You guys know me, heh, I am as fair and as balanced an evaluator of the actions and motivations of the Greater Orange Shitheel and his slimeball progeny as one is likely to read in the labyrinthine sprawl of the lefty inter webs.

But, having spent much of my work life in various blue collar trades, lifting, carrying, schlepping, cursing and by other ways conveying heavy inanimate objects from one resting place to a more utilitarian other, I gotta say I am in complete concurrence with General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn here… unless Ivana’s cremated remains were irradiated or in other ways toxic, necessitating her casket be lined in lead, there is no way that ten adult male pallbearers, straining and no doubt grunting, (check the guy at the bottom, trying to keep that box from going runaway train) were needed to lug her to her final resting divot.

I suppose, Spitterwit, that a great deal of money, taken from Ivana’s estate (see below), could procure a headstone and customized casket (see header photo) in record time, but it is weird they didn’t have a bit of turf available for the photos…


My tots exactly, Jewel.

Well, you would have needed two Superfriends at the bottom to do that, Pat.


Even on the soaps this plot line wouldn’t pass the smell test…

There you go…

Spoilsport. We better grab a shovel, then…

No, it isn’t.


A patent for coffins? You know, Ima not even gonna fact check you Gina, that’s completely on brand and, frankly, just too damn funny to edit…


That would have been Trump enforcer Matthew Calamari and his son, who were not only snapped leaving but also getting in Demon Spawn Eric’s ear…

Or not, Amara, if the Saudi’s jetted of the country after presenting the LIV tournament winner with his trophy…

Whatever inhabits Ivana’s casket we are still talking about a real person so I’m gonna end on a high note:

RIP Ivana.

At least ‘til the Feds get an exhumation order.

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  1. Man, I hope they don’t have to exhume Ivana. She’s been thru enough: being married to dipshit, having three selfish, self-centered ignoramuses for children, and now being buried in shit-for-brains’ golf course. She’s been humiliated enough for 10 lifetimes.

    • She was apparently devastated by the divorce. She may be the only wife who actually loved him,and unlike the other two, she played a,role in his buoys indexes and probably knew where some bodies,are buried. Considering the mess he is in,and the fact she was cremated is just odd…

  2. There’s definitely something not right with this whole thing. 10 pallbearers for a coffin for a 73 year old petite woman? Not even buried with any kind of dignity on a GOLF COURSE?? I know Drumpf is cheap, but what the heck is wrong with the kids??!! That’s their mom. But, when it comes to Drumpf, all bets are off. Disgusting. I hope someone calls the FBI.

    • My conspiracy theory. I think it is full of gold ingots. Part of trump’s escape plan. Kind of like Escobar in Columbia who hid pots of money everywhere although they say millions rotted.

  3. I agree the whole “funeral” was a quick and whacky WTF. I cannot even imagine why little Donny was involved in her funeral at all. Her kids yes. Him, I have no idea.

    If there are any documents in that casket, I do not expect it to remain a secret for long. Too many “outside” people would need to be involved for it to stay hush-hush. And Donny doesn’t strike me as someone who wants to be within 30 feet of a dead body so it’s not like he was left alone (with a dozen cardboard boxes of files and hard drives) with her casket for 10 minutes to grieve privately.

    However that being said, it IS just the kind of shenanigans that Little Big Man would think is some brilliant plot that Scooby and Pals would never be able to prove.

  4. There is much I could say about how fucked up Trump’s having Trophy Wife #1 buried at one of his golf courses because in my eclectic career I’ve spent a fair number of years in funeral home and cemetery work. I’d ease up on talk about that casket being stuff with all manner of records. It looks like what I recall as a standard Batesville full-couch bronze casket that you’d find in just about any funeral home’s showroom. Few people purchase them but funeral directors will put them on display because more well-off folks in small towns will, knowing others in town know how much that sucker costs go down a notch or two in price. But if memory serves it weighs 275 or so pounds empty. Maybe 300 max. Add in in Ivana’s urn (she was cremated) and that’s also not “cray” for someone to be cremated but buried in a casket (unusual perhaps but some want the trappings of a regular funeral) and we aren’t talking about a huge load for pallbearers to carry. Especially ones who aren’t old guys.

    I can also say from experience that going down steps, especially what appears to be a steep set of steps makes for a few awkward movements and moments so someone grimacing trying to keep from falling is pretty normal. I could tell some stories about myself, and not just when it comes to steps!

    Frankly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a few folders are stuck in that casket but frankly I don’t see anything in that picture to suggest it’s loaded up with boxes of records Trump is trying to hide. Just an opinion on my part, but I think an informed one.

    • I don’t think they buried the casket, probably rented it for the spectacle. I don’t know if her cremains are in that plot or not, but they dug it to make it look like there was a casket in there. Maybe they had already bought the vault sized for a casket rather than one sized for cremains. I’m not into all the conspiracy theories about documents. No way he buried any documents he could sell to Saudis, Russians, et al., it would be too hard to retrieve them.

  5. Well I’m still thinking she had a little help getting down the steps at her house. Just saying. I still think Trump knows more about Jeffery Epstein than he’s saying. That suicide reaks of corruption. There were to many things on the plate on that.



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