“What a fool believes, he sees.” — Doobie Brothers

Donald Trump held another one of his Two Minute Hate rallies this weekend. You know, the ones that go on for days, where his followers cheer on his relatives? Trump had another one of those this weekend in Florida and it was as unfiltered and vulgar as you would expect.

Kimberly Guilfoyle stood next to a gigantic blow up portrait of herself, which we suppose is better than jumping out of a cake, while Don Junior strutted and peacocked, claiming, “They’d throw you in jail if you chanted USA at a Democrat rally.” Eric did a photo op with Lauren Boebert. But the piece de resistance was Daddy dropping the “F-bomb” on the crowd.

Here are a few other images, but what you’ve already seen is what took the cake.

Does she need attention much? Ya spose?

And here was the scene where Trump took stage to give the stunning historical perspective you just heard.

Here’s what really happened when all was serene, when Trump had achieved “peace through strength.”

And more.

She means the Kurds and I think “cut” means amputating of a limb. They do things like that in that part of the world but this administration couldn’t have been bothered.

Here are a few other blasts from the past. This is what it was like with Trump in office, not the serene, respectful, awestruck devotion of the world that he imagines now was his due. But this.

And here’s the Mango Moron advocating that Japan and North Korea become nuclear powers.

That’s what it was really like. But Trump will continue his journey down both the rabbit hole and the memory hole because there is no way that he can ever face the fact that he just gave America away when he occupied the White House. And it’s common knowledge that if he had been elected to a second term that he intended to pull us out of NATO.

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  1. Serious question: has ANYBODY given that much of a damn what this man has said since the shooting started in Ukraine? Also, Ukraine and more specifically Zelinskyy DID eff with the Trump administration in a way I doubt Mango Mussolini has ever forgiven.

  2. Well first of all, define “fuck with us”. More to the point however-they only needed to fuck with the orange shit-gibbon and he would in turn fuck up the country for them.

  3. We need to.keep.harping on the fact that he refused to send weapons and military aid which was,already appropriated until Ukraine gave him.dirt on Biden. He is at least partially responsible for this ongoing war because Putin assumed he would win in 2020and held off to.see if Biden and NATO would care Biden united NATO and even Scandinavia, so Glad lost his bet.


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