The GOP hypocrisy meter just exploded once again and this time it won’t get fixed.

Herschel Walker may talk the pro-abortion talk but he walks a whole different walk in the real world.

Here’s yet a second former girlfriend coming forward to claim that Walker not only paid for an abortion but that he sat there in the parking lto and waited for her to get it done.

Maybe this will turn away a few voters on the fence, if there were any such people to begin with. The hardcore GOPers, needless to say, just want the seat. They don’t care if Ted Bundy is on the ticket, they would vote for him to get control of the Senate, hands down. Or Hitler, put any name that you want in the blank. The idea is to get a body in there to rubber stamp votes, not to govern or lead.

Here’s a bonus clip of Walker admitting he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s just a country boy. Ain’t he adorable.

The good news is that this madness is not going to go on interminably. It does have an ending. November 8.

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  1. These lying EVIL assholes are raping & impregnating women, & forcing them into life decisions just because PUSSY AND THEIR EGO CONTROLS THEM!!!! Any culture that gives them power is EVIL. Pure & simple. You don’t get forgiveness unless you repent. Preyingmantis lied when he said our ancestors did not steal the land. Our ancestors used troops to cave in the skulls of native American children & then handed out medals of fucking honor. FACT. I wonder how many black women were raped repeatedly by white slave masters? And the goddamn irony is we are taught God is on our side. Fuck that God every which way but loose. Not a one of these demons deserve A SINGLE VOTE!!!! The fact they have power, money & TV airtime is a sorry conviction of our shallow, materialistic, violent, hypocritical culture!!!! Fact. Death is coming assholes! That’s one fact you can’t lie or buy your way out of. Judgement? You better fucking pray not. WE LOVE TO TALK BUT WALKING THE WALK IS ANOTHER REALITY WE RARELY DO. VOTE! Or wait for Armageddon. Venus has no life. Earth won’t either while the rich kill us all. Hyperbole? You’re a fool if you think so. A fucking fool. Check out the parking lot that used to be the rainforest, a.k.a., the lungs of the earth.


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