White House Angrier at Leak Regarding McCain than the Comment, Refuses to Apologize


Sarah Huckabee Sanders “lambasted” the media and fellow White House employees for the “inappropriate” leak regarding the comment made by White House aide Sarah Sandlers about John McCain’s objection to Haspel’s nomination to head the CIA. Sadlers tossed aside McCain’s objections because “he will be dead soon anyway.”

In a startling and revealing view into how this White House prioritizes its “issues,” the White House has made no official rebuke of the inappropriate comment regarding McCain being gravely ill, but now has expressed officially, though Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, it’s anger that the leak found its way to the outside world. Questions as to what is right and wrong concern this White House far less than questions whether there is loyalty to the “team.” This is exactly what one expects from a mafia family, where everything is done “sub rosa” and all things “business” must be kept within the family. The worst sin within an organized crime syndicate is to “talk.”

According to Jonathon Swan of Axios, in an appearance on MSNBC, at least 20 employees and five press representatives attended the meeting in which the remark was made (the press attended “off the record,” and thus were constrained from reporting upon what was said, unless “leaked” – in other words, released – by other White House employees.) Sarah Huckabee Sanders, according to Swan, noted at the time of the comment that the comment was wholly inappropriate and predicted it would be leaked to the press. Despite condemning the remark in the meeting itself, Huckabee-Sanders now refuses to address the comment publicly, and the White House refuses to apologize.

Let’s be clear about some fundamental, unalterable truths.

John McCain is alive, right now. John McCain is a powerful U.S. Senator. John McCain has strong feelings regarding the U.S. official policy of torture during the Bush years, much of it overseen by the current CIA nominee, Haspel. Haspel is also responsible for destroying the tapes of the torture itself. Senator John McCain’s perspective on torture is also worthy of powerful respect, given the fact that Senator McCain is the only Senator or member of the Executive Branch (or judiciary, for that matter) who has been tortured in the exact manner overseen by Haspel. Senator McCain endured such torture for his country, and now, because this White House knows no decency, faces having his strong dissent on the Haspel matter tossed aside as irrelevant due to “him being dead soon anyway.”

This is disgusting. It is as disgusting as taking cash for policy, something else this White House engages in, just in a more “human” way, when even a man now suffering the horrid pain of cancer and likely death must endure such ridicule and irrelevance from the White House. And, apparently, the White House views an apology as more humiliating than the comment.

We are long past the time at which someone, somewhere, confronts Trump (I often refuse to write “president” in front of Trump’s name, after all, he refuses to adhere to the high standards we demand of our presidents, why should he enjoy the title?), and to Trump’s face asks the question: “Have you no decency, sir? At long last, have you no decency?”

The trouble being, of course, we knew the answer to that question long ago, through all-too-many behaviors, but with respect to McCain, Trump’s rebuttal that McCain was no “hero,” because Trump preferred people who had not been captured. How someone who got out of Vietnam through a non-existent bone spur (Trump has bragged about his athletic prowess), finds the gall to criticize a man who undertook some of the most dangerous of missions in Vietnam, flying jets right above the NVA, and spent five years of his life, refusing a grant of early release due to his father being an admiral, is beyond me and all respectful people.We knew that Trump had no decency. In fact, we know that Trump’s lack of decency motivated many of his voters, who wanted “the system” broken. They wanted someone with as little decency as they possessed in that position. They have their wish, the nation now functions like a broken country, unable to even adhere to the most basic norms of humanity, just like the Trumpers wanted.

I have a fantasy that someone close to the McCain family will see this article, and note to Senator McCain: “Senator, please, check this out.” Because I have something to say on behalf of the majority of Americans.

Though I disagree with nearly all your votes in the Senate, and believe your conservative positions, even your support for many of Trump’s policies, have hurt your country, and hurt many people personally, ours are political differences, that is all. In this country, we do not hold mere political differences against one another when it comes to fundamental decency, respect, friendship, and appreciation of a lifetime of service. What you endured on behalf of your country is beyond what most can comprehend. You are a hero to me and many others, and always will be. I hope you find strength in this difficult time. I hope that you anger the White House and persistently fight this disease, much longer than the White House believes you can. You’ve been heroic before, perhaps there is one last fight in you. But whatever you choose, if you choose to go, that what you are suffering is not bearable, we salute all you have done, as a hero, and respect your life, your service, and your person.

To the White House? Fuck off. I love that you function with so little decency and competency that you leak like a sieve. I love that all your sins are so easily seen, and that you suffer the ridicule you deserve.

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