For a former commander in chief to make the perfectly asinine comment that Donald Trump did earlier this week telling Russia, “Do whatever the hell you want,” to a NATO country, is bad enough. But for somebody seeking a return to that position to say it, is lamentable. What’s worse yet is that to Trump it was a witticism. He was in his insult comic mode and anything goes. He didn’t even know he was appalling but then he never does. So at least that’s on point and in character.

Unfortunately, to the men and women who have served in uniform, or to those who have loved ones serving in the military now, it was not amusing. As a matter of fact, this week’s gaffe is probably the worst thing Trump has said to alienate the military since he called for the execution of General Mark Milley.

And the GOP following this man blindly is going to come at a cost, as it says above. This is not the Republican party of yore. This is MAGA madness, helmed by an emotionally unstable and immature man to whom everything is grade Z entertainment. Unfortunately, geopolitics doesn’t lend itself¬†to Trump’s cynical, insult comic style.

Playing with NATO

NATO, a cornerstone of European defense, often finds itself a rook in the Republicans’ game of strategy. They advocate for a stronger NATO presence, while simultaneously pushing for European nations to pay their fair share. It’s a bit like telling your friend he should definitely buy a car, but then reminding him he owes you for half the gas every time you ride together.

  • Europe‚Äôs Defense Tab:
    • Germany:¬†Increased defense spending
    • Others: Urged to¬†follow suit

A Dance with Dragons

China and Ukraine have become the dance floor for Republicans’ tango with geopolitical dragons. They play a complex melody, balancing criticism of China’s policies while also recognizing the need for engagement, akin to tapping one’s toes to the beat while not quite stepping on the dance partner’s feet.

  • China: An economic giant the¬†GOP¬†respects but remains wary of.
  • Ukraine: Supported against Russian aggression but watched cautiously for corruption.
  • Chinese Moves:
    • Trade:¬†Republicans¬†mix praise for free trade with critique of China‚Äôs practices.
    • Security:¬†GOP¬†recognizes¬†China¬†as both a competitor and a potential threat.
  • Ukrainian Defense:
    • Military Aid:¬†Republicans¬†back aid to ensure¬†Ukraine¬†can fend off devious dragons.
    • Political Stability: Emphasized as crucial for the region‚Äôs security dance card.

The Republican Party’s global maneuvers reveal a chess game played with a gambler’s spirit, where every move with NATO, Europe, Ukraine, and China is a calculated risk, a bluff, or a strategic alliance in this high-stakes political tournament.

Ukraine: The Unexpected Love Story

Imagine a romantic comedy where the lead character doesn’t realize their perfect match has been right next door all along. Well, replace next door with across the ocean and the perfect match with a geopolitical chessboard, and you’ve got the situation with some Republicans and Ukraine.

The Plot Thickens: Once upon a time,¬†Ukraine¬†might as well have been ‚Äėthat country next to Russia‚Äô for many¬†Republicans. But then, the villain of our story,¬†Vladimir¬†Putin, decided to play tough. Suddenly,¬†Ukraine¬†became the darling underdog.

Twists and Turns: As the war rages, it seems Republicans have found a new appreciation for the plucky spirit of Ukraine. Their resilience against the Russian bear makes quite the narrative. It’s an action-packed story of defiance, with Ukraine refusing to let Russia waltz into their territory without a tango of resistance.

Character Development: The GOP’s shift might come as a bit of a shock. Were they not the ones who once whispered sweet nothings about Putin’s strong leadership? Now, they cheer for Ukraine’s gritty fight for sovereignty, championing sanctions and military aid.

  • Reasons for the Rumble:
    • Power Plays: Supporting¬†Ukraine¬†is a geopolitical strategy.
    • Democratic Ideals: Standing up for a country resisting authoritarianism.
    • Plot Twist Love: Nothing sparks Republican affection quite like an underdog challenging their old flame,¬†Russia.

We can’t be schizophrenic like this in the eyes of the world. America stands for democracy or she does not. And right now it appears that the Republican party has cast its lot with the defeated reality TV host and the fired Fox News host. The sublime irony here is that Vladimir Putin has made it epically clear that he regards both Trump and Tucker Carlson as complete buffoons.

Putin kept Carlson waiting for two hours to do their recent interview, a gesture of complete disrespect. I wonder if Dan Rather would have waited for two hours? My gut tells me no. He would have been gone in 40 minutes, possibly 30. Thirty minutes is a grace period you give to somebody valuable who has a tight schedule. Two hours is beyond the pale, unless the person’s flight got snowed in or something unavoidable.

Point being, Putin is sending up the bat signal as to how he really feels but Trump and his toady Carlson just keep normalizing everything and pretending it’s all fine. No, it’s not fine. Russia is Russia, Putin is Putin and to pretend that something massive has changed and all is well in the world is folly. But the GOP keeps cosigning on it.

Voters need to let the Republicans know what they think about all this in November.

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  1. Senator Tester (MT) is being challenged for his seat by some joker called sheehy. Claims he’s a navy seal or some such. Thing is-he is a BIG dingleberry supporter. That does not compute–not after all the disrespect the orange ass-hole has shown to our military personnel and vets. No indeedy. sheehy IS however another trust fund brat and has been involved in some deals with china that really need to be looked into. The Tester ads call him shady sheehy and the bit I’ve researched on the clown indicate he’s almost as criminal as trump. I’d like to say montana voters will see thru this dumb-ass as easily as seeing thru clear glass but these are not bright people in this state. In fact they’re some of the dumbest m.f.’s I’ve seen outside of MS and TX.

    Come to MT to fish or hunt but don’t stay for scintillating conversation–there is none. You could do a remake of Deliverance and set it in Troy, MT and you would have the same inbred idiot extras you saw in the original movie-complete with effing banjos f.f.s. You would not really have to change anything except for the four main characters-you know, because they’re OLD.

    • Could somebody please tell me WTH a dingleberry is? Is it a thing? Is it meant to refer to Trump? This is the problem with nicknames, if they serve to confuse what good are they?

      • ahem. you know when your dog goes #2 and some ends up stuck to his rear-end fur? that’s the politest way I can define the word.
        but what is all this about Republicans supporting plucky Ukraine?? They’re the ones blocking the aid!

      • A dingleberry is a person seen as foolish, stupid, or contemptible. It’s possible Don Don is being referred to, in Spike’s response above. Review welcomed, if this is not the case.

      • I heard the dingleberries are those bits of tissue that gets stuck to a know-what after #2. Kinda like what N. Parker stated only‚Ķa different animal.


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