I’ll admit, I was almost childishly gleeful in writing my last article chronicling the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals emergency ruling smacking kiddie judge Cannon around like a tetherball. For the last 2 weeks, every time I wrote about this case, I was so sick of judge Cannon’s shit I couldn’t wait to pile on myself.

But personal satisfaction aside, the ruling handed down by the 11th Circuit Court today goes much farther than officially advising traffic court judge Cannon that she will never be leaving that one courtroom building in a backwater town. It plainly and clearly opens they way for Traitor Tot’s worst legal nightmare.

In their decision today the 11th Circuit just gave Attorney General Merrick Garland a wide open, 4 lane highway to criminally charge Traitor tot for the unauthorized possession of the documents. All of them.

Think about this for a moment. In their ruling the judges didn’t just dump shine all over Cannon’s head for her craven stupidity in her ruling. They went the extra step. They went on to totally and completely demolish every single Trump legal proffer for why it was legal for Trump to control and possess those documents. They made it crystal clear that regardless of the classification of any of those documents, Trump had failed miserably in providing so much as one shred of evidence as to why he had personal interest in possessing documents that were the results of somebody else’s proprietary efforts.

Now, as difficult as it may be, cast that mongoloid idiot Cannon from your mind for the moment. Instead, go back a little farther, to the affidavit that the DOJ presented to a federal judge in order to get the search warrant for Mar-A-Lago. Because therein lies the keys to the proverbial kingdom.

Federal district court judges don’t give out search warrants like Halloween candy. In their affidavit, the prosecution has to show sufficient evidence that federal crimes took place, and that evidence of those crimes could be found at the location they wanted to search. The DOJ presented compelling enough evidence of both for the judge to issue the search warrant.

In their affidavit, the DOJ quoted 3 different federal crimes surrounding Trump’s possession of the documents in Mar-A-Lago, including violations of The Espionage Act. And in their affidavit, two of the three crimes alleged no classification restrictions, the mere unauthorized possession of the documents was in of itself a criminal violation of the law. Personally, I believe that’s one of the reasons that the DOJ included them, Trump just to possess them to be a criminal.

But what did the 11th Circuit Court do today? In one fell swoop, using exquisite detail because they were dealing with a judicial imbecile, the 11th Circuit Court totally demolished the Trump legal arguments, clearly showing that, regardless of their classification, Trump had failed to show personal proprietary interest in a single one of those documents. They all belong to The American People, to quote the ruling.

Thanks to the 11th Circuit court of Appeals, the prosecution runway is now clear, and DOJ1 is now cleared for takeoff. In their ruling today, the appellate court basically verified and affirmed every charge that the DOJ laid out in its criminal affidavit in order to get the search warrant in the first place. They didn’t just slap down idiot judge Cannon, they basically validated the criminal charges that the DOJ used in their affidavit.

Don’t look for anything to happen tomorrow. We’re within the 60 day window that the DOJ self police’s against making any announcements that could affect a national election. But with the sudden oficial judicial seal-of-approval of the strength of their case from the 11th Circuit Court, there’s no prohibition from the DOJ quietly going before the grand jury to present their evidence, and asking for sealed indictments. And starting on November 9th, all bets are off. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Oh, Murf…have you so soon forgotten Leticia James and the J6 Committee? Or that Trump isn’t any national candidate and so probably exempt from the 60 day rule? Put both those things together and we’ll likely see movement MUCH sooner than November 9. I agree only on one point: it won’t be tomorrow.

    • Maybe. It is still election season and this would have an impact, positive or negative, on it. I think their little rule is B.S. especially after Comey: they wiped their asses with in 2016 so it should be meaningless and obsolete now.

    • More to the point is that we have exactly ZERO “national” elections taking place. There are elections taking place in November but the *only* truly “national” election that happens is for the office of the President–and that doesn’t happen again till 2024.

      There are races for the US House and the US Senate but none of them are chosen by the NATION; they’re decided by the voters of the 435 districts and the 34 states with Senate races being decided.

      Unless the Justice Department has its eyes set on any candidate running in one of those House and/or Senate races, the Department can make all the announcements it wants to. At present, I’m unaware of any candidate running for any of those offices that’s under a formal investigation by the Justice Department. Some candidates did take part in the January 6th insurrection and attempted to subvert the Constitutional process but none (to the best of my knowledge) has been targeted by the Justice Department. Yet.

      • Oh. this is why she’s going after Trump. Boy, they got him this time, again. 7 years of investigations. CIA, FBI, DOJ AG’s. 7 years and nothing. These are professional investigators and they’re not stupid. They catch everybody they go after. They’re world famous for that and they have nothing after 7 years of investigations. But we got him this time. Why do you people keep believing articles about Trump full of lies then finding out they’re lies and you read articles from the same sources and believe them all the time. Why?
        Letitia James (Democratic Party) (also known as Tish) is the Attorney General of New York. She assumed office on January 1, 2019. Her current term ends on January 1, 2023.
        James (Democratic Party, Working Families Party) is running for re-election for Attorney General of New York. She is on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022.

        • I know people here don’t want to hear or believe this but Trump is clean. 7 years of the best professional investigators in the world. 7 years of the best and nothing. Sit back, take a breath and figure this is just the way it is. I heard and not confirmed Letitia James is trailing Michael Henry (R / Conservative Party) for Attorney General of New York in a pole conducted but I didn’t keep it. It was just a few days ago. Next one I’ll save.

          • Trump is a crook and always has been, I’ve been reading about him for 20 yrs. If he wasn’t so stupid he’d be dangerous .

        • Trump is ‘clean’? Are you talking financial fraud about his company or his criminality during his presidency? If you are going to debate and have us think of you as someone tethered to reality, you’ll have to make an argument based on objective truth. Not the opinions of RW media entertainers you listen to without critical thought or your personally held convictions based on willful ignorance. The Mueller report, which you haven’t read, clearly outlines 10 occasions that Trump obstructed Justice. Barr didn’t file charges b/c he’s corrupt. Barr didn’t file charges against Hillary b/c they were unable to prove their case. If you are talking Trumps business, he settled Trump U. There’s decades of evidence of his criminality. People who are ‘clean’ do not get sued for fraud over and over again like Trump has. (Bezos, Musk, Gates…name your billionaire, they aren’t getting sued for fraud over & over.) You will need to provide objective fact in your argument, not your opinion or anyone else’s.

          • 7 years of investigations. CIA, FBI, DOJ AG’s. 7 years and nothing. These are professional investigators and they’re not stupid. They catch everybody they go after. They’re world famous for that and they have nothing after 7 years of investigations. Yes, Trump is clean. Is he in jail? If they had anything, ANYTHING he would be in jail. They have to lie and they still can’t get him. Show me the proof he’s guilty, the law(s) he broke. I’ll wait.

  2. There is no 60-day window rule anymore. The Republican party tossed that rule in the crapper when they had James Comey, the Republican head of the FBI, get on stage 11 DAYS before a federal election to announce yet another sham investigation into Hillary’s e-mails. We should all be operating under the assumption that the 60-day window is dead, and Republicans killed it.

    • Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. How many times do we have to remind you? Republicans believe that the only rules that apply to them are the ones they make for themselves. Just like with the Supreme Court. McConnell adamantly demanded, following Antonin Scalia’s death in January of 2016, that President Obama wasn’t entitled to nominate a new Justice because “election year” and that the new Justice should be named by the President “elected by the people.” Fast forward to 2020 and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies less than 6 weeks before the election (with thousands of ballots already in the mail or sitting in state elections offices, awaiting being counted) and McConnell decides that President Dump has a right to nominate and then have confirmed a new Justice before the election.

      Or look at the filibuster. When the GOP was in the minority, the filibuster HAD to be preserved at all costs. Only a handful of situations were allowed to squeeze through without having to be filibustered–and, generally, only things that the GOP already supported. When the GOP got into the majority, the filibuster was trivialized and the GOP pushed through as much crap as they could do with their bare majority; no “60-vote requirement” was going to stop them. But, once they got pushed back into the minority in 2020 (albeit through some clever legerdemain on Schumer’s part), once again, the filibuster HAD to be preserved at all costs. McConnell wasn’t about to let the Democrats just push anything and everything through with a simple 50 votes (with the Vice-President breaking ties) so he wouldn’t agree to any real changes to the filibuster, claiming the majority shouldn’t just be allowed to run roughshod over the minority.


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