The Republican party is painting itself into an incredibly strange and tight little corner and Fox News is going along with it, hand in glove. Both of them want to disavow knowledge of the facts of the January 6 insurrection and pretend that it didn’t happen. Why this is being pursued it’s impossible to say because there is too much video, too much eye witness testimony, documented both domestically and by the foreign press, and it’s only going to increase as the January 6 House Select Committee moves forward.

Be that as it may, take a look at the ad that Fox News will not air.

If you’re having a feeling of deja vu, it’s probably from this. Fox News wouldn’t air this ad, either.

Fox News also famously refused to air Mike Lindell’s ad about his cyber symposium, and that was just last week. That one I get. Fox News is trying to stay out of court with Dominion Voting Systems.

As to the first two, I can only assume that Fox is hoping and praying that their viewers only watch them, life seen through a straw as it were, or maybe them and Newsmax and OAN and will never, ever see the truth of what happened on January 6. If that is the case, and common sense would certainly dictate that, then their anti-American agenda is very clear.

I don’t see where what they’re doing is good business in the long haul. Short term, maybe, hope that it blows over, that seems to be Kevin McCarthy’s gambit and you see how well that’s working out for him. But long term, the House Select Committee is only going to keep going with its investigation. There will be volumes of testimony, all of it recorded on tape. To expect that it’s all going to be suppressed is not rational.

If anybody knows what the Murdochs are thinking, please enlighten the rest of us. Maybe it’s time to reconvene or invent a new version of the House Un-American Affairs Committee and investigate Fox News. I totally can’t parse this, other than as being completely antithetical to the interests of this nation.

That is the long and the short of it. Fox News’ perspective fully aligns with that of the Kremlin. Absolutely stunning. Khrushchev was right, they’ll take us over without firing a shot.

And don’t forget that MotherTucker Carlson is over in Hungary playing footsie with Victor Orban.

This is the game plan, make no mistake.

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  1. I don’t believe for a second the Murdochs, or even the evening hosts of Faux Nooz opinion shows think the bullshit being slung over their air is true. They long ago identified an audience that liked, even craved their message and have ruthlessly milked it for every dollar they can squeeze out of the people who watch them. Even as they’ve bled advertisers, they still are turning a profit. I think you’re correct in your assessment that they keep hoping this will all just go away, and that those advertisers they lost will quietly come back and make them not just able to turn a profit but raking in the cash hand over fist again. It all comes down to money, and a willingness to make a crack-whore seem virginal by comparison to get as much as possible.

    Because of that, when you invoke Russia I can’t help but think of Stalin’s comment that when it came time to hang the capitalist west an American businessman would sell him the rope. That’s Ruppert and and Lachlan Murdoch and their minions at Fox “News” in a nutshell. Western businessmen not only willing, but eagerly selling the rope to hang representative democracy both here and elsewhere.

    • “Conservative” hate democracy, because it means they don’t automatically get the deference (and money and power) they believe is theirs by right.

  2. These folks are like heroin dealers,(& the oxycontin companies), They get people hooked, then fleece them while they fatally poison them


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