There are things you know that are going to happen, but you just try like hell to convince yourself that they may not. My cat is sleeping on the table next to the laptop, but he certainly won’t throw up on it. Yes, he will. That hurricane forming into the Atlantic certainly won’t make landfall on top of my house. Yes, it will.

And since March, when Joe Biden began to run away with the Democratic primary, we all hoped that Bernie Sanders and the spiteful idiots among his campaign staff would allow the Democratic voters’ will to be carried out without their interference. Every possible Democratic voter who becomes disenchanted with Biden and decides not to vote for him in November is, by default, a vote that will not be cast to run Trump out of office.

It ain’t fucking rocket science.

And yet, we’re seeing evidence that some — not all, not even most, but some — Sanders supporters and former campaign officials are working to undermine and sabotage Biden’s chances to defeat Trump in November.

You hoped that they wouldn’t, but yes. They will. Again.

Less than a month ago, the Biden and Sanders teams worked together to create a party platform that gave both sides plenty to celebrate. Everyone didn’t get everything they wanted, but it seemed like the two wings of the party were ready to work together to propel the Biden candidacy forward and begin redressing some of the nation’s most egregious ills. Sanders acknowledged the disagreements that remain between himself and Biden, but he calls the proposal

a good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction and substantially improve the lives of working families throughout our country.

Now, cracks are beginning to show in that construct. And former Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner is one of the ones wielding the crowbar.

On Tuesday, Turner said that voting for Biden was comparable to eating a big bowl of shit. Okay, only half of it.

Gee, thanks for motivating low-information and reluctant voters, Nina. Her words on voting for Biden:

It’s like saying to somebody, “You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.” It’s still shit.

The deafening chorus of crickets outside my home must have drowned out Sanders’s repudiation of Turner’s vicious remarks.

Some Sanders supporters have been bellowing for Turner, who said Biden has consistently let African-Americans down, to be named as Biden’s vice president. I hope they’re holding their breaths waiting for that to happen.

Similarly, Cornel West, a former Sanders campaign surrogate who once referred to “Brother Bernie and Brother Trump” as the only two “authentic human beings” in the 2016 race, attacked Biden:

We have to be true to ourselves and acknowledge that Biden is a mediocre, milquetoast, neoliberal centrist that we’ve been fighting against in the Democratic establishment.

Trump’s campaign should be grateful for West’s cooperation with them in trying to undermine Biden as a viable president.

And former Sanders campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray, one of the most reliable anti-Democratic voices from the Sanders crew, is repeatedly attacking Biden, possible vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and even, on occasion, Barack Obama on her Twitter account. Remember, Gray bragged about not voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But these are just three of the usual assholes being assholes, amirite? Well, as they say on the late-night infomercials, wait! There’s more!

Today, Politico published a story headlined “Biden, Bernie forces clash during convention meeting.” The story details some of the “disarray” evident during a recent virtual DNC meeting to hammer out accords before the Democratic convention. The story’s subtitle is Turner calling the Biden campaign’s actions during the event “disgusting, disturbing, unacceptable,” and leads with a photo of Turner apparently spitting nails at Biden campaign officials.

Politico absolutely loves to run with “Democrats in disarray” stories. This has long been established. But the rhetoric from both the Sanders and Biden partisans was apparently quite heated. A Biden official says the complaints and characterizations from Sanders representatives during the meeting are wrong:

This is a mischaracterization. There was a small group that was drowning out speakers, and this continued through a tribute to the late Rep. John Lewis. They were asked to stop by both Sanders and Biden delegates. And the overwhelming takeaway of this meeting was the five resolutions that were passed unanimously, as a result of the hard work of the Sanders and Biden teams.

It isn’t clear whether that “small group” was composed of Sanders appointees, Biden appointees, or both.

The argument reported on by Politico began when Brent Welder, a Sanders appointee on the convention’s rules committee, proposed a resolution to change the party charter to disallow all corporate PAC dollars, and limit corporate lobbyists from serving on the DNC. A Biden appointee asked for it to be tabled, which, committee co-chair Barney Frank explained, means that if it is tabled, it will remain undiscussed until someone makes a successful motion to revive it. Welder and other Sanders representatives apparently don’t know how committees work, and began objecting. When another Sanders appointee tried to force a vote on the resolution, some Biden appointees pushed back, with one Biden appointee allegedly saying: “You’re acting like children. You were going to lose anyway, so get over it.” The Sanders appointee, Jillian Johnson, says the meeting was then closed. Turner and Welder support Johnson’s claims, but others dispute the narrative. What Turner and the others don’t mention is that the committee did vote to consider Welder’s proposal, and the proposal was defeated.

Sanders committee members then rushed to social media to vent their complaints, and apparently to either exaggerate or outright lie about the events in the committee.

The “five resolutions” that were passed unanimously were apparently of little interest to Sanders partisans such as Turner. The committee adopted numerous reform measures designed to restrict the ability of superdelegates to weigh in on the nomination process and make caucuses more accessible to voters. Some of the measures passed after some Sanders campaign officials asked their appointees to withdraw their own amemdments in order to join in on the amendments agreed to between the Biden and Sanders camps.

As has usually been the case, Sanders isn’t trying to constrain his former campaign officials from taking massive dumps on Biden. But he did make the following statement:

The rules passed today, which keep in place the important changes we pushed to make four years ago, ensure that our party’s presidential nominee is selected by rank-and-file Democrats — not party elites. I want to thank the Biden campaign, the delegates and the members of the committee who forged this agreement. What it says, very simply, is that the will of the people must come first.

So there’s that.

This may be much ado about nothing. Or it may signal a new initiative by Turner, West, Gray and others among the “usual suspects” to do what they can to derail the Biden campaign and give the nation another four years of Trump.

Not all of the usual suspects are going to be part of this. David Sirota, the former Sanders speechwriter, said after Sanders officially endorsed Biden in April that doing anything else except working to defeat Trump is unthinkable. About the binary choice between Biden and Trump, he wrote:

I spent the last year of my life trying to prevent it from being that choice, but sorry — with Bernie suspending his campaign and today endorsing Biden, that’s now the choice. I’ve said before and will say again: Trump must be defeated in this election. There’s a pandemic that threatens to kill hundreds of thousands of people and a climate crisis that threatens all life on the planet. Defeating Trump is not an option — it is an imperative.

So there’s that, also. And then there’s the “Settle for Biden” “movement,” which is getting some play. It’s an effort put together by unnamed “Sanders and Warren supporters” “who recognize Joe Biden’s flaws but know that our nation will not survive four more years of Donald Trump.” The messaging doesn’t thrill me, but if it persuades some disgruntled Sanders supporters to grit their teeth and vote for Biden, then I can live without being thrilled. And apparently there is a larger “settle for Biden” sentiment out there.

This time in 2016, Sanders campaign officials and partisans were almost unified in their vicious attacks on Clinton. Some of the Sanders delegates were preparing to unfurl a giant WikiLeaks banner during the Democratic convention, and were practicing their “Lock her up!” chants. I don’t see anything that orchestrated or pervasive happening this year.

I don’t advocate ignoring Turner, West, Gray and whichever other former Sanders mouthpieces when they launch attacks. Rather, I advocate pushing back against them HARD. Let them know that they don’t speak for the vast majority of Democrats, liberals, progressives and centrists alike. We’re uniting behind Biden, some with a degree of reluctance (see Sirota above). We would have done the same with Sanders had he won. But the Democratic voters spoke, and they overwhelmingly chose Biden to bring an end to the Trump reign of terror, incompetence and treason. Turner, West, Gray and the others can either get on board, or be treated like the social and political pariahs they risk becoming.

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  1. Bernie. What a dick. In case any of you care, the word is “Shmendrick!”
    In english, “asshole”. There, now you ALL speak perfect yiddish.

    • I fail to see why Sanders is a dick here. He’s not equivocating or damning with faint praise. He’s been put in an awkward position by some people who are probably his friends. I don’t know about you but I don’t publicly remonstrate my friends. I talk to them quietly.

      I’m a Warren supporter for the record. And yes, I’m in the Have to Suck It Up group. Biden will do but I don’t hold out hope for real change.

      • Major difference: you’re being an adult about it. Sanders could certainly do the same by talking about how he publicly disagrees with Turner and Co and the reasons why. But the track record for such things with him are spotty. It’s a major reason why his campaign went down in flames.

        As to real change, Trump’s epic mismanagement has caused enough of a shipwreck to where very little of what came before looks to be salvageable. Ergo, space enough for a great deal of change out of sheer necessity. Biden is our only chance to make it happen.

        • I’d say his failure to build a coalition was why his campaign failed. You can win when you don’t reach out. Not even trying to win over Jim Clyburn was stupid.

      • “Awkward position” of his own making. When he didnt fire or demote his press person Ms. Gray when she was caught lying twice in 24 hours in this campaignit showed me Senator Sanders should not be POTUS.

        This time the only saving grace is we haven’t heard from Susan Sarandon… yet.

        If 2 weeks before November 3rd Sarandon pops up with Michael Moore at a rally endorsing this years version of Ralph Nader like they did because Gore was not pure enough and dt is reelected I am going to move to Europe.

      • I don’t hold out hope either, but if they’re going to make my life hell as a member of the lower class under a corporatist government, then I guarantee I’ll y’all down with me. #NEVERTRUMP #NEVERBIDEN #NOCORPORATEMONEY

    • No surprise on Bernie…he’s probably still bitter he didn’t get the nod this time. And he knows that was his last bite at that particular apple. Frankly, I’ve heard all the kvetching from that schmuck I ever want to hear. He wants to be better remembered, he needs to let the big ideas he pushed and his political heirs take it from here. Otherwise, he can eff off.

    • I like Yiddish, so of course I care. Accordingly, I offer a slight variation on your theme. I think that you are being a little too hard on Bernie, and a little too soft on his supporters.
      The Yiddish word Schmendrik is too soft to adequately describe someone who is acting like an asshole.
      A Schmendrik means someone who is behaving more like an ineffectual fool, which is how Bernie, who is usually a “Mensch”, is uncharacteristically behaving. He knows better, and as a “Mensch”, (literally “a man,” an honorable, decent, stand-up person, an adult,) he should be firmer in reining in his “media savvy supporters” like Turner, West, Gray and the others who are “unable” to get on board.
      These supporters are too smart to be acting like such “Schmucks”, which is the stronger Yiddish term that better describes “assholes”, who know the stakes but cannot put their “partisan” egos aside.
      Until they (his major supporters) start acting a little smarter, they should be considered partisan “Schmucks”, who deserve to be treated like social and political pariahs.
      And Bernie needs to stop being such a “Schmendrik” and rein them in. Biden needs their unequivocal support.

      • He ain’t gettin’ my support. Give me M4A, GND, 15$ minimum tied to cost of living and inflation, AND NO CORPORATE MONEY IN POLITICS. Then he’ll get my HESITANT vote. With his track record, that’s what it would take to get me to HOLD MY NOSE. Bernie WAS THE COMPROMISE.

        • Then go posture and snivel somewhere else. If Democrats wanted Sanders, they would have voted for him in the primaries. They didn’t. They didn’t vote for my choice either (Warren). Too bad for us. Now we have a binary choice. We vote for the guy who will get those kids out of cages, who will stop our economic freefall, and who will lead an effective federal response to the Coronavirus. Or we vote for the Nazi who put the kids in cages, wrecked the economy, and murdered 150,000+ people. You don’t have another viable option. If you want to vote for some third party candidate out of personal petulance, go right ahead. You’re choosing to leave the kids caged up, the economy crashing, and people dying by the thousands. Screw you.

  2. To be clear, I don’t see anything as orchestrated or disruptive against the Biden candidacy as we saw against the Clinton campaign in 2016. Hopefully, the venom being spewed by Turner and the others will be as irrelevant as the “fart-in” held during the 2016 convention.

    • So they’re just being dumb out of a major sense of, dare one say, entitlement? Stakes being what they are, it’s likely people will just tune ’em out.

  3. Eff ’em…all these antics are just ways to freeze themselves out in the likely event of a Biden administration. To paraphrase a fictional queen, they can live in that new world or expire in their old one. I have no interest in joining them with the latter option.

  4. Bernie really liked choosing and surrounding himself with spiteful, vengeful children. He continues to stink. No surprise there. Another narcissist. He could tell these a s s h o l e s to shut up, if he cared enough to.

    • There are so many reasons to spew vile venom towards the pretend POTUS and his rotund pretend AG, now, the extra cannon mouths out there make for just more discontent within our struggles for survival in spite of the Trump Virus creeping into a much larger problem every day, the, “Gotta get all the schools open”, ‘we will see how it goes’, [how many children have to die as lab rats, or take the Virus home to their Gramp’s and Grandma’s, before they develop working meds and vaccines?]
      These are real concerns for those of us that are elderly and have friends and family with young children and Governors that don’t have the answers yet but still, bless their hearts, are really “GOOD”, Republicans and working every day to prove it … /S

  5. Eating a bowl of shit? Almost every time I’ve listened to her I regret having done so because it’s like having shit injected into both my ears! More often than not she’s vicious to the point of purely & spitefully hateful of anything less than total worship of all things Bernie Sanders. Sound like another group of people we know? As for West he rubs me the wrong way sometimes but I’ve generally thought when I had a chance to listen to him I should do so. Not anymore. This whole “I didn’t get my way and won’t be RULING the country from a highly visible spot in a Sanders administration is really, really pissing me off. Some of these noxious people Sanders chose to surround himself with don’t belong in the WH or even being close advisors from the outside any more than the Trump gang.

    Bernie has voiced some objection to the antics of these folks but in my view not often or forcefully enough. He needs to tell these asshole privately to take a gigantic does of STFU and just go the hell away – at least until after the election. And that if they don’t HE will make a point of going on all the major outlets and do some hard-core denouncing of them, including not only do they not speak for him and in fact are betraying what he’s managed to negotiate (first with Hillary, then with the DNC and now Biden) but risking the future of our country out of petty, petulant jealously. That they’re out of control and will never work for him again and that no one should ever again believe they speak for him.

    And then, if necessary follow through!

  6. I’m not worried about discredited fringe types like Gray, Turner and West, who sounds like parody of a Bernie Bro when he says, “Biden is a mediocre, milquetoast, neoliberal centrist that we’ve been fighting against in the Democratic establishment. And who could possibly take Gray seriously after she posted, in response to a tweet from John Lewis saying he planned to spend part of his holiday playing with his cats, “He’d throw those cats under the bus to help the DNC”? These are literally the dead-end fringe, although I do find it annoying that Biden’s people allowed Turner to disrupt their work when she’s barely taken seriously by anyone anymore. Meanwhile, top Bernie operatives such as Jeff Weaver and Faiz Shakir are working their butts off to elect Biden.

  7. The author said it best when he wrote “This may be much ado about nothing.”. But then he continues to attempt to create a tidal wave out of the usual posturing and bickering. Good for an article I guess. Fortunately, none of this seems to be in the mainstream news yet. Unfortunately this author may make that so.

    • Wow! Who knew I had so much power? Let me try something: “Come to me, son of Jor-El! Kneel before Zod!” No? Damn.

  8. Let’s see, a global pandemic and a record number of people unemployed and subsequently without health insurance. The idiots in the DNC refuse to even pay lip-service to M4A or UBI. Any wonder that some of us refuse to “fall in line”?

      • My conscience tells me to vote for someone who will remove the Nazi from office. If your conscience tells you to refuse to vote to remove Trump, then your conscience sucks.

  9. I voted for Bernie because he promised change.

    Biden: “Nothing will fundamentally change.”

    Ain’t gettin’ my vote. Period. If we devolve into fascism it’s the DNC’s and DCCC’s fault for destroying their credibility in court when they admitted under oath that the people do not pick candidates via votes. The primary votes are theater, plain and simple. The party picks the candidates. In open fucking court they admitted this. Public record. There’s no point in voting in primaries and in the general the D candidates will never represent us.

    “Oh but the lesser evil” whiney whine whine. Pound sand.

    There will be revolution.

    • Whiny ass snowflakes like you won’t spark a revolution. None of you actually do anything except stomp your feet and issue demands. And you’re absolutely lying when you say that the DNC and DCCC said that the party chooses the primary campaign winners. Please, keep posting this snot-nosed drivel. You’re my new favorite chew toy.


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