We are told that religion is a living thing, not a static entity. Maybe somebody can explain how the Cult of QAnon, closely aligned with the Cult of MAGA, has come to be a religion at all. Outside of MAD Magazine, it wouldn’t seem that a group dedicated to the proposition that JFK’s dead son is going to resurrect and serve as Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024 would get too far.

But that supposition would be wrong. QAnon’s ranks are growing and they’re having a festival today, at the Reawaken America tour.

Eric Trump is on the program as well. Should be quite a shindig. Here is how it started out.

Nope, you don’t want to be surrounded by RINO trash, in the name of Geesuss. That wouldn’t do at all.

Deliver us from RINO trash ought to be raised to the level of a Commandment. I mean, what the hell. Let’s do this right.

“Take out the RINO trash, or you don’t get no spending cash. Yaketty Yack.”

There. Now we have it set to music.


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