Yankee Fans Boo Rudy Into Humiliation


There is a reason that New York City went for Hillary Clinton by 79%. They know Trump in a way that the rest of the country refused to, despite readily available evidence. While the rest of the country saw a “successful businessman who starred on TV,” NYC saw a failed developer, wanna-be, bankrupter of entire cities (seemingly) and a wake of unpaid contractors and sub-contractors, one who would do anything to get in the papers, even if it meant talking to tabloids about his affairs while still married.

As Esquire reminds us, NYC also gave us Rudy Giuliani, who has always been controversial, even at his high water mark. Combine the two, and, as of yesterday, the result was fairly plain for all to hear.

The artist formerly known as America’s Mayor ventured to Yankee Stadium this Memorial Day weekend to celebrate his birthday. When the stadium announcer shouted him out, the 50,000 New Yorkers in attendance had a clear response.

Yeah, that will happen.

It hasn’t helped that Rudy has been such an obvious shill for Trump, and he can’t even do that right, telling Hannity that Trump reimbursed Cohen for Stormy’s payment – proving the president lied, answered both ways on CNN (this was truly special) when questioned whether the Pres had to comply with a subpoena, and continually slams the DOJ – a department he used to work for, in a fairly high position, and used, very carefully, to bring down Hillary through the Huma emails released at just the right time.

But Esquire reminds us there’s just so much more:

Of course, the disgrace began well before Trump snatched Electoral College victory from the jaws of popular vote defeat in 2016. In March of that year, Giuliani suggested on Fox News that Hillary Clinton “could be a founding member of ISIS.” The same month, he appeared to blame President Obama for the terror attacks in Brussels. He offered a deranged speech at the Republican National Convention, howling at the crowd about Benghazi and the prospect of the U.S. accepting Syrian refugees. “They’re going to come here and kill us,” he said. “We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past.”

Put that way and he’s lucky they let him in the stadium. Or maybe “luck” is the wrong word, because the boos were loud and long. Oh, and deserved. At times, it seems that Rudy’s so far gone that he wouldn’t recognize them as meaningful or directed at him.

Still, a lot to hate about the Yankees, but on this one, nice job Yankee fans.

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