The problem with exploring the January 6 insurrection is that the more questions get answered, the more new ones come up. This investigation is going to yield a huge body of information and testimony, when all is said and done, and that is assuming that the Select Committee is able to finish its work. The clock is ticking and if by any chance the House flips to Republican hands in 2022, you can kiss this investigation goodbye. The phrase “time is of the essence” has never applied more aptly to anything more than this endeavor.

The clip runs 4:00.

Numbers 11 and 12 are questions that have been glossed over, “Who ordered the National Guard delay?” And, “Did Michael Flynn’s brother stop help from arriving?” This was touched on by the Washington Post back when it happened, the fact that Charles Flynn had a key job at the Pentagon the same day that his right-wingnut brother was out stirring up a mob, but no answers were conclusively reached at that time; and like so many things in the era of Trump, once the news cycle cools down, burning questions of the day have a way of cooling off and vanishing in a black hole.

Number 13 is a question I find especially intriguing: “Why were more than 35 Capitol Police officers investigated for their role in January 6?” That would be good to know and so would the corollary, why did four Capitol Police officers commit suicide? Is that any kind of a normal statistic for a police department?

The questions go on and I’m sure you’ll have your favorites, too. One that I would love to have answered above all others is, where are the other versions of the video that Trump eventually released in order to quash the riot? Story has it that he did three or four versions of a statement to his supporters before he settled on one he could live with, the one you see in part here, and that a couple of versions of the statement were way too inflammatory. I would love it if the archivists have copies of those tapes and we could get our hands on them.

Here are a few more questions pulled from this thread.

This is the first I’ve heard of those issues.

The bottom line here is that there is so much information that we don’t have and so many unanswered questions that it is frightening. That begs the question of when are we going to get these answers, or is it a question of if? Maybe we’ll never have the answers. And that is the most frightening thought of all. One thing is certain: a lot of Republicans were complicit in this, if not openly engaged in plotting an insurrection and they absolutely want to bury that truth.

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  1. All good questions. I didn’t know 35 of the capital police were being investigated. Look, we all know what happened and why. The Republicans tried a coup and failed. At least for the moment. They had the national guard that was deployed keeping traffic and people away from area between the place where the speeches were made and the Capital. The Capital police had an inadequate number of officers deployed. No help came till they had failed in their attempt to capture and kill the people that stood between them and power, like Pence and Pelosi. From the Pentagon to the Capital police, traitors were going along with the toppling of the United States of America. Why the commission thinks any of these scum bags will tell the truth is beyond me. If they get the communications in the archives as they should, it is all over for the fascist scum. That is if Biden quits acting like everything is normal and starts attacking them on a daily basis. It needs to be stated what they are and now.

  2. It’s way past time for Democrats to be as brutal with the truth as Repugnicans are with lies. They need to brand the GOP as the Fascist party it is, loudly and constantly, until that truth seeps through the smoke and noise. At the same time, mainstream media needs to brand Fox as the Fascist propaganda organization it is, along with its offshoots like OAN and Newsmax. Trump’s busy calling Democrats Socialists and now Communists; Biden needs to call Trump and all his enablers Fascists, which is nothing but the truth.

    • Democrats are not, by and large, brutal period. This is the reason they lose control of congress and the W.H. with great regularity. They have the ideas/platform that appeals to the majority of the country but because they are p*ssies, they do not fight to win. IF they would at least take one page from the ‘pube playbook, the “take no prisoners” page, we would never have to worry about a ‘pube majority in congress ever again. We likely wouldn’t have to worry about another idiot like the orange sh*t-gibbon either occupying the W.H.

      This is why I wish beyond all that is reasonable that not only the G.Q.P. break off from the ‘pubes, but that the progressive dems break off from the democratic party. Not having to fight members of their same party over every f*cking issue might just earn progressives the respect they should be receiving. And maybe, just maybe, pols like sinema, manchin, tester, etc. will be seen for the mealy mouthed nothings they are and get the boot.

      • “We likely wouldn’t have to worry about another idiot like the orange sh*t-gibbon either occupying the W.H.”

        Well, you seem to be overlooking a major reason why said “orange sh*t-gibbon” got in the White House in the first place: Democrats who kowtowed to NON-Democrats demanding to have a say in the DEMOCRATIC primary and caucus process to vote for a NON-DEMOCRAT. Bernie Sanders should have NEVER been allowed to participate in the Democratic Party’s primaries and caucuses to select the DEMOCRATIC PARTY’S presidential candidate as long as he REFUSED to join the Democratic Party OFFICIALLY. And then, for the Party to have let Sanders try to force the Party into changing their rules to allow NON-Democrats participate in the Party’s primaries. (Of course, the Party screwed the pooch again in 2020 by letting Sanders run in the Party’s primaries again without OFFICIALLY joining the Party to which he aspired to represent as its candidate.)
        Even without Sanders, of course, there was the 3 decades of anti-Clinton propaganda spread by the GOP (and WAAAAAY too eagerly accepted by alleged progressive/liberal Democrats) in addition to the media’s complicity in letting Trump get away with all sorts of behavior without the least bit of real criticism (especially, the way Trump behaved at the debates–walking around the stage while Clinton was speaking).

  3. Well personally I would like to remind everyone that 2022 is one year from now. That’s a very long time. There is ample opportunities there for change and good fortune. Will you quit trying to just let democrats lay down their arms or whatever. Get up off your asses and make a fight for democracy, please! It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.


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