When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was given the honorary title of Notorious RBG, she loved it, it made her an official badass. Justice Ginsburg was what, 5’1″, and 90 lbs in a soaking wet terry robe. But she carried the mantle beautifully.

But I don’t think that RBG’s kind of notoriety is exactly what is waiting for the 6 far right SCOTUS scumbags, and I don’t think they’re ready for it. Just look at the response from Brewski Brett Kavanaugh when some lunatic showed up on his block ready to gut him like a deer.

Sure, these ass gaskets are King Shit in their conservative clubs and golf courses, But the problem is that there’s a whole nother world out there, and one that they have to navigate in. And right now, there aren’t 6 more recognizable and notorious faces in the country.

Let me give you an example. Back in the reign of Numbus Nuttus, WH Press Secretary Blarah Flackabee Slanders went out to dinner at a popular family restaurant in suburban Virginia. She was accompanied by her husband and spawn, as well as her in-laws. They weren’t seated for more than 10 minutes when people started showing up at the table and bitching her out, and heckling them from other tables. They left with their tails between their legs.

Welcome to notoriety, shitheels. And it’s already started. Over the weekend, protesters wanted to gather in front of the home of one of the justices, I don’t know whom. The cops couldn’t stop them from protesting, they set up a cordon in front of the gated entrance to the complex. The line stretched more than 2 blocks, and forced traffic to a single lane. Ask yourself this. If you’re a corporate attorney, and all you want is to get home and crack a cold one, how happy are you going to be at having to drive through a 2 block long protest mob screaming shit at you? Sounds like neighbor problems on the horizon.

Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett both have kids. Aren’t they going to want to go to a movie? Aren’t they going to want to go to a family restaurant? Won’t they want to take the kids to Disney World? What happens when Mommy or Daddy is recognized, and the harassment starts? Huckabee Sanders, as well as KellyAnne Conjob complained that their children were harassed at school for what their parents did for a living.

No matter how protected these corn cobs feel, they don’t live in a hermetically sealed bubble. Sooner or later, they’re all going to have to deal with the real world. And when they do, when they do, they’ll find out what real Americans think about their bullshit. And sadly for them, when they do, unlike their 75″ televisions, real life doesn’t come with a MUTE button. Enjoy the ride, and keep your hands and feet inside the car.

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  1. Moral of the story: you touch us, we touch you. And these fools’ biggest mistake was thinking that they were free of consequences.

  2. I suggest protests take place outside the S.C. building and the homes of the six extremist justices armed with bags of poo. Throw at any extremist justice when spotted. Throw it with exceptional force when beer bong, the black man, grease-ball, or the vagina try to exit. Covering those morons with fecal matter seems entirely warranted. As violence goes, this solution is pretty mild, merely a reaction to piss-poor thinking on the moronic 6’s part.



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