The political scene in America right now is like Russian nesting dolls, you open up one of them you find something else even stranger, and then you look inside that, same thing. As you are painfully aware, the Republican party has been in a steady state of disintegration for the past forty years or so. The fringe elements within the party have been on the ascension during that time and in 2016, the reality TV game show host got on the top of their ticket, and it’s been a wild downhill ride ever since. Disneyland never had a ride so terrifying, let alone politics. And out of that chaos, this creature was spawned.

Last I knew, Christianity wasn’t about legions of angels getting ready to waste democracy. That’s more along the lines of the other guy, the one with the horns.

I don’t like her using the name “Kat” because there is nothing of the feline about her. Rabid mutt would be a more accurate descriptor.

This is the state of “religion” in America, shockingly, but hardly surprising. It’s a shame, too. I remember the days of Billy Graham and tent revivals and it was nothing this batty. Not even close. Now we have a woman like this, with hair straight out of either a strip show or a cartoon, proclaiming to know the ways of God, not to mention having the power to assemble a million angels. That’s something. Do they all dance on the head of the same pin, or several pins, anybody know? This ought to drive them crazy.

Trump lovvves this religious adulation. He eats it up with a spoon. Here, let’s end on this note. Remember this? This is Trump’s White House pastor, spiritual advisor, whatever TH she was, Paula White. And she is invoking angels, out of Africa, out of Africa (and no, I don’t know if that’s where they hang out, and I guarantee you, she doesn’t know either.)

Isn’t the saxophone great? If the million angels are there, they’re laughing until the feathers fall off their wings.

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  1. Having studied and received a degree in Religion, taught by scholars of ancient history, languages, and textual analysis…these ‘evangelicals’ are idol worshipers. They worship whatever assures them that pursuing money, comfort, and feeling good, will put them into eternal comfort, i.e., ‘heaven’. Dylan nailed them long ago when he said “their minds are full of big ideas, images, and distorted facts”, and that, “you had no faith to lose, you just wanted to be on the side that’s winning.” They fill their ‘services’ with lights, music, clapping, raised hands, and casual dress like it’s something new. The church I attended recently for a family obligation even had coffee bars. The message was you’re washed in the blood of Jesus, something he never said. That relieves them of social responsibility and the pursuit of truth and facts. They ignore his reported message that, by attending to the stranger, the poor, the outcast, that was being his disciple. The preacher actually brought politics into the sermon by essentially saying the extreme left and right are the same! What a phucking crock. Hundreds clapped! Folks we are facing a massive propaganda movement. Of course the people protesting Biden over what Israel is doing are similarly misguided. They have the only democracy in the region. Everyone should know how BIBI IS THE ONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED HAMAS. Biden has supported a two state solution. We have no soldiers fighting there, and the world leaders have a limited ability to do anything about Bibi. He’s the Israeli Trump. Then factor in what would happen if Trump gained power. Genocide. Smarten up America…or PERISH!!! YOUVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  2. And when will these angels waste D.C. (presumably)? I could understand this kind of angelic behavior (well, not really) if our nation were stupid enough to give trump another chance to screw up more of our country…or finish screwing it up completely (four years is such a short time). A nation as stupid as that truly needs to be taught a lesson to be sure.

  3. “Last I knew, Christianity wasn’t about legions of angels getting ready to waste democracy.”

    Oh, boy — do I have bad news for you. while not necessarily laying waste to democracy per se, god did send an actual death squad of angels to kill the first born of the Egyptians. Along with several other plagues. King David and Solomon conducted great wars in the name of and direction of god himself. Not to mention the great flood or the fact that god banished lucifer to Earth — precisely where humanity resides. When a Christian nationalist argues Trump is chosen by god — they’re not wrong, because look at all the awful things in the Bible that god has chosen to do. That woman is actually right on the money from a biblical prospective.

    • Well, in both the book and the movie Manhunter Hannibal Lector tells Will Smith that when it come to killing God’s the champ and that no one has ever come close. Chew on that one.

    • If Rump a Dump was chosen by God, why would God be allowing demons to drag him to hell for torture every night straight for the past 6 mos? Those nightmares resulting in his lack of sound sleep have fueled his precipitous mental/neurological decline.

      Obviously, the exact opposite is true. God has already handed Trumplethinskin the Coward off to Lucifer and his legions of demons. He’s being provided a movie trailer preview each & every dream-time of where he’s about to be headed & what he’ll be doing for eternity!

      Karma’s a BITCH!

    • Oh really? In other words, things that HUMANS WROTE ABOUT WHAT OTHER HUMANS DID…you are CERTAIN it’s the hand of ‘God’…sounds like ghouliana talking…”we have a lot of theories but no evidence”. EXACTLY.

  4. Don’t knock the hair. Three out of my good friends,,staunch liberals all, have blue and green streaks in their hair. I am growing about my red to snow white and plan on having some blue streaks added. You guys know me. Proud wildly liberal feminist with 2 grad degrees and a paralegal degree. My friends are similar. I suspect you will find that liberals are more likely than conservative evangelicals to have fun color added.

    You can’t judge someone’s intelligence or politics by hair color or style.

  5. “I distrust those people who know so well what G_d wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” Susan B. Anthony


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