Tonight is the fourth and last in a series of what has been called the GOP Primary Debates. I couch it that way because in fact, this is not a GOP Primary Debate. The frontrunner and last Republican president, Donald Trump, has not gone anywhere near the debates. He says he doesn’t need to. He’s the frontrunner, everybody knows what he stands for, so these mere formalities are beneath the coming dictator’s 2024 GOP nominee’s contempt.

So what is this then? Good question, I wish I had a facile answer, but I don’t. Part of what’s going on is simply walking through the paces. It’s tradition, like the Homecoming Game or the Prom. You have one of those every year just because that’s the way things are done. So the four remaining GOP candidates showed up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama tonight to perform some kind of a ritual, just because. Seems odd, is in fact odd, to be doing things this way, but that’s how this is going. Only Chris Christie mentioned the orange elephant in the room.

I agree with both Christie and Socrates. This is a farce, to have a GOP primary debate which the frontrunner is sitting out. And it’s an even greater farce to hold this illusory idea that the GOP Primary is between these four individuals when it’s not. But we’re at the end of the line here. January 15 is the Iowa Caucus and then the fur will fly. We’ll see who’s standing then.

Meanwhile, Christie put Vivek Ramaswamy in his place.

Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis copes with stress the way his species does.

Anybody know what planet the governor is from? I find myself wondering that late at night. My theory is that his spaceship crashed in the ocean and they threw him out of Atlantis because he was too weird for them and then he found out that Florida GOP politics was the perfect match for him.

Do you remember this nut ball clip from 2020? This is a hoot. We didn’t see this when Joe Biden won and of course we won’t when he wins again. I share it here again because this is the GOP platform. Fear. Fear of everything. Fear of The Other, fear of The Border, fear of The Unknown. Stockpile guns and shoot the pizza delivery guy if he comes to the wrong door.

And with Trumpty back in, you’ll have no more elections, so no need for any primaries. And the GOP is fine with that. Just look at them. They all sleepwalked their way through four faux debates and onto their inevitable future.

Back to the “debate” here’s Vivek spewing conspiracy theory. Dear God. I never knew watching the Republican party go down in flames was going to be this Bizarro World.

Well, look on the bright side, shall we? He didn’t start talking about the moon landing being faked or try to convince us that the earth was flat. We must be grateful for the small victories we find, right?


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  1. Someone please get a seance going…contact Jim Morrison…and let him know he’s no longer the lizard king…ronny white boots clearly is the lizard king. Or…maybe just a snake in the grass. They use their tongues to pick up clues from their environment. Human? Not a phucking chance.
    I must be having an acid flashback or something weird is going on when I start agreeing with Block the Bridge Christie. Of course, I snapped back to reality when he praised the fascist from south carolina. Whew…that was a close one.

  2. Your “… I agree with both Christie and Socrates. This is a farce …”. In addition, Jung is credited with “Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge” which appears to accord with how the GOP-MAGAtards proffer and pontificate their megaphoned lying and irrational rhetoric, as politicised culture war mongering, concurrently preening and posturing, in a distorted and stained, mirror lined, echo chamber. Their myopic and subservient stupidity, and obedience to that demented frontrunner, does have a use bye date, and it is very fast approaching.

  3. Holy CRAP, it is truly scary that Christy is STILL telling the truth, and idiots abound in the GOP … There is NO HOPE for the wicked Republicans as they make their play over sinking the Ukraine people to get some fractured solution for the, “WALL PROBLEM”, in play … Are they taking Trump’s planned shooting of migrants and anyone else that disagrees with him seriously? …

    Trump is a mouth out of control, prison for him may be a godsend for the rest of us, because prisoners are NOT allowed public exposure …

    This GOP is on fire, let it burn out, BUT Ukraine is getting attacked daily by expendable young Russian troops, the brain dead determination of Putin is just another day of fear and bleeding Ukraine troops, who REALLY are doing the best they can in this turmoil …

    The GOP is launching yet another kick behind our knees to lower our security and respect in this volatile world … If they think Putin is NOT making plans to pounce on the Ukraine when they run low on weapons and ammo, they are certainly brain dead and simply asking the Ukraine people to die for the GOP’s dirty political stupidity … It takes time to deliver weapons and ammo to Ukraine, even with a smooth vote to do so …

  4. “You’ll have no schools, no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, no Fourth of July, no future”

    Let’s see now, it’s the third of a four year term and not one of those things have happened. In fact, with the improved economy and more jobs added under President Biden than dumb-ass drumpf ever thought could even exist (yes, he’s that f*cking stupid) I’d say drumpf is not only a moron, but a lying one at that.

    I can almost guarantee that were the mango moron able to set one pinky toe in the oval, nobody other than his oligarch best buds would have a future. and they’d only have one until the idiot destroyed the planet thinking he was emperor of the whole world proving it by nuking the rest of the planet. I’d hope someone in the military carry the football would shoot his ass but with that little shit flynn hanging about, I’d say we’d be f*cked.



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