Ivanka Trump apparel, and suddenly everything with her name on it was marked down to $0.99 just to get it off of the shelves.

But this is a whole new world of hurt for Ivanka. She is going to have to show up with records and depose. And while her brothers are lifelong fuck ups, Ivanka can boast a formerly successful business line. And if Letitia James is half the prosecutor I think she is, if Ivanka makes one slip up, she is going to unleash her dogs of war on Ivanka’s personal business dealings. And I don’t think she can stand it, simply because the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Veteran GOP strategist and Never Trumper Rick Wilson put it perfectly when he titled his book Everything Trump touches, dies. And unless I’m mistaken, he is about to visit the same misery on his own children. And unless I’m mistaken, and I don’t think I am, he’ll gladly sacrifice them to save himself.


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  1. “And unless I’m mistaken, and I don’t think I am, he’ll gladly sacrifice them to save himself.”

    You just gotta wonder which will happen first: The kids turn on Daddy Dearest or Daddy throws the kids to the wolves?

    • Even odds on either bet…though MAYBE a slight edge for not being three-quarters senile nor half-dead as well actually listening to their lawyers.

  2. “I don’t know who Ivanka Trump is. I really don’t. I’ve heard of her, but I don’t really know her. I don’t. We’ve never been close.”

  3. In some ways Ivanka appears to be smarter than her brothers, but I think her arrogance and rich-girl snobbery will be her undoing.

  4. Wannabe Princess Ivanka and her brother Fredo are I think in for a rude awakening. Especially the former. She and hubby Jared (let’s not forget about him in all this – especially when it comes to who winds up turning on who) had it pretty good for a long time. As daddy’s favorite, and knowing how badly daddy wanted to fuck her more than anything else in the world she played the role of daddy’s girl like a pro. That meant all kinds of support from daddy and more importantly daddy’s people that actually knew shit – how to get things done in the business world which is why her ventures (knock offs/copies of real designer’s stuff) did ok for a while. She and her hubby also ran around in NYC social circles managing not to be as crass as the rest of the Trump KKKlan, and doing the “Well, it’s unfortunate they talk/act that way but what can you do when it’s family?” bit. That got them semi accepted. They could have stayed in NYC and played the same routine and likely kept their social standing such as it was. However, to quote the late & great John Belushi in SNL routines, But NOOOOOOOO!

    They decided to head down to DC and play WH “stars” and their standing (again, such as it was) in NYC dropped to nil. Funny thing about rich people who are well-known business types in NYC. They get away with a LOT of shit, as we all know. A well placed bribe in the form of a donation (or two or three) and some subtle pressure from other society muckety mucks who have influence AND also make donations and legal troubles more often than not quietly melt away for them. Wannabe Princess Ivanka and her brothers, like her daddy were in this group of people.

    It’s a different equation now. Wannabe Princess Ivanka’s “air kiss on each cheek” “Friends” have dropped her (and Jared too) like a nasty, smelly flaming handful of shit. Daddy fled NYC (in both 2016 and 2020 he got his ass handed to him in four of the five Burroughs and only pulled around sixty percent in hard core right wing Staten Island (where he wouldn’t set foot unless sentenced to a prison there) officially became a resident of Florida. Hell, NY state overall handed him his ass! (Gore loses TN by not much and conservatives couldn’t shut up about it for years, yet crickets on Trump getting his balls whacked at home with a Gallagher sized mallet!)

    Cy Vance may be out the door without having indictments (at least that we know of – there might be sealed ones) but he was clearly running a serious investigation into the Trumps and the Trump Org. A criminal investigation. If Wannabe Princess Ivanka and her brother Donnie “Please love me daddy – or at least say out loud I’m not the loser you feared I would be when I was named by my mommy that I turned my back on even though you raped her!” think the old rules where there daddy and the Trump Org could skate through with some bribes/donations and a word with “friends” I believe they are sadly mistaken.

    In Wannabe Princess Ivanka’s case it probably didn’t help her forlorn attempts to reingratiate herself in Manhattan society by her and her hubby spending a HUGE amount of money in a hugely expensive and private enclave in FL to build their proverbial dream house.

    Call me mean, but I really and I mean REALLY want to see the Trumps, and especially Wannabe Princess Ivanka hauled up in court, and after losing a criminal case be led out of that courtroom in a certain kind of bracelets made of stainless steel. AKA handcuffs.

    If they still make them, I’d save up to spring for a series of those “Fathead” posters of athletes that you could stick on the walls. Perp walking in handcuffs. Booking and intake (for prison) photos and the like.

      • I was raised to not take pleasure in other’s misfortunes, albeit with a caveat. For people who CHOOSE to deliberately live and act in ways that hurt others, it’s okay to feel good if they meet some measure of justice. And in some cases, to actually celebrate those who have spectacularly taken advantage of their station in life to be harmful to others when their whole privileged life gets ripped apart! So, if any of the Trump KKKlan gets their comeuppance I will surely break out that bottle of Jack in the cabinet (sadly my Eagle, Globe & Anchor Scotch has all been consumed) and pour a couple of fingers in a glass for a merry toast. (Hopefully that’s something I’ll get to do multiple times!)

  5. Let’s not forget the money laundering & Russian grift through the Panama properties she managed. When the shit hit the fan the employees were caught shredding documents. She ran from that like a kid who set a car on fire. No consequences for the rich bitch I know of.


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