“Hey, Mom,” Allen called from his perch high on the cat tree. “Tell me that story again about how I fit in a tiny box” when I was little.”

Source: unsplash/lara baeriswyl

“Oh, yes,” I replied, remembering the tiny kitten who loved to lie in the little box. “When you got bigger, you went over to the box one day, and all that would fit into it was your paw.”
Sources: unsplash/Madalyn cox; luku muffin

“I miss that box,” he said. ‘Why didn’t you keep it for me?”
“Well, for one thing, you are never going to be that small again.”
“Oh. really? I didn’t know that.”
“We have lots of bags and boxes around here whenever you want to get into one. It seems like kitties always like to get in things. We had a very little kitten once that got into a coffee mug.”
Source: unsplash/daniel tuttle

“And did you try to drink the coffee with the pootie in it?”
“Luckily for the kitty, there was no coffee in it at the time. “Do you remember getting into paper bags and taking a nap there?”
Sources: unsplash/milada vigerova;brusk dede

“Kind of. Mostly, I think I like getting into those boxes. Sometimes I think I am going to like a box, but once I get in it, I don’t like it anymore.”
Source: I can has cheezburger?

“Someone I knew built a kitty condo, with lots of boxes glued together, and little doors between them. Some of the boxes had holes in the top so the kitties could pop up and look out.”
Source: Apricot Cat/MVK

Just then, Kiki showed up. “I like to get in baskets. You used to have a basket that had some soft cloth in the bottom. That was just dandy.”
Source: unsplash/ tugce besel

“In the summer, though,” Kiki continued, “My favorite place to curl up is in the sink, just like the kitty in that picture you have.”
Source: pexels/zulai kaya

“I watch out the window, and the pootie across the street likes to hide out in their mailbox,” Allen chimed in. “I don’t think the mailman seems very pleased.”
Source: I Can Has Cheezburger?

They both gave an excited wiggle. “Ooh, we would love to do that!”
I silently hoped that they would never get the chance.
“Shall we look at some pictures of pooties that are in things?” I picked up a book and turned the pages.
“Sure. We can probably get some new ideas.”
I quietly groaned at that thought, but we did look at some more kitties enjoying being IN.

Next week, we’ll share them with you and your kitties. Maybe they will enjoy having some new ideas, too.
We’ll sign off for today. Otherwise, you would be forced to sit there for another hour looking at cute pictures of cats that are IN.

Source: rawpixel; Apricot Cat/MVK

Have a good week, Everyone!

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  1. I am dying to see where your pooties go. I had a pootie once who stuck her head in a bag from a fast food place. It was more like a sleeve than a bag. Anyhow, when she put her head up, it looked like she was in the KKK. I had another pootie who scrunched in a bread pan and looked exactly like a meat loaf. They do find strange spots.

    • I have a whole story about a cat who got her head caught in the handles of a paper bag and then ran through the house in terror, striking fear into the hearts of all the other animals. Luckily, she didn’t strangle herself in the process.


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