What a trail of breadcrumbs we are going to follow now, friends. Did you bring magnifying glasses, deerstalker caps, your dogeared copy of Sherlock Holmes and most importantly, plenty to eat and drink as you trudge through a long and laborious thread on The Search For The Mysterious Trump Bailout(s)? We have indeed been here before. And this you’ll love: our villain’s name is Hankey, which means Trump is Pankey, because this is absolutely a case of hankey pankey. That’s our starting point.

Fraud within a fraud, like those Russian nesting dolls. This is a Twitter thread roll out by Seth Abramson.

1/ Hankey is a major investor in Axos, a shady “internet bank” that has bailed out Trump before *under extremely suspicious circumstances* and whose wealth is… from unknown sources, it seems.Image
2/ ROLLING STONE: “Axos is an unusual lender, steeped in controversy. Its CEO and top investors have strong financial ties to the GOP. And Axos appears to be solidifying its position as the Trump-family banker, having previously stepped in as a financier for the Kushner Company.” 

3/ The New York Times-bestselling Proof Trilogy previously established, in Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, 2019), that there’s a history of hostile foreign nations seeming to try to get money to Trump through Kushner.

That there’s an Axos connection to this bond is *terrifying*. 

4/ The fact that Hankey is connected to an obscure, dodgy, politically connected online bank that manages to participate in *huge* Trump-salvation projects despite having an *under $3 billion market cap* is raising red flags everywhere. This is less than Trump claims to be worth.Image
5/ While the bond is said to be underwritten by a different Hankey entity, you probably feel, as I do, that if the money behind one Hankey-linked entity is opaque there’s plenty of reason to wonder whether the money behind—or being pumped into—another Hankey joint is also opaque. 
6/ Something stinks to high heaven about Axos, which is a Hankey-funded lending operation just like Knight insurance is. This is from ROLLING STONE:Image
7/ Here’s what ROLLING STONE says about Trump’s new lender (and savior): “SEC documents show Hankey is the largest non-institutional investor in Axos; Hankey made his fortune with subprime auto loans, charging exorbitant interest to financially strapped customers who need a car.” 
8/ Every Trump biographer is getting foreign-money vibes right now, I promise you. ROLLING STONE on Trump’s new lender’s internet bank:
9/ Those vibes are only increasing. Garrabrants is another GOP megadonor who’s Hankey’s business associate and runs Axos. Where’s all this funny cash coming from—and why did Hankey tell ROLLING STONE that he supported Garrabrants 100% as he saved Trump and received such odd sums?Image

10/ Here we go: ROLLING STONE reports that a whistleblower complaint regarding Trump’s lender’s online bank involved concerns about “money laundering.”

*Jesus Christ*.

It certainly looks, now, like Trump did *not* have that $175 million himself, like he swore to America he did. 

11/ MAJOR BREAKING NEWS (🚨): ROLLING STONE previously reported that Trump’s lender’s online bank is involved with major money launderers—including “foreign officials from major oil-producing countries and war zones.”

Which certainly sounds like it would include Russia.


12/ Wondering why the SEC investigation into this shady operation suddenly disappeared?

Well, guess when the SEC suddenly closed it? 2017—under President Trump.

Scandal sure seems to be incoming, folks. If major media isn’t all over this, it should simply close up shop forever. 

13/ Trump mega-donor Don Hankey now says Trump gave sufficient “cash and bond” to get coverage. Do you believe him? Do you think all the money came from Trump, rather than the *other* sort of people Hankey’s operations are alleged to have dealt with often?

14/ Remember, America, the March 8 bond Trump got—for $91.63 million—was gotten by him with just hours to spare (though he’d known he’d need it for half a year). This bond is almost *twice* as big.

How was Trump—now in a *worse* spot financially than in March—able to get a bond? 

15/ I will continue researching this possible budding international scandal through the night tonight, and then have a report up at PROOF tomorrow—hopefully in the AM.

I have no doubt but that this will all get a lot stranger still. You might want to bookmark this piece. I have a feeling that we’re going to be coming back to it as seminal material in which to play Connect The Dots.

I wonder if this can be construed as an in-kind contribution of some sort. Again, we have never had to ask these questions. Trump is a walking time bomb in a democracy. He singlehandedly poses questions that we’re sure the Founding Fathers never thought of and nobody outside of a dystopian political novelist did either before Trump showed up.

For the moment, Trump has a finger in the dyke. Again I ask, where are the appellate lawyers? Anybody? Because this is all rhetorical and theoretical without appellate lawyers. All that Trump has done by coming up with the bond money in both cases, the Trump Organization fraud matter and the E. Jean Carroll case, is forestall the State Of New York from seizing his assets.

But the interest keeps accruing, to the tune of $100,000 a day, and he has to begin an appeal at some point soon, not just talk about it. Even if he would get reelected, these are state actions, as is the Georgia election racketeering case, and he can’t dismiss them. Unless he just plans to round up everybody involved and stick them in Guantanamo, and perhaps that is indeed his plan.

Just another day in Trump world, aka the Twilight Zone.

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  1. “For the moment, Trump has a finger in the dyke.”

    That should be “a finger in the dike.” Or should it? Do you know something I don’t know?

  2. I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you, on hearing that he’s trying to get out of financial trouble for engaging in fraudulent and criminal activities by possibly engaging in fraudulent and criminal activities. It’s almost like he doesn’t seem to know how to do anything but fraudulent and criminal activities. Can this be true?

  3. what surprised me was Mr. Hankey’s involvement. Who knew a turd had so much money? I guess living in a sewer has monetary benefits. lmao

    Yeah, I like South Park.

  4. Most of us, already knew this would happen. The “force”(sic) for BAD, is strong in Amerika now. Always follow the money, if you can. MUCH change for GOOD must be legislated, Rules & Regulations must be installed! MONEY must be regulated, for the GOOD of ALL the people….NOT just the RICH, like it is NOW!

  5. I read today that Hankey is calling it just a business deal. Says he voted for Reump in the past and has never met him. IF that is true, what a believe that a notorious deadbeat will ever make good the bond “loan”.


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