Vladie and Donnie Set a Date. Peculiarly Timed.


Here’s a fantastic way to start the first day of your life contemplating the most solid 5-4 far-right conservative SCOTUS since Hoover and FDR (leaving FDR no choice but to “pack it” with liberals), let’s look at what was on the president’s mind as he awoke this bright morning:


Yes, so many questions, beginning with; “Why won’t you sit down and meet with the Special Prosecutor”? I would bet every dollar I have that Hillary will agree to sit down with the Special Counsel’s office on the condition that for every two hours she meets and answers questions, you meet for one. Oh, and please don’t ever use the word “disgrace” without a mirror in the room, ever, please. Corruption???

As per usual, it appears the only people that Trump trusts at face value are Russians, specifically Putin. As Andrea Mitchell notes, Trump sets American policy based upon “believe me,” said by a KGB spy, while rejecting all American intelligence agencies’ findings and most recommendations. It all leaves Trump with no credibility within his own intelligence agencies, and likely with Robert Mueller.

Which all is just so nice, since Trump and Putie have set a date, July 16 in Helsinki Finland to meet just one on one. That is awfully fast planning, often these take months to set up. That’s okay, because If tradition tells us anything, it will just be the two of them and interpreters, no staff members, no notes – that’s not the way the mob rolls. They are also meeting just as the primary season winds up here in the U.S. and we head toward the mid-terms, when Donnie will need Putie’s support the most.  In fact, if one wants to meet with Russians to plan some “action” headed toward the next election, it appears that summer is a popular time. The meeting in Trump Tower I (with Russians) took place in late June 2016, the meeting with the Saudis in Trump Tower (Trump Tower II) too place in August.

It has not been lost on anyone that Trump is coming off the most disastrous G7 meeting in history, when he couldn’t get along with the most-respected, cool-headed, most-trustworthy leaders on Earth, but now prepares to meet with his idol, or boss.

To give you an idea just how off Trump gets in the head when contemplating Putie, Trump still insists upon believing Putin when even the hyper-partisan House Intelligence Committee concluded that Russia meddled within our election. Though, admittedly, the House hedged by concluding that Russia didn’t favor one candidate over another, obviously because there’s no evidence anywhere that the Russians coordinated with the Trump campaign. One more? John Bolton declared Russian interference with our election to be an act of war, until he got on board with the Trump train.


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  1. As always it’s about the money. The yellow-bellied sh*t gibbon is in hock to Putin (big time), and they both know who’s boss (hint: his name begins with P not T). So far the YBSG has managed to f*ck up State, Justice, EPA, Education, the FBI (and the intelligence agencies to a lesser amount), Energy and the courts. Not bad for a semi-literate, pathological lying, malignant narcissist, and sociopath. I wonder if Putin has any film of him f*cking the YBSG in the ass?


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