This appeared on Twitter a little over an hour ago (I write at noon, Pacific Time) so maybe the powers that be haven’t seen it yet. The rules of Twitter, as you know, state that Mike Lindell is on a permanent ban.

He doesn’t see it that way. He sees it as he can come back now because Elon will play nice. Mebbee yes, mebbee no.

Here’s Lindell both high and high in the sky.

Do you like the barroom tan?

The comments thread below says that he’s been reported for ban evasion. It is a Sunday.

Que sera sera. I’ll keep you updated.


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    • He thought he could get away with it, like Twitter is a local business under new management, and they’ll let him park where he couldn’t park before. Something like that. And maybe Musk will let him back on. But not today. We have seen that.


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