Charlie Manson would have loved Lauren Boebert. She’s his kind of sociopath. I’ve known a few sociopaths in my time and Lauren Boebert fits the profile. She’s narcissistic and stupid. Those are the top two characteristics needed to get rolling on a career as a sociopath.

Add to that utter immaturity and the idea that it’s cute or desirable to be a disruptive force and you have a sociopath.

Here’s Boebert’s daily dosage of lies and histrionics. This is Performative Assholery 101.

The fringe elements in the House GOP are running the show. Nobody is listening to Kevin McCarthy and it’s doubtful that he even bothers to try anymore.

As to the “substance” of Boebert’s remarks, Joe Biden did tell the truth,

Inflation in fact for the month of July was flat, coming in at zero percent, which brought the annual inflation rate down from 9.1% to 8.5%.

“Well in fact it’s the inflation enhancement act,” Boebert, a spreader of conspiracy theories falsely argued, calling it “just another con game by the Democrats,” which also is false.

She then went on to claim the IRS would have more “armed agents” than the Defense Dept.

The Colorado Congresswoman, a pro-gun extremist, went on to lie that the Inflation Reduction Act “hires 87,000 IRS agents and they are armed and the job description tells them that they need to be required to carry a firearm and expect to use deadly force if necessary,” she shouted, calling it “armed robbery.”

The bill will enable the IRS to hire new employees, but nowhere near 87,000. Only a tiny fraction, about 300, would be armed, and not for nefarious purposes like “armed robbery.”

I hope she goes down in flames at election time. I had hoped that she would lose her primary but evidently the GOP in that district is MAGAfied and that didn’t happen. Let us hope the Democrat can prevail. This woman is a disgrace. Every time I see a new news story on her I cringe for my home state. I positively cringe.



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  1. Maybe her fellow nut-job MTG told her the same people who invented Jewish Space Lasers ALSO invented bullet spraying hand-held calculators!

  2. Standing too close for comfort, next to that 1000 foot drop cliff, may seem worthy of her stupid outbursts, trying to keep her footing, in spite of the big wind behind her back coming sooner rather than later … the fiasco in Mar-o-golf has just pulled the pin on the GOP, being cozy with Trump these last years, has stained their plans to move forward with Republican dominated State Governments, loading Congress with useless turds like Ted Cruz, everyone’s REAL cowboy of the AR-15 freaks …

    So many old GOP farts out there have ALREADY made comments that show ring kissing of Trump may just have ruined the picnic lunch …

  3. She wouldn’t know a bible verse if she had to recite it, Guns, God, and nothing else matters except she hasn’t a about what Jesus would do. He too poor

  4. All you voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District: had enough yet? It’s not just she’s an incoherent, screaming, loon, it also says something about the people who put her in the office she currently holds. You’d have to be brain-dead to not be embarrassed by now.

    One more question for you savvy third district voters: what has she done for her constituents? I mean beside embarrassing the fuck out of you: she has performed THAT job admirably.


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