A SundayTwofer! Alex Jones Joins Roger Stone On The Insurrection Hot Seat


I swear to God, life doesn’t get much better than this sometimes. Alex Jones, yeah, the Infowars idiot, who thinks that Sandy Hook Elementary was a hoax, who can’t seem to do a broadcast without getting sued for slander and libel, and who spends hours a day hawking a miracle cram with really autoerotic application instructions, is now under the same January 5 microscope as Roger Stone.

MSNBC had a little more detail this morning than they had when I wrote yesterday’s Stone article, but it isn’t any better for Stone or Jones, nor potentially for Trump. The feds are apparently investigating the month of December, as the Stop The Steal movement grew in intensity, and in the events leading up to the January 6th Capitol riot. They want to see if Jones and Stone used their influence and positions to coordinate activities with, or between the groups leading up to the assault, and also whether they secretly funneled money to the groups for equipment and travel money to DC.

Jpnes has been known to share a little air time here and there with some of these cretins, and loves to brag about the closeness of his association with Trump. Stone likes to make it seem like he made Trump what he is, and portrays himself as the ultimate insider trouble maker for Trump and the GOP.

This has the potential to blow up in everybody’s faces, including Trump. Just a quick aside to lead into my next point. I grew up in Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s, just as the FBI and the DOJ was fully engaged in their war against organized crime, and with the inception of the RICO statutes, was really starting to lay the hurtin’ on them.

If you wanted to go after a boss, you didn’t investigate the boss. He was well insulated by cutouts, that’s how he stayed boss. The way you got to a boss was to go after somebody just below the boss, and get him to roll over and testify directly against the boss in court.

But see, here’s the rub. Guys like Joe Valachi and Sammy Gravagno didn’t suddenly get up in the morning and decide, Fuck it, I think I’ll roll over on the boss today. Even with witness protection, it was a potential death sentence. You got a bunch of lower level fuck ups to roll over on Vaalachi and Gravagno, and threatened them with decades in prison and a loss of everything they owned.

This is where the current investigation may be leading. These two ass clowns are career, low level fuck ups. Jones is a craven, hypocritical coward who, a couple of years ago appeared on 60 Minutes, and flat out admitted that he doesn’t really believe Sandy Hook was a hoax, but the controversy helped to keep himself and his show relevant. And Stone was the ultimate badass during his trial, saying he would die before betraying Trump. But if this all comes down around his ears now, and he gets slapped with a conspiracy charge, or aiding and abetting, we’ll see how badass he is now, especially since Trump can’t slip another pardon under his door.

Relax, this will likely take a while. But for the next few months, whenever you happen to have the news on, just keep one ear cocked for the names Stone and Jones. because, if it turns out that they did nothing wrong, than you may never hear their names on the news again. But if they start popping up, then it may be about to get real interesting. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. If I had the kind of money to indulge in such things I’d be investing in popcorn futures. Or maybe even making an investment back near where I grew up. Ridgeway, IL over on the other side of southern Illinois once billed itself as the popcorn capitol of the country. Buying and reviving one of the old shuttered plants and creating a liberal branded popcorn might make for a comfy retirement!

    • You might have something there Denis.
      Maybe a variety of heirloom and organic BLUE corn – and some of the profit would go to Progressive causes. Or it could be grown on Indian land with the money helping that particular reservation.

      I’d buy it.

        • Well, in addition to not having any money, much less enough to actually do it there’d be a problem finding labor. For all its considerable natural beauty (especially in the fall) southern Illinois is with few exceptions (mostly Carbondale where SIU is) Trump country. Historically poor with the only good jobs for regular folks being coal mining and trucking (Teamsters) but coal started dying back there even before it did in other places and unionization got weakened starting with Reagan. IOW many of these goobers voted against their own interests by switching to the Republicans. Farms and coal miners. Neither of which are bastions of liberalism and Democratic voters.

          And yes, these are people who would and will cut off their noses to spite their faces. Ridgeway is much too far from Carbondale to be able to draw on a steady supply of workers trying to work their way through school. So, as I said I’m not sure where the labor would come from. Still, it would be a pretty cool thing to do!

          • Carbondale. Heh. The couple who lived across the street from us at whose house we watched Howdy Doody before we got a TV ended up moving there. I think he got a job at the university. It such ain’t Chicago! (They moved to Wilmette first which isn’t THAT bad — it’s close enough to Chicago, the only place in Illinois that matters: “Behold! she stands beside her inland sea/With outstretched hands to welcome you and me” …etc.)

  2. Funny what you said about keeping the news on. I just walked back to the kitchen for coffee and MSNBC had a story about how Garland was going to go after the White Supremacist and such. I posted in one of my comments here all the things I would like to see the Democrats do. Manchin seems primed to play the traitor so if we don’t get a lot done on the legislative side, we could at least put as many Republicans in jail as possible. Maybe even a few from WV.

    • Friendly reminder: Manchin has NEVER cast a vote that derailed the Democratic agenda. If he’s voting against something, it’s because his voting for it is non-critical enough to let him play to the home crowd in WV by going the other way. Think Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski for the proper frame of reference.

      TL;DR it’s got all the votes it needs without him.

      • Except he’s f*cking things up on Tanden, who is well-qualified and who Manchin is refusing to vote for because she said something rude a while back. (He was fine with Grenell, who did the same and was UNqualified.)

        • Yeah, no, PJ. Like I said, the only reason he’s doing that is because he’s scoring points for the home crowd because she’s already got all the votes she needs to be confirmed.

  3. Trump knows EXACTLY how an investigation like this goes. As you mention, they are bottom up events, and Trump was at the bottom of a few of them himself. See how the FBI took down the Gambino family(Gotti) and the entire Philadelphia (Little Nicky Scarfo)mob and you will find Trump involved in both, which he did to save his own snitching ass.

  4. I’ve a special hatred for Alex Jones that goes back nearly 20 years. My mother’s second husband (now thankfully her second EX-husband) introduced me to him right after 9/11 via a DVD as part of the “truther” BS. Even now, I can feel a burning anger/fear over what I saw. This scumbag couldn’t even get his basic history straight (any liberal that repeats his canard about Hitler getting elected rather than APPOINTED chancellor, I want to slap) and that was before you got into all the other stuff. So watching him go down means more than watching Trump go down.


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