It’s just as well that the Montana MAGAs that Donald Trump, Jr., called upon to “shoot down the Chinese balloon,” did try to do so.

If they had, they would have been shattered and stunned.

Look at the footage the Good Trouble Show has been able to retrieve for us and you’ll understand why.

Here’s CNN’s coverage of the missile that struck this horrific spy tool and restored us to safety.

The burning question now becomes, how many more of these do the Chinese have? And beyond that, how many more do they have in development?

Think of it now, a Chinese balloon that looks exactly, precisely like this one, hovering over every major city in the world and eclipsing the sun, just like the motherships in “V.” I don’t know about you, but that would keep me indoors — or headed for the hills, one or the other.

Stay tuned for further updates. Right now we’re seeking to find out if any of the debris found its way to Mar-a-Lago and rained down on the ruler who reigns there, or if he was able to rein it all in before it hit him in his big orange ass.

You’ll be the first to know.


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