I speculate that this point in history will be looked back on as the time when every idiot with an ego and a strange political bent could get a podcast, or some platform, and start polluting the public narrative.

Or, maybe this is just how it’s going to be from here on out, two narratives, two versions of reality, and emphatically two versions of history.

I thought it was off the walls when Steve King, the former congressman from Iowa, said that slavery “was like yard work” but what you’re about to hear is a couple of octaves crazier.

Let’s go for some comic relief, because this guy is appalling.

If you wonder how 74 million people voted for Donald Trump, this is at least a partial answer.


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  1. President Lyndon Baines Johnson (Dem), who grew up in the South and understood the politics of racism from the inside, saw it in part as a ploy to divide and conquer.

  2. My lady, from Tuskegee, is a black lady. I adopted my daughter from New Jersey 27years ago, and she’s mixed. My lady’s family have become my family over the past 16years & her niece’s daughter has become my surrogate child over the last 6 years. Recently, in our area, full of highly educated people, my lady was called a ni**er via text by an employee of Domino’s, which he also told her to be careful talking to white people. A beautiful coed that plays volleyball for Duke, was heckled at BYU using the same slur. A fine ‘Christian’ institution. The institution apologized, but the fucking crowd did NOTHING. All of this I lay at the feet of the racist ex-president & the Maga crowd. Newsflash asshats; say something like that in front of me & you will be visiting urgent care. I don’t believe violence, in the long run, solves any complicated human problem. That being said, it does solve problems in the short run. Once your ass gets beat for being a racist fuck, my guess is you will keep your fucking mouth shut next time. Trump needs a good old fashion beating to remind him to keep his sorry evil mouth fucking shut. Bet this asshat wouldn’t go to the black neighborhood & shoot his mouth off. He’d need a bodybag to be carried out.

  3. Orange fart knocker open the flood gates for the racists, misogynists, and fascists to come pouring through. THAT’s why the love him. They think they’re acceptable now.

  4. Wow. I mean WOW! Just WOW! WTF is this guy on??? Is his name REALLY Dalton Clodfelter? Sounds about right for a guy this dumb. Just when you looked at Trump and thought “humanity cannot get stupider”, you meet Dalton Hosssenfeffer here. Turns out, humanity can! It really, REALLY CAN get stupider. MUCH stupider!
    Thank you so much Dalton for teaching me that there really is NO BOTTOM to how stupid my species can get. Well, the white variant, anyway. I think some geneticist should do a research project to determine if there’s a genetic level correlation between white skin and mind-numbing stupidity. It CAN’T just be nurture, can it ???!!!!!

  5. It is indeed outrageous – but it’s not new – it’s just privilege – and it is straight out of ancient Greek drama.

    After Jason dumped Medea for another woman, leaving her a single mom on foreign soil, he told her she should be grateful to him for bringing her to civilization.

    I think we all know what happened after that. Furtunately for old white men, most people of color have much more patience and self-restraint than medea did.


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