I guess no one has bothered telling Ted Nugent that excepting for a small crowd of retrograde MAGA asswipes assembled to celebrate the Orangeutan and the 30th anniversary of the demise of his fellow child molester David Koresh, calling a celebrated husband, father and champion of democracy a “homosexual” in 2023 is not exactly the dis he and his fellow MAGA idiots seem to think it is.

But you can still be arrested in most states for sleeping with 13 year olds of either gender, Motor City Mad-mouth…

Our friend Ron Filipowski has the video… and the hilarious responses 😂😂🤣…




💯 💯 💯





🙌 🙌

A veritable tour de farce.




I don’t really care what you think about Ukraine, Ted, and neither do most right thinking Americans.

Please, just shut up and go… away.

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  1. He must have Cat Scratch Fever! Hey teddy…you know there are still some animals out there you haven’t killed…get with it boy!

  2. It’s telling when the biggest names at the rally, other than the former guy, are Nugent, Lindell, Gaetz, MTG, and Greg Abbott.

  3. nugent calling anyone a homo is rich but especially Ukraine’s President who is actually in the danger zone often during this unwarranted attack by putie. nugent on the other hand did not change his panties for the entire time he was in the military. It wasn’t long which was the point of his faggy behavior. A piss-ant coward like nugent should STFU-he’d have much more credibility.

    • Many are not aware that in the middle 70’s after teddy proved himself an asshole by firing everyone in the Amboy Dukes, his wife at the time who was a very nice lady, got in her two seat Mercedes and then hit an easily avoidable telephone pole at over 100 mph….
      Suicide is painless….

  4. It’s really pretty embarrassing that a shit show like the one featured here has anyone in this country paying any attention to it in a serious way. I can honestly say I never cared much for Nugent when he actually had some relevance in rock music although I did like Stranglehold. His ‘I’m fucking insane’ schtick was all too real in retrospect. I guess it makes sense that he would gravitate to a bunch of malcontents and ne’er do wells in his decline.

  5. I used to dig teddy’s music. He had a wicked story. Started out at like fifteen or around there recording and jamming with some of the greats. Stranglehold is arguably the best rock song of the ages. But I think as what happens with all of them. Fame and fortune went to his head. There was a minute or two when he was hanging with Fred Bear but that didn’t last and after that he went straight south. To bad really because few people could pick a guitar like he could.


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