You know, we have all been inundated in the media with the total meltdown of the GOP, and their total derelictions of duty and their oaths in their subservience to His Lowness. But to my mind, there’s nothing quite like a valid comparison to drive the point home.

Let’s look for a moment at the state of New York. It had a popular, flamboyant, arrogant Governor by the name of Andrew Cuomo. But it turns out that Cuomo was rather a randy lad, and after a while, his Roman hands and Russian fingers caught up with him, and he had to take it on the lam amid sexual harassment suits and accusations.

New York also has a popular, hard charging Attorney General named Letitia James, who saw a career opening. In the vacuum left by Cuomo’s resignation, she filed her papers, and announced her candidacy to run for Governor of New York State.

Which left an opening for the New York Attorney General’s office. And a Democratic lawyer, Danny Goldman, who served the United States as the House’s impeachment attempt as House counsel, to file his papers and announce his run for the Attorney General’s office in 2022. Smooth as silk, all of the bases covered.

But then, former Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, who was elevated to Governor with Cuomo’s bug out, started showing strong polling numbers for doing the job. And since when does a Democrat come forward to challenge a popular Democratic incumbent? Just ask Joe Kennedy Jr. how that works out.

And so, earlier this week Letitia James officially suspended her campaign for Governor, in order to give Hochul a clear field.  And the day after she did, Daniel Goldman suspended his run for Attorney General, giving James a clear path to reelection.

This is the way that a political party should operate! You don’t get involved in internecine warfare, and they don’t eat their young. In this case, ambitious people saw a chance for advancement, but when they saw popular incumbents in place, they backed off and waited for their turn in line.

Now, let’s look at the current GOP under the leadership of Glorious Bleater. Brian Kemp is the GOP Governor of the state of Georgia. He is a Trump man. Trump endorsed his candidacy, and he campaigned for Kemp in 2018. But in 2020, Kemp refused to violate his oath and certified the thrice confirmed election of Biden, so now he’s toast.

Trump badgered former GOP Senator David Perdue, who lost to Democrat Jon Ossof in the January Senate runoff, and whom Trump vilified as a total loser, to run against kemp in a primary that he showed no interest in getting into.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a Trump man too, endorsed and campaigned for by Trump, but for some reason, Abbott has fallen afoul of Trump, and is now facing multiple challengers from the right in the primary, all of whom are courting Trump’s endorsement.

Arizona GOP Governor Doug Ducey is termed out this year. And he’s likely to take a shot at challenging Democratic Senator Mark Kelly for his seat. But Ducey infuriated Trump by actually daring to certify the Arizona election results. And so now, Trump has endorsed a far right challenger to Ducey in the Senate primary.

This is what the internal dissolution of a party looks like. Trump is going after competitive Senate gubernatorial and Senate candidates for displeasing him. And he’s going after safe Republican House members in competitive swing districts for defying him. And in doing so out of personal pique, he is risking the GOP’s chances of retaking either chamber in 2022. What a moron.

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  1. The shame of it is, these guys don’t deserve this, but the clowns that enabled tRump certainly do. I’m not a fan of the targets, but they did stand up for the right reasons and now they are paying the price.


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