This is something. My basic wish list has just been to see Lauren Boebert go down in flames in the primary and some other GOPer take her place. That still could happen. But if the fundraising in CO-04 is any indication, there is a possibility that that congressional seat could flip blue. Dare we hope? In any event, the FEC has released fundraising data for Q1 2024 and Bobo is not bringing in the cash.

Representative Lauren Boebert‘s fundraising from individual donors suffered a huge drop in the first few months of 2024 after she opted to move to a more conservative Congressional district, according to her campaign’s latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing.

Boebert, a conservative Republican from Colorado, raised about $388,805 from individuals in the first quarter of 2024, according to the filing. While she outraised each of her Republican rivals ahead of the June 25 primary, she raised less than she did in each quarter of 2023, when she raised more than $2.7 million from individuals—not including PAC money.

That is a substantial drop. An elections expert says it’s time to worry about such a drop.

Grant Davis Reeher, a professor of political science at Syrcause University, told Newsweek on Monday that whether Boebert should be worried could depend on how much effort she has put into fundraising, but that any drop in funding is something a candidate will be concerned about.

“If the same effort is producing less money, especially in comparison with other fire-brand conservative Republicans, then it’s possibly a concern. Changing districts to one further away from where she lives, even though she is in effect a national candidate, would also likely complicate her fundraising effort, and throw up some additional challenge,” he said.

He continued: “Even though she is the apparent front-runner in the primary, she has to win that race too, and primary campaigns can be expensive. That has to be factored into the equation of what she’s raising versus spending.”

And here is the great news. “Democrat Ike McCorkle outraised Boebert, as he received total of $786,260 from individuals in the first three months of 2024.”

Time for us to do our part, Zoomers. Here is a link to Ike For Colorado. You can donate there.

Here is also a poll taken recently. Hold your nose when you read the presidential race part of it. Wow. I am amazed that CO-04 is still so solidly Republican considering what a bum Trump is, but old habits die hard. However, look at it this way: if this result in CO-04, which votes 30+ if not 40+ Republican is the least bit reliable, then Boebert is going down in flames and McCorkle is pulling off a bloody miracle.

RFK Jr. pulling 11% is alarming, but then again, we don’t know who he’s pulling those votes from. A percentage of them could have been going to Trump. I also find 16% undecided to be a remarkable figure, but then I have to remind myself not everybody is as immersed in politics as we are here. Literally, a vast dormant creature called The Electorate rouses from it’s slumber once every four years and then returns to its slumber after its November task is complete.

Ike is the front runner in a primary of his own. He looks to have possibly struck a nerve. One thing about rural voters, they do have “traditional” values, meaning that they have respect for those who have served our country in the military. Ike has that going for him. He might just be the right person for these times. Again, I lived briefly in CO-04, in Greeley, (which is now CO-08) and I know the basic mindset of the people there. They’re likely to vote for a veteran as opposed to some floozy flake who has only embarrassed the state with her drunken excesses and her ignorant MAGA voting pattern.

Again, the link to donate.

This is one race the eyes of the nation will be watching. As I said earlier, I thought it would be a victory if Bobo went down in flames at the primary level. If that happens, great. If the seat flips as well, hallelujah, break out the champagne and let’s dance. It could happen, on these facts. It just could happen.

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