The video you’re about to see is ugly. Primitive, bestial, disgraceful ugly. That it would happen in any civilized country in the world is appalling.

I debated whether to post this here today, because it is so ugly, but I think we need to be aware of things like this going on in the world.

There are two levels of ugly here. One is the bestiality of the young people ganging up and attacking a young girl, simply because of her color. The other is the nonchalance of the two adult males in charge who casually saunter up to the scene, like they were walking up to a drinking fountain and not a vicious assault. ****TRIGGER***VIOLENCE***


Five people have been arrested after a teenage girl was injured in what police have described as a “serious racially aggravated assault” outside a school.

A 16-year-old girl, two girls aged 11, a 39-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man have been arrested.

A sixth suspect, a 15-year-old girl, is being urged to hand herself in.

Surrey Police were called to reports of a fight between a group of girls on the junction of Salcombe Road and Stanwell Road in Ashford at 14:30 GMT on Monday.

Officers earlier described the incident outside Thomas Knyvett College as “distressing” and asked people not to share videos of it on social media.

Insp Maxine Cilia said: “I was shocked to see some of the video footage of this fight and the level of violence from young people outside one of our local schools.

“Every schoolchild should feel safe in the local community and not the target of any kind of violence as they leave school premises.

I have heard it said that racial violence is the worst in the United States, but now I don’t believe it.

Xenophobia is something that has always been beyond me. Why somebody looking or sounding different should make them the object of such hate is incomprehensible.

Here is a link to a petition at I signed it and I recommend that you do as well.

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    • At least that didn’t happen. I can’t believe those girls were that vicious. I never experienced anything like that growing up, thank God. OTOH, I didn’t go to school with black kids. In my area of Denver, circa 1960’s, it was Hispanic kids.

      • I did grow up with black kids around and Hispanics, even asian (i.e. Japanese as I had a Japanese Aunt) and even though I hate this type of thing, I was a petite blonde and got beat up regularly by all factions and then when it turned out I needed glasses it got even worse. I was an equal opportunity target it seems because I was so small.

  1. This is sickening. I for one believe you did the right thing posting it. Everyone should be forced to see the consequences of the rhetoric, the INDOCTRINATION of hatred that awful parents teach their children to get them to act in such a desipicable and violent manner. Children are not born thinking the way these kids thought and acted on. It gets TAUGHT to them by parents and other adults as they grow up, just as the song from the musical South Pacific said.

    • If we get even a few more signatures for the petition, that will be great. This was so hard to watch, especially that young girl in pink kicking the girl in the head, while pulling her hair. Gawd! I hope the little demon in pink goes to reform school for a great many years. Although that will probably just harden her into a professional criminal.

    • I agree , this is despicable . They should not only arrest the girls but they should arrest their parents as well . All this hatred is taught at home . What the hell is wrong with people ?

  2. 240 years of this evil shit in America and we elect fascists who support murderous nazis, deny the brutality of slavery, oppose teaching real history, and are STILL in power in congress and the Supreme court. We’re in no position to point fingers although it’s no secret racism knows no geographical boundaries, especially when they also elected a British version of Trump to run their damn country, and got their panties in a wad over prince Harry marrying a black girl. Goddamnit. When we will ever learn? Mr. Dylan is correct when he sang that the answer is blowing in the wind.

  3. You could hear the mother tell her younger daughter to kick her and more. The younger one was the one who was pulling the girls hair and kicking. The mother needs to be put in prison and the daughters taken from her. Don’t know how it works in the U.K. but hopefully there can be a monetary consequences for this evil.

    • It is hard for me to imagine a mother encouraging a child to be violent and brutal. I really am having trouble parsing that one. What an image, a cute little girl, (I believe she’s 11, so still pre-teen) dressed in pink no less, and she’s kicking another girl in the head and pulling her hair?

      And this is real, not some perverse movie script.


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