This video goes back a few years and looks to have originally played on Larry King. A chyron says Barron is four. But he’s wearing a sports jacket and he announces that he’s going to school after lunch — with his briefcase, which he calls a suitcase. So this is rich kid kindergarten, where four-year-olds show up looking like mini executives? What I remember from grade school (I never went to kindergarten, maybe this is what I missed) is that we had cigar boxes in our desk that we put pencils and erasers and crayons in, and we had lunch boxes or paper bags. I never took a briefcase to school until I was in law school. In college I had a nylon backpack, like everybody else. But then these are the Trumps. (BTW, as blurry as this photo is, take a look. Trump is studying articles and pictures about himself on the desk.)

I wonder if the “no drugs” lecture was given to Don Junior? Because if it was, evidently it didn’t take so well.

That could be. Barron might actually have to earn a living like normal people not named Trump. I actually do feel sorry for him. It’s got to be rough to be born to one of the most hated men in the world and have a last name that is synonymous with everything that is corrupt and immoral. That can’t be an easy thing.

I’ve said it before and will say it again: I think he should go to college in Europe and frankly, changing his name and making a totally new life for himself would not be a bad idea. Why stay tied to the Trump madness? He’s young and he should get an education and strike out on his own and not even have to be reminded of his crazy father.

I went looking for the Business Insider quote and here’s the link to that story. One thing it says makes a great deal of sense.

“She could see how it was going to be for her,” a former White House official told CNN. “Once the insurrection happened, she knew there was nothing to gain by her speaking out or doing something — so she didn’t do anything.”

Five days after the Capitol siege, Melania Trump eventually released a statement expressing sympathy for those injured or killed.

This followed the resignations of her key aides.

Trump’s bitterness also extends to first lady Jill Biden, CNN’s Kate Bennett reported.

She is lamenting the positive media focus on her successor, CNN said.

Trump has not spoken to the first lady since leaving the White House, the outlet said. This bucks the historic tradition of former first ladies reaching out to their successors.

This explains a lot. Melania looked as bad as her husband at the very end. They left in disgrace. But Melania could have done some damage control if she had had the traditional First Lady’s tea with Jill Biden. That would have done a great deal towards repairing her “tarnished reputation.” Personally, I think the reason she didn’t do it is because she knew she would make a complete ass of herself trying to have a normal conversation with Jill — but she should have tried anyhow. The gesture alone would have been very worthwhile and would have said something positive about who and what she is.

But she didn’t. So ultimately, if her reputation is tarnished, it’s on her. But now I think we have some real insight into why Melania isn’t on the campaign trail. She wants nothing more to do with pretending to care about fukking Creeesmuss trees and other aspects of the role of First Lady. She’s miffed because of all the bad press she got and how she’s considered hands down the worst First Lady in our history.

The Trumps don’t belong in the White House. Trump needs to try because politics is the only way he can make a living and Melania clearly hates the whole idea. She blames him for how badly things went the first time and doesn’t want a repeat. Neither do we, Melania, neither do we. At least we agree with you on something.

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  1. she needs to stay gone. and I think it’s a great idea for Baron to have an education and a life in Europe-he already looks like the most evil Trump created in some sort of laboratory…
    Donald Trump has ruined the Trump name for all of them. plain and simple he is a criminal grifter rapist con man treasonous dandy boy.

  2. “she’s considered hands down the worst First Lady in our history.”

    The perfect partner to the worst president in our history.

    What a couple. At least they’re first on a list for something now.

  3. It was always a business deal. He got a hot babe as arm candy. She got what was in the prenuptial ( renegotiated several.times) or 30% of what he owned if he croaks.

    Turns out it was a bad bargain because it looks like there will be very little left after his fire sale. Run like the wind,,Melanoma, while there’s still something left. Divorce the enormous ass of the enormous ass you married.Take Barron and flee to.Europe.


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