Victor Blackwell Rips Trump Tweet on ‘Racism’


Yesterday, on the anniversary of the Charlottesville, Virginia riot in 2017, Donald Trump had sent out this statement via Twitter.

In response to Donald Trump’s tweet claiming to condemn racism, Victor Blackwell from CNN, had this to say.

“We should put this into context and who is sending this out.  This from the President who said that all Haitians have AIDS.  This from the President who said Nigerians will never go back to their huts when they come and see America.  This from the president who said African countries are ‘shitholes’.  This from the President who called, during the campaign, for a ban on non-American Muslims coming into the country.  This from a President who went after the Central Park Five for years after they were exonerated.  This from a President who promulgated the birtherism lie about Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, when he knew that President Obama was born in the United States.  This also from the President who said that Mexicans are bringing crime and bringing guns, they’re rapists – some ‘I assume’ are good people.  This from the candidate who said on this very network that he knew nothing about grand wizard David Duke when he was on tape years prior denouncing David Duke specifically, but didn’t do so during the campaign.  This also from the President who, time after time after Charlottesville said, there are ‘very fine people’ on both sides as you heard there, speaking about our heritage of the confederate monument.  So when you see the President here talking about his condemning all types of racism, remember his record, over his Presidency, over the campaign, and even before then.”

I’m sure the history books will always remember the hypocrisy and division that Trump has fostered in this country.  This idiots’ time in office can’t end soon enough.


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