The impact on non-whites of SCOTUS overturning precedent and gutting affirmative action is huge news today.  It should be.  Chief Justice John Roberts famously, in my view petulantly wrote in his decision gutting the Voting Rights Act that the way to end discrimination was to stop discriminating.  Well THAT sure did the trick didn’t it?  DIDN’T IT?

Except of course it did no such thing.  Discrimination has not only remained alive and well but has become more virulent thanks to Trump letting the GOP’s carefully cultivated mob of angry white people who they communicated with in code off the leash.  Turned them into his loud, profane and ugly MAGA mob.  And they’ve been on a tear.  Affirmative Action has riled up folks in MAGA world, and even beyond for decades now.  The election of Obama didn’t prove we were over the worst of racism – it exposed the ugly fact it had grown back to what it was before the Klan pi$$ed off Hoover and threatened FBI agents back in the 1960s.  THAT’s why he went after them, not because of what they had been doing to black people.  So they went almost dormant for a while but they and their type has always been there.  And among the guys there was a corollary of not just black people (and brown people, and Catholics and Jews) “knowing their place” but womenfolk too.  IF women had to work they could be secretaries, teachers and nurses.

Hell, a lot of the WWII generation men had struggled after coming home to find wives that had proven they could do a lot more.  Including working in factories and mines and other gritty jobs.  A lot of those women didn’t cotton to the idea of going back to just tending to the house and hubby.

Look, I grew up and lived my first 26 years in what’s now MAGA territory.  Southern Illinois (which starts a ways south of I-64) is a place of great natural beauty.  It’s also a place of dark, ugly violence and strong pockets of racism which have grown larger and more willing to let that racist flag fly.  After dropping out of the beltway rat-race I lived in the eastern panhandle of WV, with the gateway to western MD and the northern Shenandoah Valley less than thirty minutes north and south.  Almost eleven years of living in what felt like southern Illinois.

Lot’s of angry white folks.  Not just men either.  If they feel actual economic prosperity has passed them by it has.  From corporate American to medium and small business larger than mom & pop places they are sheep to be sheared but they refuse to blame the moneyed interests that have kept a boot on their necks.  Instead they fall for conservative crap about unions stealing wages from them, and…. those people.  Non-White people getting all manner of government handouts.  Chances denied them, and other “god fearing” white folks.  Never mind that so many, far more of them than minorities fill govt. offices seeking “food stamps”, “welfare” and other stuff.  You see to these people their circumstances are different.  They deserve govt. help.  So do their friends and family too by god.  But not “those people.”  They are nothing but takers!

Jobs are scarce and good one with good pay & benefits more so.  Schools have steadily declined in quality because of lousy pay creating low property values which means less taxes to pay for good schools and teachers.  Not to mention that a culture of being disdainful of those with “fancy schmancy” educations has taken hold.  Home schooling with “Christian” values is on the rise and test scores are plummeting.

But from where they sit it’s all black people’s fault!  Or brown people.  Or those Asians that do nothing but study.  And of course once again Jewish people get plenty of blame.  Israel?  Total support.  But not Jews.  Weird isn’t it?

It’s no wonder the mere mention of Affirmative Action makes these people go into meltdown mode.  However, even in pockets of prosperity in states/parts of states where this mindset rules the day Affirmative Action is on par with the word liberal.  BAD!  UNAMERICAN!  The mortal enemy of “real” Americans like them.

I’ve worked with an awful lot of women in my life, especially all those years in social services.  Had women bosses too and never had issues.  One was kinda stupid at times but she was well qualified for her job and wasn’t a jerk to me other others.

And prior to Affirmative Action the bulk of these women, so many in serious jobs that took real education and experience to attain their “rank” they’d have been shut out of ever getting those good jobs.  And they weren’t just women, they were overwhelmingly white women.

Take a look at the title pic.  The original political “Year of the Woman” was 1992, when the number of female Senators jumped from two to five.  The House also saw some gains in the number of women and people were oh so impressed that sooooo many women were now in positions of power.  I wasn’t the only one who was both impressed but also saying “that’s a helluva long way from where things should be.”  Still, without Affirmative Action it’s unlikely those women that year would have gotten the education and experience that would have prepared them for a run for federal elected office.

Success breeds success though and seeing more strong and capable women in positions of power and influence (a certain lady who happened to be First Lady back then sure helped) more women got more chances to advance in the private sector and in higher education.  Not enough.  It’s never been enough but in 2018 we had another “Year of the Woman and if things still aren’t where they should be, many in the “class of 92” have taken a measure of satisfaction that tangible progress has been made.

The majority of those lawmakers are white but there’s a noticeable mix of other ethnicities in there.  Something that looks a lot more like America.  Like I said, real progress but still a ways to go.

And without Affirmative Action that picture, and women in so many other places that were once the almost exclusive preserve of men, of WHITE men wouldn’t be what it is.

So when you hear a white person, especially a white woman who has or is retired from a decent job talk about today’s SCOTUS position keep in mind who the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action have been.  And if they make approving comments about the decision, or say we’re at a point where Affirmative Action isn’t needed any more point out the facts to them.

And remind them that any policy that negatively impacts whites impacts minorities much more so!

Now, I’d imagine many a white woman who has fought and clawed her whole life for “mere” equal opportunity and treatment is saying “who the eff is this old white GUY to tell me Affirmative Action helped me?  It hasn’t done jack for ME.  That’s a fair question to ask and/or criticism to make.  I’ve seen articles over the years to back up with data what I’m saying here.  Here’s a one that lays things out well. 

I do in fact know damn well that being a white male (and taller than average – believe it or not it helps to be tall when up for something that requires leadership) has given me chances so many others have been denied.  I can also say that twice in my life, back in 1983 and again in 1992 when I was in need of a job and was up for really, and I mean really good ones I lost out.  To women.  In each case the woman was qualified.  No question.  Just not as much as I was.  Because I could be trusted I was informed why I was passed over.  They knew I wouldn’t be a dick about it.  It hurt to be sure.  Still, despite the personal cost I understood the big picture and have remained not only supportive of Affirmative Action but openly advocated for it.

Even if it doesn’t benefit everyone, it benefits enough people that things improve for those who come later.  So that’s my answer to women who say I have no business getting into this topic and saying what I’ve said.

It’s a bad day for minorities, for all women and frankly the whole country because SCOTUS is determined to return us to a time that was never in reality the version in old black & white TV shows like Father Knows Best or Leave It To Beaver.

An equal chance.  It’s what we all should have and our Constitution says we’re all created equal (even though the original carved out an exception) and it’s been amended to try and force those who think only property owning white males should have any say in things have to accept they aren’t as special as they think.   But Roberts and his cronies, including his token black guy and token woman is determined to create a country in that fictional TV image and use the force of our nation’s highest court as a barrier to those who believe in equality.  They are determined to be the protectors of those who Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman noted “would rather burn it all down than share.”

Today is another example of Roberts telling these powerful (and not powerful for that matter) “Don’t worry guys.  I’ve got this.  You’re NOT going to have to share.”


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  1. Funny how … society will use your own work ethic… against you. Being Hispanic and having a less than top notch father… tried to prove folks wrong. However, some (the loud ones as usual) would laugh at trying to succeed. Oh the white ethnic folk (speak English and be really American… well didn’t mind spraching deutche and flying … ancestral flags🤦🏻‍♂️) … some… would just smirk at me working my azz off while they coasted (somehow they knew something). The local neighbor folk… trying so hard… what a dummy. Enjoy life at the bottom. So yeah family was … eh. Most figured “I”deserve a chance ( but never really tried). But a big hurdle: money. Money for car, rent and eventually school. Nursing or trade. My own older sister: if I had your brains/schooling I be rich! Me: if I had your talents (at bs, grifting really) … I own the world. So what now? Elect more dems. Too many have seen the green grass on the other side. Tired of eating ramen… some nice veggies and fruit is okay. Tired of “swallowing “ the bs of rascism, sexism and other -isms. Tired of a broken SCOTUS… at least 6 of the deadweight.

  2. A few thoughts:
    1 In certain employment sectors, women did benefit from affirmative action (AA) in the 1970’s and 1980’s because it was pretty easy to prove that many employers had discriminated against women who applied for “male” jobs (both in pay and in hiring rates).
    2 In college admissions, AA has helped women in engineering and the sciences, but has proven to be unnecessary for women pursuing other majors.
    3 Which leads to the next point: woman now significantly outnumber men in both undergraduate and graduate admissions. They also have higher completion rates. There is much debate about the reasons for this, but it has caused many private schools to give a slight edge to male applicants in order to achieve a more favorable “gender balance.” (Title IX forbids sex discrimination in schools receiving federal funds.)
    4 THIS will be an issue that women will challenge, and soon: If race cannot be considered in college admissions, why sex? Why should men get preferential consideration? Let’s see how the conservatives on SCOTUS try to dance on that head of a pin.
    Today’s SCOTUS ruling means that college admission offices will have to work harder to evaluate applicants as individuals…not necessarily a bad thing. But then the court completely undermined itself by saying race CAN be considered at the military academies! Trust in the court’s rulings will plummet even further.

    • Six of those justices have absolutely no problem with telling women to get their a$$es back in the kitchen and take care of more babies. I wonder if Title IX will stand much longer-these six fools think that ignoring race and racial discrimination will make it go away or maybe they just don’t give a f**k (probably that last one). Thomas got his, benefited from special treatment because of his color, and he doesn’t want anyone else to get those benefits especially not people of color: he is selfish and ignorant and has no business on the bench of any court. The vagina who replaced Justice Ginsberg also would love to get rid of Title IX regardless of how SHE benefited from it. Hell, the six conservatives need to be replaced or nullified by adding seats to the court. The federal court system has been totally f**ked up by McConnell-time to fix it.

      • I think you’ve miscounted. Or, you’re automatically considering that Judge Amy will either decide to step down from the court and get her own “a$$ back in the kitchen” (not sure about the “baby” aspect) or let everybody realize she’s nothing more than your run-of-the-mill hypocrite.

    • And, a few years before that, “Women is losers . . . .” Janis Joplin (from the 1967 album, “Big Brother & the Holding Company”)

  3. The fact that they had no problem with “legacy” admissions told the tale. To be a legacy, you are probably rich, white, christian and male.

    I know I was given preference in hiring due to my gender (F), but did my best to prove I was capable. The stereotype of minorities being lazy, not motivated is not my experience. The laziest people I worked with were the entitled – daddy got them the job.

    Just one more reason to make sure 2024 is a blue wave. Problems don’t solve themselves. Democrats are the only party trying to address societies’ ills, trying to improve everyone’s lives.

  4. “And of course once again Jewish people get plenty of blame. Israel? Total support. But not Jews. Weird isn’t it?”

    Not really. Not in the least.

    See, it’s ALL because of the Evangelical movement (with all the racist and anti-Semitic preachers and ministers who would form the “Moral Majority”). In their worldview, in which the world is in the “end times,” the prophets (whoever they may be) dictated that there must be an Israel (presumably a Messiah–the returned Jesus–will be born there, again) and an Israel with a capital in Jerusalem. So, after the Six-Day War in which Israel (illegally) occupied and began the process of annexation of the Arab East Jerusalem (which had been under Jordanian control) and it was THAT which began the Evangelical turn towards supporting “Israel” while those same Evangelicals continued feeling that Jews as a people or a religious movement were still vile, reprehensible beings who “killed our Savior” and would be punished for their “sins” (basically, just for being a Jew) along with the rest of the world’s “sinners.” The pro-Israel movement by the Evangelicals took the better part of a decade (largely with the Israeli victory in the Yom Kippur War and the Camp David Accords helping to solidify Israeli control over all of Jerusalem) but Reagan’s ascension to the GOP nomination really spurred on the movement which has lasted since.

    • Two reasons for the even jellies to support Israel:
      1: It’s somewhere they can deport all the locally born Jews to
      2: Bethlehem is still in Palestinian territory and they want Israel to take it back

      • 1. Not so much. The right-wing in Israel do NOT want a bunch of “liberal” Jews screwing their chances of establishing a religious state (a Jewish version of Taliban Afghanistan). Plus–IMS–immigration policy is in the hands of the far-right religious groups. Also, you CANNOT deport American citizens under current laws.
        2. Bethlehem is meaningless as far as the Evangelicals are concerned. None of the Christian end times prophecies have ever suggested that Christ will come back as an infant and have to grow up all over again. (The Anti-Christ, on the other hand, is supposed to go through that whole ordeal.) Christ is supposed to come straight down from Heaven and smite all the wicked. And, when all is said and done, Israel has done almost nothing with regard to “taking back” any of the other Christian “holy cities” and annexing them the way it’s done with Jerusalem and its suburbs. The Israeli gov’t is willing to let the Palestinian Authority keep Bethlehem and Nazareth under PA control. Bethlehem may have been the “City of David” but the Temple was in Jerusalem and THAT is the whole reason for occupying and stealing East Jerusalem as far as Israel is concerned. (There is some lesser deal with the West Bank’s history as part of the ancient kingdom but Jerusalem is the linchpin of Israeli policy, and the evangelicals can eff to the you to the see to the kay to the o-f-f as far as Israel cares.)

  5. Thanks Joseph for the clarification. The state of Israel is an evil institution, continuing an apartheid since 1948. They just shot and KILLED an unarmed 15 year old girl, and ‘stand down’ while Palestinians are burned out of their homes. Of course, the Jews are no different than the ‘christians’ here in this ‘christian’ country, who profess to follow Jesus. Last time I checked, the Torah, the most sacred text to the Jews, plainly states THOU SHALL NOT KILL, on the tablets, written by YAHWEH, and brought down from the mountaintop by MOSES! The bodies have been piling up since. Jesus, a good Jew, supposedly said, since neither you or I were there, the two greatest commandments start with the word LOVE. Don’t see much of that around America by these so called disciples. LIARS AND HYPOCRITES? You betcha.


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