It’s pretty amazing that a lot of Republicans in this country, and their representatives in Congress, are taking the attitude that the insurrection at the Capitol was a false flag operation or that the impeachment trial is a “kangaroo court” cobbled together by Donald Trump’s enemies to persecute him. The plain fact is, five people were killed and dozens injured — and three Capitol Police officers took their own lives. This was a major event with vast sociological and cultural implications and yet a lot of people can only deal with it by denying it.

The Lincoln Project released this today. It’s message is plain.

Trump loves hyperbole like “fight to the death.” He got what he wished for. And while he golfs, families mourn loss and the credibility of impeachment as a constitutional mechanism gets eroded.

All these lawmakers took an oath to uphold the constitution and they’re doing anything but. Rand Paul doodles on a pad, Josh Hawley has his feet up, which prompted Michael Steele to say that he was “doing his toenails.”

Nobody seems to care about the dead, that much is certain. These GOP senators seem to want to protect demagoguery more than democracy.


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    • Because the entire GOP is not going to do anything about it. What gets me, is Trump saying “I don’t know if I will do the fighting or somebody else will”. He is the ultimate chickenshit and won’t do anything that would break a fingernail and his followers can’t see it.

  1. It’s too bad these jerks weren’t seriously threatened with danger, maybe they’d get it then. I keep wondering if tRump thought that if he revved up the mob to take out Pence and Pelosi, that somehow the controls of government would return to him. I’ve also been thinking that with the fantastic work law enforcement has done tracking down the criminals that attacked the Capitol through social media and all the photo/camera exposure, maybe they could do something similar with the riots we’ve had this past year in a number of states. I’m in Oregon and a lot of the damage and destruction in Portland, and certainly the attack on our state capitol, were probably by some of the same types of RWNJ’s who were practicing for their incursion into DC. I’d like to see some of those people tracked down, charged and jailed for the damages to businesses and buildings.


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