I always say “there is no low they won’t go,” when speaking of Trump world and the GOP in general. And I believe that. But I have to say that what you’re about to see completely dazzles me. I’ll tell you why. No matter how crazy Donald Trump might be and how much he lies, which is basically nonstop, his lawyers are forced by the very nature of their profession to keep at least one foot on the ground. Hyperbole is one thing, departure from reality something else. And Alina Habba has apparently forgotten the absolute basics.

You learn in the first semester of law school that the art of legal argumentation is minimization and maximization. Naturally, you’re going to maximize the strong aspects of a case and seek to minimize the weak aspects. What else would you do? That’s common sense. But what Habba does here is describe a case(s) which simply does not exist. Without further ado, get ready for your head to explode.

Unless I hallucinated this, I heard her say:

  1. “I’m very confident on our appeal. I have no concerns there.” This is said when a photo of Letitia James shows up on the screen, so we can assume that she’s talking about the Trump Organization fraud trial.
  2. To appeal anything, you have to find an error in the trial. Oh, and make no mistake, there were plenty of errors. All of them were hers, unfortunately, and not opposing counsel’s.
  3. “The decisions were so void of law and order and fact.” This is so nonsensical as to be the kind of dialogue that somebody would write in a script, if the person writing the script knew nothing of how the law works. There is simply no way an attorney general can even get a case before the court — let alone win a big judgment — without a mountain of evidence.
  4. “We are not concerned on the higher level courts.” Great. So you found plenty of reversible error in the court transcript. That’s swell. Legal scholars can’t find a thing but you did. Uh huh.

Now what is mesmerizing here is that Trump told reporters a few days after the judgment that he was looking for appellate counsel. And you may recall that Trump’s former lawyer, Tim Parlatore, said that appellate work was a legal specialization in and of itself and it was a no no to have the trial lawyer be the appellate lawyer. That’s pretty much a no brainer since the trial lawyer who lost the case is likely to be biased.

Habba, very simply, is talking out her ass here. Either that, or Trump has fantastically decided that she should appeal the case because he can’t find anybody else to hire. That could be the case, although, as stated, that would be somewhat fantastic. You just don’t see this happen in the rest of the real world, but this is Trump world and anything goes.

Habba is in charge of Trump’s PACs and has paid herself several million dollars so maybe she’ll just find a few more to pay herself as she turns an appellate court into political theater.

Who knows? This is completely unexpected and I am sure that of all the people finding out about this right now and shaking their heads in disbelief, nobody is doing so more vigorously than Trump’s own lawyers.

Is delusion contagious? I’m thinking in terms of mass hypnosis, that kind of thing? Apparently Trump is patient zero and a lot of people have caught this psychological virus, if such a thing exists.

This was a big mistake on Habba’s part. Yes, it puts a band aide on the situation. It gives Newsmax a little screentime to make the rubes happy, and maybe stimulates fundraising, but that is not a good tradeoff for the eventual let down. She does not have a leg to stand on, that any reputable lawyer can find, and she’s just blowing smoke right now. And in front of a mirror no less, how apropos.

And I don’t think she even believes her bullshit at this point. She reminds me a lot of Lauren Boebert, another winner in Trump’s circle, mouthing the right words but without conviction.

The irony of all this is that Habba was hired to do an acting job. She knew it, Trump knew it. But there comes a point where unless you are as seriously batshit as Trump is, you just can’t act beyond a certain point. And she’s reached that point, just like Boebert has.

It’s February 26. Let’s see if any appeals are in the works in a month from now. That will be March 26, and if that date is ringing a bell, yes, it’s the day after the Manhattan D.A. Stormy Daniels case starts.

Busy calendar in Trump world.

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  1. It’s not costing her anything she values. She’s already shown the world who she is. It will cost him BIGLY! The Kimmel show’s bit on deceiving the trump voters in Greenville SC ahead of the primary is telling…when giving them the facts about trump’s statements and behavior but disguised as if Biden had said and done these things, they called him demented, a traitor, and unfit for office. When the interviewer pivoted and revealed it was actually Trump, THEY IMMEDIATELY STARTED MAKING EXCUSES and rationalizations!!! Folks we are dealing with a NAZI DEATH CULT. The sooner rational people in America wake up and vote the better. When trapped in a burning house, ignoring the fire will only get you killed!



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