New York is said to be a city with real heart and brutal honesty. You’ll see both those qualities displayed in this short clip, which is frankly terrifying. Rudy Giuliani used to be the Mayor of New York and America’s Mayor.

For him to now be reviled in the streets, called a fascist whore, and told to go eff himself numerous times, is a statement on how the man has fallen. A mere 22 years ago he was on the other end of the spectrum, being courted and lionized.

And how did he get here? Donald Trump is one reason, because everything he touches dies, but more importantly, Giuliani put himself here.

Fall from grace doesn’t even begin to touch this one. This is more along the lines of devolving from a human to a cockroach. And Giuliani is the only person to blame for this. He was the mad political scientist, a drunken Joseph Goebbels, who cobbled together Trump’s plan to say he won the election. He was the one who got together with the likes of Sidney Powell and breathed life into the Big Lie. He was the one who dragged the nation through an unnecessary and corrosive part of her history, until the final debacle at the Four Seasons Landscaping Company, when he raised his arms to the heavens and still kept insisting that Joe Biden hadn’t won.

Giuliani was once a respected figure. He earned that respect. And now he is reviled and loathed and he’s earned that as well.

Who knows what possessed Giuliani, and moreover, who cares? The bottom line is that he knowingly conceived of a plan, and executed a plan, to overturn the results of a free and fair election and keep Donald Trump in the White House when the American people had made their decision. That is unconscionable. No matter what motivated him, partisan passion, a warped desire for power, the promise of a massive payoff, none of that matters. His actions were treasonous and he is a traitor.

New Yorkers are calling him by his right name. They’re telling it like it really is. It’s a tragic sight but this is what Giuliani himself hath wrought. I have zero pity.


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  1. Looking honestly at his history as mayor, he wasn’t universally loved at all. Many saw the fascist long before Trump. 9/11 was so traumatic it was easy to overlook his shit. Ask black folks what kind of mayor he was. He didn’t suddenly change. I’ve never respected that piece of shit. He’s lucky someone didn’t take a shot at him since he’s ok with school children and brown kids at the border taking fire. Fuck him. He should have already been behind bars and may yet. We can only hope.

    • Yes indeed — in the wake of 9/11, America was in need of a hero and Giuliani was at the right place at the right time. He was never the right man. The subsequent years revealed his true character: he wasn’t an idol with feet of clay, he was simply a piece of shit.

      • Years ago Biden nailed the essence of Rudy perfectly – ‘A noun, a verb and 911.” BOOM! That day is rather personal for me for more than one reason. First, once upon a time I stood duty at the spot where the plane hit. That resonated with me. Second, I was a cemetery manager for a local jurisdiction at the time and buried two of the Pentagon victims in my cemetery. Since I also helped both families design the monuments I got to know both widows well. And the adult children of one of them a bit too. Let’s just say I believed them when they said at times they weren’t the only families that felt like this country largely ignored them. And their contempt of Rudy G. for the non-stop picture he painted of it being ALL about New York didn’t just grate on them. It was hurtful because in a sense, those who died at the Pentagon didn’t, and still don’t “count” in the country’s thoughts.

        Here’s the thing. But for two different strokes of incredible luck the casualties at the Pentagon would have been just as bad as at the Twin Towers, or even far worse? WTF am I talking about you ask? The Pentagon was completing the first phase of a long overdue “rebuild in place.” Ordinarily well over five thousand people work in a given side of the Pentagon. The side that got hit was the first one rebuilt and was mostly still unoccupied. They were in what’s called “punchout” time and only a relative handful of people were back in their newly renovated offices. A recently retired Navy Captain was one of them. In a cruel irony he’d turned down a promotion to Admiral because it would have meant immediately doing an unaccompanied tour for a year right off the bat. He felt he’d spent enough time away from his wife and kids and turned down the promotion and accepted a civilian job working on pretty much the same stuff for the same troubled country/region. The other victim also worked at the Pentagon but was on the plane for a work-related trip.

        Here’s the other thing. As you can see from the damage photos that wing didn’t collapse because it had been rebuilt to be much stronger than the slapdash original construction (during WWII – it wasn’t meant to be a permanent home for DOD). The plane still made a helluva hole, and the fireball from all that fuel (the flight was fueled for a trip to the west coast) would have, had the attack happened a month later when everyone had moved back in have killed several thousand. Worse, had the plane hit any of the other four sides the entire thing would have collapsed, killing almost twice as many as died in NYC. Worse than that, had the pilot tried and succeeded in doing so crashed into the courtyard in the middle of the Pentagon he’d have taken down an entire side of the building, AND the explosion would have killed thousands more in the innermost “A-Ring.” So I’m thankful it wasn’t so much worse than it could have been. But Rudy made goddamned sure the ONLY people the country heard about were New Yorkers.

        • Thank you, Scott, Jarvis and Denis for pointing out how big a bucket of human excrement is Rudolph Giuliani.

          Described at one point as the “most venal, petty and vindictive” mayor in NYC’s history, he ran for the office on his tenure as head of the federal prosecutor’s office for SDNY, touting all the high-profile indictments of big-time mobsters brought by his office. By the time most of those cases went to trial, and most of them DID NOT RESULT in convictions, Rudy was long gone, and that news wasn’t front-page worthy.

          The local atmosphere under his administration is exemplified by the incident where a Brooklyn man of Haitian descent was set upon in a police station men’s room and violated with a broomstick BY POLICE OFFICERS who taunted him by yelling, “It’s not Dinkins time, it’s Giuliani time!” (David Dinkins was mayor before Giuliani).

          Little noted in the 9/11 narrative is the fact that Giuliani and his police commissioner, Bernard Kerick, planned and built a state-of-the-art emergency command center for the NYPD, and chose to locate it in 7 World Trade Center. At about 5:30 that fateful afternoon, the building collapsed instantaneously to the ground, taking the unused command center with it.

          BTW, Kerik would later be convicted of tax fraud, and subsequently receive a presidential pardon from TFG.

          Thanks again, gentlemen

    • You’re absolutely right. People had Giuliani’s number long before these recent events. Maggie Haberman’s father, also a journalist, said about Giuliani, “He’s always been a man in search of a balcony.” He wants the spotlight, yes. That is a prime motivation for anything he does. Self-aggrandizement is his key drive.

  2. What was the occasion? It almost looks like a parade, with police escorts, barricades along the sidewalks. Is this when he was subpoenaed to testify? If so, they must have anticipated the public reaction.

    • My guess is, those folks turned out because they had been tipped off that Giuliani would be there. And that’s why there were barricades and police escorts. As a New Yorker myself, that’s what it looked like to me.

    • This was from May 23, 2018, filmed by NY independent video journalist Sandi Bachom. Per Sandi Bachom: Rudy Giuliani and Bernard Kerik (I think) leave Trump fundraiser at Lotte Hotel, protesters scream ‘F**k You Rudy’, ‘You’re A Traitor’, ‘You’re Going To Jail’. He takes our picture and sends it. (probably facial recognition software).

      • Do you know why it’s resurfacing today? I went looking for a source article and all I could find was reference to a fundraiser, but no date and no details. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Geez denis…the horse faced fascist from Georgia said it was a fake attack. Of course you provided personal experience and facts, while she did like she always does…blow it out her ass.

    • I knew a guy back up in WV (the husband of one of our Direct Care Workers – Dev. Disabled adults) who bought into the hoax stories about the Pentagon. His wife was pretty cool and grounded. Not political. But he sometimes bought into the weird. Still, he was fun to talk with and we’d have discussions and debates and he respected me. On the subject of the Pentagon plane attack he trotted out the “missile” crap and I shut his ass down cold. He KNEW I was telling the truth. What truth? I didn’t know at first about the first plane hitting the Towers. I was on the phone with a guy discussing an apppointment fo design a monument for his mom and he had his TV on. The news was already crazy and there was talk about other planes and DC being a target. I immediately thought of the WH and the Capitol but also the Pentagon because to get to National Airport they either approach from the north or south following the Potomac and it would be easy for a jet to slip into the pattern and veer off a couple of degrees at the last minute. Knowing the guys at the funeral home across the street had a burial at Arlington that morning I ran across to the funeral home both because there was a TV I could watch on and to see if they’d heared from Bill. Bill was a fellow Marine who’d served in Desert Storm and we had a connection thet non-jarhead don’t really get. He was there in Arlington as that plane screamed overhead from the west and hit the Pentagon! He saw it happen, and the aftermath for several hours because like everything else in the area he was locked down where he was. When I relayed that to this guy in WV he HATED hearing it but he knew I wouldn’t lie to him. I’d busted his crazy-ass notion. The point though is that I know someone with firsthand/eyewitness knowledge that is was in fact an airliner that hit the Pentagon. RWNJ’s can’t stand it when I tell them this set of facts. I’ve even had a couple say I was lying. I told both guys “look me in the eye motherfucker and call me a liar again! Both went pale, muttered and stammered but let it drop. I don’t think I changed their minds, but when push came to shove they didn’t have the balls to stand up for their bullshit. Because deep down inside they knew they’d been suckered but simply couldn’t admit it, even to themselves. The most I maybe did was shake their conviction a bit.

      • Denis, do us all a favor here, please: In September, when it’s the anniversary of 9/11, would you please do a piece on this? You are literally one degree removed from an eye witness to this incredible event. I would love it if you would chronicle it. Maybe do some details on your buddy and how you know him.

        Nothing is as amazing as first hand experience. One of the great things about the internet and about blogging is that we, as normal citizens, have the opportunity to share things we’ve seen first hand, or share second hand what our eye witness friends have told us. You may remember me telling you of my own jar-head friend, the general, who was present during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

        Also, conspiracy theorists don’t like reality. I told a moon landing denier that I had met Buzz Aldrin (he knew my landlady) and that Aldrin had been to the moon and to stop spreading conspiracy theory.

      • My husband was active duty Navy working the night shift. He came home and crashed. I woke up.around 20-11, and went to.check.the news. I came back and woke him.up.shortly before he got a call.from.the squadron office to.come in at the usual time.
        We got a family briefing a few days later informing us that the planes would be heading out (,in fact. they were already there before the Special Forces arrived). And with his squadron, you could tell.Even family.members they were gone,,let alone where. Actually, wives weren’t told where they were going, but if you had working brain,you could make a highly educated guess.You could not write emails (no.access) or send packages (you had to.drop at the duty office). calls.. Letters would be infrequent.
        Fun times.
        iHad a lot of friends in NYC. It weeks to.find out if they were okay.

  4. You’re a little late to the game. This was filmed by Sandi Bachom in May of 2018. She also has some of the best footage and timeline from J6. The least you could do is give her credit instead of spreading this from others who stole from her FB and twitter pages without copyright compensation or name credit.

    And yes, RudiColludy and his son are bottom feeder anti-American traitors who would steal from their mothers given the opportunity. Both belong in prison yesterday.

    • I couldn’t find anymore than what I shared. And it’s irresponsible of the journalist who shared this, Tara Dublin, to have not fleshed this out a bit more.


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