“Have yourself a very Merry Christmas, let your heart be light.” — Merry Little Christmas

Even in World War II the warring factions decided to stop the killing for one day and there was a cease fire at Christmas time. That may have been true of the Allies and the Axis powers but it’s not true of the MAGAs and the anti-Trumpers. Quite the contrary, when Donald Trump had his minor contretemps with Candace Owens over the efficacy of vaccines, Meghan McCain jumped right into the middle of it.

So now it’s a battle of MAGA influencer vs. daughter of GOP establishment. Aye aye aye.

Then it got personal and ugly real fast.

Where this is going off the rails is that if you’re vaccinated it really doesn’t matter if you’re obese. But Owens needs to keep pushing that button.

That led to Owens touting the legitimacy of her views as an infectious disease and vaccine expert. Gotta love that internet independent research, beats a medical degree any time.

If anybody would know about beyond classless it would be Owens.

McCain decided to drop it and celebrate the holiday.

Now what I am waiting for is the blowback when Trump gets wind of the fact that Owens is saying he’s too old (inference being senile) to know what’s what with respect to COVID. Trump is not going to take a crack like that from a pipsqueak like her. But so far no news from the Golden God.


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  1. So Owens engages in fat shaming because McCain nailed her to the wall, and THEN wants to act all high and mighty when told to get fucked? I disagree with McCain all the time, but the fact is when it comes to brains and toughness (not to mention political savvy) Owens is way the hell out of her league.


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