You know, in normal times there’s an almost kind of rehearsed kabuki that follows an election. After inauguration day, the party out of power starts doing everything in its power to obstruct the new administration, while trumpeting to the heavens all the ways they can do better. The object is to make the first midterm election a referendum on the 1st two years of opposition governing. And since the general history is the minority gaining seats in the midterms, it’s a pretty solid strategy.

And if the minority party is fortunate enough to flip a chamber, either the House or the Senate, then the next two years are spent passing bills in that chamber that showcase their agenda and plans, while stopping the other party from getting anything substantive done. This should set up the next general election as a referendum on whom is best qualified to run the country for the next four years.

Sadly, this is not normal times. In January of 2023, the GOP took over the House solely due to badly gerrymandered districts. This includes normally safe blue seats in New York that were badly redrawn, and are now in the process of being redrawn. This also includes redrawn districts in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina that are being redrawn by judicial order, enough to reflip the House in 2024.

It gets worse. The GOP has no platform or agenda to tout while they try to stall the opposition. They’re a cult of personality, namely The Unholy Church of Trump. And they already know that they’re a minority party that can’t be saved by ideas. Throw in the fact that President Biden worked across the aisle in the Senate to get major legislation done. If it wasn’t for the gerrymandering, Hakeem Jeffries would be the Speaker of the House.

But since they did get control the GOP gets a 2nd bite at the apple, But since they already know that they have no agenda, they have satisfied themselves with useless show hearings to jazz up their dwindling base, trying to vault through the debt ceiling, and letting the MAGAt’s waste time and efforts getting Traitor Tot’s two impeachments erased from House records.

But guess what? Thanks to the GOP’s craven cowardice and bovine devotion to The Criminal Caligula, even with all of their missteps and screw ups, 2024 is still shaping up to be a referendum election. But it’s lunar miles away from the one they wanted.

So far, the only one in the GOP primaries with the guts to state the obvious argument is Nikki Hayley when she said, It’s time for bold new leadership in the party. Look, we cannot nominate a candidate that is already twice indicted, with more looming, and by the time we start our convention may already be a convicted criminal. You can’t win a national election that way.

And she’s absolutely right. But because of their obsessive stupidity and craven cowardice, that’s exactly what the GOP is going to get. And it’s the kind of referendum election that, if things go south, could end up leaving the GOP with almost biblical losses next November.

The kind of referendum that the GOP wants is to have El Pendejo Presidente whipping the base into a frenzy to give him four more years, in which to jail Criminal Joe, and turn the White House into his permanent residence, to be followed by his useless whelps. That’s the kind of campaign that the base can get behind, and rally to violence over if he loses in November.

Which is not what they’re going to get. Whatever happens from here on out is now a referendum on another for years for a criminal Trump. Even if the other GOP primary candidates won’t go there, once the cases, both civil as well as criminal begin, the DNC and aligned Super PAC’s sure as sh*t will. All aimed at branding Trump with soft GOP, soft Democratic, and independent voters who are not involved in the GOP primaries before His Lowness even captures the nomination. This plants a seed it will be difficult for the GOP to root out later.

Meanwhile, Biden, Harris, Buttigieg et al, can roam the country touting Biden’s success stories, and promise more in the next four years with a Democratic majority. If the election is going to be a referendum on Trump, hell, Biden may as well make it count. And the campaign, DNC, and aligned Super PAC’s can beat the drum to a pulp as well.

And it’s not like The Tiny Thumbs Dictator won’t be helping them. The GOP wants to whip the Trump Army of the Undead into a frenzy replaying four years of past glory, The Big Steal, and four ore years of unrelenting vengeance against Democrats, turncoat enemies, minorities, and gays. That’s what they’d like to see.

It’s not what they’re going to get. A Trump under pressure is a Trump unhinged. And the more pressure, the more unhinged he becomes. If you’ve paid even passing attention to The Mango Messiah in the last month since Smith indicted him, you can’t help but notice the change. He’s just riding his dominant popularity in the primary polls, and not even bothering to attack opponents.

His hysterical screeching on his Bullsh*t Social platform are alternate howlings of infantile self pity over his impending crucifixion as a political martyr, and dark threats of massive violence and retribution from his followers if anybody dares to lay a finger on him. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to send money! Six months ago, as posted, $0.10 of every dollar donation went to Trump’s legal fund. Today that split is up to $0.50 for every dollar. Trump is running the very real risk of bleeding his sheeple dry as his legal problems mount, leaving him short of campaign cash, and leaving the RNC and other GOP candidates hung out to dry.

Oddly enough, this leaves Biden in a  And his rallies are 90 minute bitch fits about his  of a conundrum too. My gut feeling is that Smith will announce the indictments for January 6th on either Wednesday of Friday. Which means that Trump will announce them on Bullshit Social on either Tuesday or Thursday night. My personal feelings are also that Smith will try like hell to slide the J6 trial either into the December date that he wanted for the documents trial in Florida, or into the mid January slot after the E Jean Carroll civil trial, but before the Manhattan DA case in late March.

It would be political malpractice for the Democrats to  not hammer this until the cows come home. But Il Douche is already starting to sprinkle every social media post as well as his rally speeches with complaints about the Criminal Biden DOJ engaging in election interference in his persecution of Trump. Forget the fact that the GOP primaries don’t even start until January, and the DOJ’s own standard is to not announce opening a probe or indictments within 90 days of the general election. This is what works for Trump, and his imbeciles will buy into it.

So Biden can’t touch the prosecutions with fire tongs. And neither can anybody else in the administration. Otherwise Trump will use it as proof of his specious claims. So Biden and his surrogates are going to have to fly above the fray on this. Although Democratic House and Senate candidates can certainly bet the drum, as can Democratic Super PAC’s.

This is going to be one f*cked up election cycle. One the one hand, you have a major party presidential candidate under multiple criminal indictments claiming that his opponent has weaponized the very DOJ that he himself weaponized against the Democrats against him, and an incumbent who can’t touch the greatest political gift in history for fear of giving the specious accusations traction. Strap in folks, we’re just leaving the station for the roller coaster ride.

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  1. Presidential election cycles tend to favor democrats. Young people tend to tune out between cycles, since they have to work and other things like having kids. Old people like me have lots of time to get into politics. So I am pretty aware of what is going on.
    2024 is the 6th year since 2018. Some dem senators like testor, brown and manchin were saved by a blue wave.
    They may be saved again by a presidential election year. 2018 ted barely survived Beto’s challenge. A good turnout by young people and changing demographics put him at risk again. Young people are getting pissed at abbott and patrick at their hateful social policies. They may be the ones to turn Texas purple.

    • Well, Manchin’s history. He can’t another term since WV has been going deeper and deeper in the red since he first entered the Senate. Even if he tries a switch to the GOP, he’ll be chewed up and spit out in a GOP primary for not being a REAL GOPer. (History is littered with Dems turned GOPer only to lose their seat after being lured to the dark side.)
      So, WV is lost to the Dems unless/until the average voter quits voting against their own interests and for the GOP donor classes.

      • I held my nose every time I voted for that P.O.S. Pretty awful state of affairs for the choice being Manchin or whoever he was running against, especially since it was never even a close call! Like where I grew up, during the almost eleven years I lived in WV I saw all kinds of natural beauty. And an increasing number of people completely f**ked in the head that they’d vote for GOPers, HORRIFIED that there were even Democrats on the ballot.

    • Getting the massive number of potentially new voters registered, and then making sure they vote could put the vile rethugs on their own self-made version of Vietnam’s hellish battle for Hamburger Hill, charging uphill at a well entrenched enemy fighting from the high ground. Trump red states want to fight another civil war according to the shi*thead, Peter Navarro. Let them, and they will deservedly bleed red over the battleground states, entering their own self-made purgatory. Then there will be the circular firing squad, spending millions on trying to fiugre out what went wrong. The answer is simple: try having a political platform that stands for helping people instead of ruuning on hatred, creating fear and threats of violence. The clown car that is currently running the House will be out of gas by the 2024 election. And it’ll be good freakin’riddance to the whole vile crew.


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