I gaze over at the cat tree, where Kiki curls up on one of her favorite perches. She’s dozing right now, but when she’s awake, she loves to look around and keep an eye on her world. Allen has his favorite perch as well, just a few inches from hers, where he can keep his eye on me so as to know when I’m awake and he can come and soften me up for treats.

Michelle Obama once said, when faced with news of bad things being said about her, “When they go low, we go high.” She was no doubt inspired by the world of kitties, most of whom, just like the ones in this house, LOVE going up high.

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“Come on over here, Kiki and Allen. Let’s look at some kitties who have found perches up high.”

“Oh, yes,” enthuses Allen. Maybe we can get some new ideas of places to explore.”

“Oops,” I say to myself, “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“Ooh, look, Kiki,” he says. “This cat is on top of the fridge. That sounds like a great place to perch.”

Image attributions: flickr/Annette gaskins

“But how would we get all the way up there?”

“We could jump right up there from the counter.”

“You mean the one Mom tells us not to get on?”

“Well…umm…yeah, that one. But we could be quick about it. And think about all we could see from up there.”

“For now,” I interrupt their plans, “Why don’t we just look at some more pictures.”

“Well, OK,” Allen grumbles.

“That cat looks like it is on top of a car.

Image attributions: pexels/mathias-reding

That sounds like fun, too. Maybe we could even ride up there the next time we go to the vet. What do you think of that idea, Mom? We could see lots of things up there.”

I am rethinking the wisdom of showing them these pictures. “I don’t think I’m ready to have you do that,” I tell them. “It’s really important to me that you stay safe.”

Kiki pipes up. “Here’s a kitty just walking up on a curb. That’s not very high.”

Image attributions: pexels/ana-iherina

“But it keeps the pootie from being hit by a car that might be coming,” I suggest.

“Hmmm, well, maybe,” she concedes.

“Here are some kitties who are thinking about how to get up higher.”

Image attributions: pexels/cottonbro studio
Image attributions: pexels/cottonbro studio
Image attributions: unsplash/chewy

Allen and Kiki gather closer to look. I am luxuriating in the warms radiating from their little furry bodies.

“Oh, no! Here is a cat jumping down again. I wonder what happened to him?” Kiki comments. “It looked like he had a great high place up on top of that piano.”

Image attributions: pexels/cottonbro studio

“And here’s one who just decided to jump up in the air and look around from there.”

Image attributions: kanashi-ds

“And here are some kitties that got a bit of help getting up high.”

Image attributions: pexels/cats coming
Image attributions: pexels/clicks

“Come look. Here are a few more perches. These cats are on shelves or on windowsills.”

Image attributions: pexels/umay-kara
Image attributions: pexels/elena-golovchenko

“And look at these,” mews Allen. They are in high places we haven’t even had a chance to try yet.”

Image attributions: pexels/yusuf-eser
Image attribution: pexels/gizem-ipekçi
Image attributions: pexels/amar-preciado

“Oh, my,” Kiki cries. “Look at that poor kitty.”

“Looks like maybe he got a bit too high, up on that roof!” Allen is concerned, too.

“Unfortunately, sometimes kitties get themselves in trouble by climbing and not knowing how to get down. I hope that pootie found someone to help him.”

“And some perches are just not good choices, like this trash can.”

Image attributions: pexels/tahir-osman

“Here are just a few more.”

Image attributions: pexels/mathias-reding
Image attributions: unsplash/ cris ob

“and a few high places in trees…”

Image attributions: pexels/pixabay
Image attributions: pexels/Jessica lewis creative
Image attributions: pexels/clare

“and just one more…”

Image attributions: unsplash/bogdan-farca

“I think I still like to be on our cat tree, or maybe over on the window sill. There are lots of birdies and squirrels to see out there.”

“That’s true. I like those places, too, Kiki,” Allen agrees. “But I think I most of all like to keep warm here on Mom’s lap.

“Well, it’s true. The view isn’t quite as exciting, but I do like to curl up and purr on a nice, warm lap.”

“I’m glad,” I tell them, reaching around to stroke their soft fur. “I like it when you do that, too.”

Their purrs throb against my body as they snuggle together and let their eyelids close for an afternoon snooze. I think that might be a good idea, too. So, before I let my eyes drift close, let me thank you for being with us today. Have a good week, and don’t let the crazies get you down.

I hear little murmurs from the furry critters on my lap. “Tell them to stay warm and well and look for us again next week.”

“Consider it done,” I whisper to them.




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