If by successful House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer means that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert got to vent their spleens at Twitter Executives for shutting down their accounts for demonstrably abusive behavior, Rep. Clay Higgins got to threaten some folks with jail time for no good reason, or that that Chrissy Teigen’s calling the Orangeutan a pussy ass bitch got officially read into the congressional record, than yes, I guess he could call yesterday’s “Twitter Hearing” a success.

But CNN Business News has a different view of the proceedings:

“Republicans are living in a reality distortion field.

That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from Wednesday’s hearing on Capitol Hill where GOP lawmakers continued to push a factually unsupported narrative about the federal government secretly colluding with Twitter to censor the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.

Despite no real evidence to support this weighty and consequential claim, Republicans were unrelenting in peddling it to the American public. At Wednesday’s hearing they showed no regard for misinforming those who turn to them for accurate information or the fact that they were smearing a private business and its former executives in the process.”

We all know the GOP narrative, which Chairman Comer heartily embraces and propagates – that Democrats and the mainstream media colluded to hide from the public shocking revelations about Biden and son’s business dealing with Ukraine for which there is little or no evidence – but facts are not what Republicans trade in…

“The facts — reality — simply do not matter. It didn’t move one Republican when the Twitter executives they had subpoenaed before the committee refuted their claims. And it didn’t matter much to the right-wing media apparatus that blindly repeated them to their audiences.

“I am aware of no unlawful collusion with, or direction from, any government agency or political campaign on how Twitter should have handled the Hunter Biden laptop situation,” James Baker, Twitter’s former deputy counsel, told the committee while under oath.

Acyn has video of Comer mercifully bringing the hammer down:








The guy who threatened Twitter execs with jail time for imaginary crimes? Someone absolutely should.

Congrats to Chairman Comer, Gym Jordan, Clay Higgins, Marge Greene and BoBo Boebert on a very successful dumpster fire.

May your next effort prove to be just as big a success!

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  1. It would seem, no it is quite certain, that Marjie Kooky Pants is not the only braying ass. Ironic that the smart/progressive folks use a donkey has their political mascot.

  2. Republicans are pathetic. Almost a year before the 2020 midterms, they were already threatening the left with this Twitter investigation as if it would be the end of Twitter, Biden, and the Democratic party. After all that build-up, and all of those endless threats, you are telling me THAT was IT? THAT was the Republican’s ‘hammer-blow’ investigation? How comically, embarrassingly anticlimactic. The GOP is a f**king joke.

  3. It reminds me of the Monty Python skit where the mob(John Cleese & others), bring a woman with a carrot tied to her nose, before the local magistrate, accusing her of being a witch. The mob admits they dressed her up and the decision was to throw her into water to see if she floated. If you watch The Holy Grail you’ll see the gop house insanity in full display.

  4. Think of dark Brandon as that “vicous rodent” the king Arthur knights underestimated. A number of them got their throats ripped out and the bunny chased the others away. You know like watching that fascist Hawley high stepping running from the mob he supported and helped stir up!

  5. This Comer person is on the other side of a river from me but I still don’t feel safe, and with good reason. I’m pretty close to the Indiana state line and I live in the district once represented by John Boner, now by a toady named Warren Davidson. I actually kind of miss Boner in retrospect, I didn’t particularly like him but he wasn’t Freedumb Caucus. In fact, he once called them idiots, anarchists, and assholes! Ditto.

    Interestingly, Comer is not listed as a member of the caucus although he sure seems to be sympathetic to their goals. In truth, his actions are virtually indistinguishable from theirs so I think he just doesn’t have the secret decoder ring or whatever.

    Anyway, this nonsense on display by republicans keeps bringing to mind a number of movies I’ve watched of a dystopian future where the government operates under an umbrella of lies and/or detachment from reality because reality doesn’t match up with it’s agenda and everyone was supposed to act like nothing was amiss, if you didn’t you could wake up dead! Sort of like the USSR before the fall when everything the Kremlin said about conditions within the country was a lie.


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