Lyin’ Ted Cruz was at it again yesterday, this time flogging the fiction that he and his Republican bund-mates reversed their votes on the PACT act, the bill that funds healthcare for veterans harmed by Agent Orange in Vietnam and exposure to toxic burn pits during the Iraq war, because Democrats (or their “spending fairies” as Jon puts it) snuck back into the bill after the June vote and changed the spending in it from “discretionary” to “mandatory”.

Which is a lie, because the real reason they changed their votes is because they are in a snit about Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer out-maneuvering them by positioning the “Inflation Reduction Act” for a reconciliation vote without the Minority Leader’s permission.

Cruz’s statement was, then, not to put too fine a point on it, which Jon does not… BULLSHIT!

Some Twitter sages explain the nuances of Jon’s rant far better than I could…

Thanks, Joe and Andrea!


Lyin’ Ted lied? No way!



Tell us what you really think, Beto…

We’ll give AP the last word:

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  1. Jon Stewart is a national treasure. The rethugs are doing most of the work to ensure the Dems are elected this November. If you are going to have a hissy fit because Schumer and Mansion finally outsmarted you, you don’t take out your pique on the veterans. This is so brain-dead I can’t believe they actually did it.

    • Come on now, if the ‘pubes weren’t hypocritical lying little bitches, they wouldn’t be ‘pubes now would they?

      It’d be brain-dead if the people who keep them in power weren’t brain-dead invertebrates. See, only spineless morons would elect other spineless morons to represent them in D.C. Oh, and by “spineless morons” I include the wealthy inDUHviduals and craporations funding the campaigns to keep people like cancun cruz in office.

      You know, one thing we absolutely MUST DO is put enough people in Congress to create legislation that OUTLAWS “dark” money. We may or may not be able to stop the bribery, I mean campaign contributions, from craporations….yet, but we sure as shit can make sure that bribery is not able to be kept HIDDEN. If craporations and the wealthy want to fund evil, so be it, but WE get to decide if we wish to allow them to stay in business with OUR DOLLARS. BTW, this might mean some of the old democrat fixtures might get the boot. That’s ok-maybe they need to go as well.

  2. That suggestion in the tweet from Deborah Sharp (saying Jon Stewart should explain every piece of legislation Republicans obstruct because he makes things simpler and clearer than any politician) got me to thinking. This fall, when the J6 Committee concludes its final hearing Thompson and Cheney should, after completing their closing remarks turn over the floor to Jon Stewart and let HIM deliver the final summation. (With a language warning that they’ve given him permission to let er rip!)

    • With enough time to prepare, I’m sure Jon could come up w/ enough descriptive euphemisms to accurately describe the situation w/o resorting to FCC banned language.


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