Hell fire and damnation. That is what Donald Trump unleashed deliberately upon Washington, D.C. and this country, because he could not be enough of an adult to admit he’d lost the election and to call off the mob. This is not new information but hearing a Republican Representative come out and admit it, is news.

There it is, right out in the open. Trump was fine with putting peoples’ lives at risk. He was fine with people actually getting killed — or disabled, or taking their own lives, like four Capitol Police officers did. He loses not a moment of sleep over this, because to him it’s not real. All the people in this world are merely bit players or extras and Trump is the star. He’s the only one that matters. This is not solely my opinion, his niece Mary, the psychologist, says this as well.

The congressman from Tennessee was forthcoming on other matters as well.

“It’s a pipe dream but we’re going to do it anyway because we’ve got no policies and no platform so it’s political theater and performative a$$holery or nothing. So we’re going for the latter.”

And Burchett isn’t the only one calling the impeachment a pipe dream, so is Ken Buck. What is interesting here is how resigned most of the GOP is to the performative a$$holery of the few. It’s the dead opposite of Mr. Spock’s line how the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.” No, in the GOP, it’s the needs of the few MAGA crazies that outweigh the credibility of the party and everybody in it.

Burchett, Buck and most of the GOP just watch the far right fringe personalities misbehave and bounce off the walls. I guess we should give credit to Burchett and Buck for even saying this much. This is as close to accountability or conscience as you’re going to see in the Republican party nowadays.

Last thought: I sure hope that those guns propped up in the background behind Burchett aren’t loaded. If they are and they fall and go off, the next interview with Jim Acosta could get decidedly strange and fast. And this is the intelligentsia of the GOP here, the moral conscience. Again, wow.


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  1. A member of Congress should know it takes 67 Senators, not 60, to convict an impeached official. Such is the dumbed-down state of today’s GOP. By the way, Anthony Scaramuchi allegedly said “There are no co-stars in Donald’s world.”



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