This kind of stupid isn’t hereditary. It can’t be taught. It isn’t ingrained, and it can’t be absorbed by osmosis. No, this kind of stupid is literally a stupid gift from God.

Every time Trump turns around trying to act like a real Godfather, he steps on his crank with his golf cleats. But I swear, this time he jumped up and landed with both feet.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has been a nonstop pain in Trump’s ass for years. She has called him out on his excesses, caught him in his cons, and cost him tens of millions of dollars in fines and penalties, while shutting down his boiler shop operations.

But it was her sweeping civil indictments against the Trump Organization, Trump, and his adult sons Don Jr and Eric of long term systemic fraud. Now this was the kind of lawsuit that could literally kill Trump. After all, he’s a New Yorker. His businesses are chartered in New York, he’s licensed in New York, and he sees himself as the ultimate New York success story. And AG James wanted to tear it all down.

Trump got an idea of how bad this was starting when the case hit the discovery phase. Once his lawyers told him that she basically had him by the balls, it was time for action. And of course, for a mental midget like Trump, that meant playing a pea-in-the-shell-game with James and the court using only one shell.

He surreptitiously started trying to move liquid assets in a cash salmon run from New York holdings to Florida holdings, trying to protect it. James angrily went to court, and received a restraining order to keep Trump from moving funds out of New York state without court approval.

But it was when District Judge Arthur Engoron ruled a summary judgement for James at the end of the prosecution, skipping Trump’s defense, and going straight to the penalty phase of the trial that Traitor Tot knew he was in trouble. The judge put his New York physical assets into receivership, and appointed an independent monitor to oversee the daily operations. And wouldn’t you know, the monitor reported to the court that abuses continued even after she took over.

Here’s where the stupid gets inspired. The monitor was talking about a corporation registered in New York, suddenly transferred to a Trump shell corporation in Florida. Or even worse yet, idiocy like leaving a Trump property or organization registered to New York on the books, but deleting the company address, leaving it blank so nobody knew where it was.

But here’s where the stupid gift from God comes in. Trump has been running around like an imbecile, trying to hide assets from the court, and only managing to look like a 5 year old desperately wiping cookie crumbs off of his shirt. And none of it makes the least dakmn bit of difference.

Because Trumpelforeskin is running for the federal office of President, and has been since 2021. And running for President requires regular filings of an asset and holdings summary to the Federal Election Commission. And any intentional omissions or misrepresentations are a violation of federal law.

Let’s just say that Judge Engoron, at Letitia James request, wants to know where the Trump Brazilian Bikini wax Parlors are currently hiding out, since there’s no current address on their paperwork. All Judge Engoron or AG James needs to do is to ask the FEC for a copy of the most recent Assets and Holdings Summary from the Trump campaign and there it is.


What. A. F*cking. Imbecile! Here’s an ass clown that couldn’t steal a copy of the Wall Street Journal from a newsstand, mostly because he’d collapse to the pavement if he ran 10 feet, and he’s busy playing Auric Goldfinger. And wondering how everything keeps falling apart. If that’s the best he’s got, try to steal a pillow from Mar-A-Slbo to make that subway grate more comfortable.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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    • Sorry guys, you’re still thinking inside the box here.
      AG James goes to the FEC, who provides her with the old address. Then the FEC goes to the Trump campaign for an update, and they don’t respond.
      Then what?

      • Dear Goddess, that man has no sense of rhythm. No wonder he could never make it into high society: they are,sent ballroom dance lessons. Well, except for Tucker who was the first person eliminated on Dancing With the Stars.
        That attempt to do the Twist with his tiny hamster paws pumping is almost sad. Maybe he can get a job impersonating Chubby Checker. Of course, then he’d have to do blackface, and he prefers orangeface.


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