When they go low, we go berserk, is Ron DeSantis’ new motto, it looks like. And you thought Donald Trump had problems with impulse control? Wait until you take a look at this. This is just one more in a series of endless examples of why this man is not cut out for public service, let alone the presidency. He simply cannot keep his cool. If a reporter or a citizen asks him an uncomfortable question, he loses it. Here’s the latest.

The video is terrifying. The Black man is escorted out and then people give DeSantis a standing ovation, ratifying the way he handled the situation. He did not handle it right by any normal measure of how things are done in situations like this one, where a candidate is asked inflammatory, if not explosive, questions in the normal course of business.

That’s what the job is, is tackling the hard questions. DeSantis doesn’t want to be bothered. He wants to do woke. Don’t annoy him with gun control, homelessness, climate change, skyrocketing rents and insurance premiums in his own state, he’s too busy trying to get through the next photo op and not smear his makeup or trip on his high heels.

How dare anybody expect an actual policy or a vision, an answer of any sort from this man? If DeSantis had his way, the guy wouldn’t have only been escorted out, he would have been shipped to Guantanamo — where DeSantis could mock him while selling disinformation about being a Navy SEAL.

DeSantis is a complete fraud. And this video going around will tank his ratings further.

What floors me about the man is that he just doesn’t get what governance is at root. It’s being the responsible party, the person that people ask about difficult problems. Remember the sign on Harry Truman’s desk, The Buck Stops Here? That’s what the job is, being the responsible adult in the room and handling conflict, not being a whiny child and losing your temper.

What a bench of non talent the GOP has, if DeSantis, Ramaswamy and Haley are in a three way tie for second place. Of the three, the most credible is Haley and that says it all right there. The GOP is well and truly phucked.


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  1. republicans have not been a party interested in actual governance, solving problems, etc. since they decided to be the party that makes sure the wealthy and craporations do not pay their fair share better than forty years ago. Of course now ‘pubes running for elected office spew whatever off-the -wall crap they can come up with-the crazier the better. And they get away with it what with the gerrymandered to hell districts they represent.

      • I think that was already accomplished with the election of former guy. At the very least we’re the laughing-stock of all the democracies in the world.

      • The current ads for dumb nuts talking about his rules for border control uses the words, “STONE COLD DEAD” as the condition apparently of ANY one crossing the border into Florida … He always uses word salads in ads, time for him to just shut-the-**** up!!

  2. No one is ever allowed to question a cult leader, even a minor one. Remember Jim Jones had two congress members shot, killing one, to stop them from challenging him, and telling the world what was going on in Jonestown. Nancy Sinatra’s go go boots twin couldn’t afford to allow the man to finish his question, since the lax gun laws in Florida are Directly Ronald McDonald’s doing!!! Of course the white folks manhandled him out of there.

  3. Took me all of 3 minutes to find an article de-bunking his statement that the Florida crime rate is at a 50 year low. Their study only includes about half of the departments policing 40% of the population. Typical bs from a republican politician.

  4. Let’s see…I’m trying to think of something that might produce the truth out of a gop rep…oh yeah…got it…it would require a hot poker up the arse…then, and only then. Kinda like the nazi in Raiders threatened the woman with a red hot poker…she said “I’ll tell you everything!” He replied, “I’m sure you will!”.


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