Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…Dyin’ time’s here   Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

For pretty much the last year now, those of us who followed the rules, masked up, avoided crowds, stayed home, queued up for vaccine shots and then queued up again for boosters have been in hog heaven. Let the brain dead Trombies stumble around like the parking lot scene in dawn of the Dead, bumping into and infecting each other, all we had to do was to stay the course.

But the Omicron variant was a gamechanger. While studies from South Africa, the first reported outbreak spot, as well as preliminary studies from the US show that the strain may not be as virulently deadly as Delta, it is far more contagious than the earlier versions. Meaning that it spreads more quickly and reproduces more quickly in a hosts body, increasing spread potential.

All current studies continue to show that vaccination is still the way to go, and that those who have had boosters are still the strongest protected, even against Omicron. That’s the good news for those of us who have followed the rules and simply want to live.

The bad news is that, simply by being so much more contagious, the Omicron variant increases the risk that fully vaccinated adults, even with boosters, are at a greater risk of a breakthrough infection. And that news sucks for everybody.

Because even though those who have been fully vaccinated and even boosted are still highly unlikely to end up in the hospital, or on a ventilator, they are still going to test positive. Which means that they are still going to have to quarantine for 10-14 days until they test negative again.

Which once again means the American businesses are going to be in the crosshairs, especially in the retail and service industry. While they may have vaccinated workforces, and mask mandates, there is no way to control who comes in through the front door. And since most American businesses staff to demand, once employees start dropping like flies for 10-14 days even though they were vaccinated, how long can those businesses continue to function so short staffed? At what point do they face the prospect of shutting down and riding out the storm? And how many of them can survive without another stimulus.?

Blue states and cities have already proven that when public health is concerned, they will take the necessary steps required to protect their citizens, even if it means locking down. And corporate America has already shown that if it sees a national trend  coming, it will be proactive and shut everything down rather than try to deal state by state. In 2020, California shut down first. Nevada shut down the next day. The day after that, my wife’s company, a nationwide chain, shut down their nationwide operations.

And it’s already happening. In New York, the Radio City Rockettes canceled the rest of their years performances. And so have some other Broadway theaters. There are already restaurants in New York that are shutting down in person dining due to the spike. And Omicron is only going to get worse before it gets better, leading to more closures.

And when national retail chains start shutting down again, the GOP is going to own it. GOPtard cretins like Ducey in Arizona, Abbott in Texas, Kemp in Georgia and Deathsantis in Florida, along with Noem in South Dakota and Hutchison in Oklahoma are going to be on the hook. 

We had the fucking tools! We had the masks, we had the vaccines, we had the protocols such as social distancing and limiting crowds. We had vaccine mandates. And not only did these death eaters not follow the science, they didn’t even neutrally offer people the option. Instead they shit all over the science, and led a revolt to keep this country from conquering this virus. They not only trash talked science, they passed laws prohibiting local governments from following it!

News Flash for the GOP! It isn’t intelligent, vaccinated people who are flooding hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units. It’s mentally deficient sheeple following the lead of craven, soulless politicians with an agenda of homage to The Biggest Loser who are gasping and wheezing in hospital beds.
And they’re likely GOP voters who might not be around in November of 2022.

I honestly believe this is coming. While early diagnostics seem to show that Omicron is nowhere near as deadly as Covid or Delta, incredibly more contagious. It will feast on the unvaccinated. And there will be an increased number of breakthrough cases to those fully vaccinated. And while the vaccinated won’t end up in the hospital or on a ventilator, they will end up on the shelf for 10-14 days in quarantine, which will stretch business to or even beyond the breaking point.

And here’s a bonus for the GOP death eater Governors. When businesses in their state start shuttering, or reporting massive losses, the Grim Reaper of the Senate, Bitch McConnell, will do everything in his power to keep a Democratic aid package from getting through. As they say at The Pottery Barn, You broke it. You own it.


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  1. I expect my small town here in TN to get slammed. Vaccination rates still lag and I’m hearing the ambulances running a lot regularly. And 2020 was the year that I heard the ambo sirens than any other year in the near decade I’ve lived where I am. Boosted I may be but I STAY hunkered down. As much COVID as gets passed around here, last thing I want to do is be on the hook for a super strain these people use their bodies like they were cooking meth.

  2. The Democrats in power should call the virus the Trump Plague and start calling the Republicans the Insurrectionist Traitors. The congressman from AZ that Putin wants dead called them traitors several times the other night. Oh, and Omicron has gone from .3% to 73% in two weeks. I am truly scared. I just got over pneumonia and I don’t think I could survive Covid.


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