I do not understand the posture that Fox News is taking these days. There is a pattern developing where these incredible Freudian slips keep coming out of the mouths of their air talent. Tonight, Tulsi Gabbard (who has been suspected of being a Russian asset for some time now) takes to the airwaves to tell Jesse Waters that Joe Biden is protecting democracy. And this is news why now? Well, listen to her spin. Democracy is getting people killed. Fascism wouldn’t, you see, because nobody would have guns — except the people imposing martial law, we guess. This is getting deep.

The tweet ends, “governments across the globe? Do they think that would end well for America? It is becoming difficult to understand what Republicans are even complaining about at this point.”

It is beyond impossible to understand because it is sheer word salad and gibberish. But then what do you expect then the standard bearer for the party suffers from dementia, specifically phonemic paraphasias?

This is the “baffle ’em with bullshit” crowd, right here. There is no chance at winning on policy and substance, so just confuse everybody, get them as fear ridden and ginned up as possible and then assure them that only a vote for this or that GOP candidate will save their bacon.

Take a look. Tulsi had a big donor who was a Putin apologist, and she herself has long taken pro-Russian positions, such as when she gave credence to a baseless Russian-supported conspiracy about U.S. involvement in biological-weapons laboratories in Ukraine. A tinge of QAnon thrown into the mix, eh what? Perfect. This is today’s GOP in action. At least she’s aligned with the right political party now.

In 1983, towards the end of the Cold War, Sharon Tennison, an American activist, founded the Center for Citizen Initiatives. Its mission is to “begin a series of citizen-to-citizen initiatives and exchanges, buttressed by official media PR and social-media networks across America and across Russia,” according to its website. During its 40 years, the center claims to have set up exchanges, helped launch Alcoholics Anonymous in Russia and taught business skills to Russian entrepreneurs. On a visit to Russia in 2016, the Federal Security Service detained Tennison for a few hours on suspicions of being a foreign agent, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

While advocating for peace, Tennison has repeatedly championed Russia’s dictator. For example, in 2018, she wrote, “Putin isn’t the problem, friends. The problem is the projection of our own ‘shadow’ on Putin and Russia.” In September 2020, Tennison observed, “Putin seems to ignore detractors and continues efforts to create venues to bring peoples and countries together despite vilifications.” And the day after Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Tennison posted, “I am deeply concerned about a NATO country being on Russia’s borders in Ukraine … As for Putin’s current dilemma, I’m sorry he felt he had to intervene in Ukraine!” Ukraine is not and has never been a NATO member.

The crux of Tennison’s political contributions have gone to Gabbard, the former Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate who’s been a prominent Russian sympathizer. Since July 2016, Tennison has contributed $15,000 to Gabbard’s political committees, including $2,000 last December to Tulsi Aloha, the leadership PAC that emerged from her presidential campaign. Donations in support of Gabbard comprise 69% of Tennison’s total political giving, according to records with the Federal Election Commission. Tulsi Aloha reported raising a total of $45,000 in 2021.

A month after Gabbard dropped her $50 million defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton over her remarks about a potential “Russian asset” running in the 2020 race, Tennison contributed $2,000 to Gabbard’s legal expense fund.

And this woman is in the running for vice president of the United States on the Republican ticket, we are told. If Trump does choose her — and anything is possible nowadays — you will know for an absolute fact that the real ticket is Putin/Trump. Just like before.

Watch. It may take place. I, for one, would not bat an eyelash. Not after all that we have seen. The long range plan which we’ve been seeing since 2016 is to ease a pro-Russian stance into American life gradually. The Republican Old Guard is basically dead. Or, like McConnell and so many others who are retiring or not running again, they’ve simply given up.

So expect the number of MAGA radicals in government to increase. Expect things to get nuttier. I do expect a new conservative party to eventually arise from the ashes, but not until Trump and MAGA have burned it all down first.

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  1. As an Arizona voter I don’t trust anything about Kyrsten Sinema and she has become Tulsi Gabbard’s best friend. She has also hired Tulsi’s sister as her lone private security detail for an outrageous amount of money. For all the WTF things that Sinema has said and done over the last few years while she was allegedly serving as our Democratic Senator her falling in with Tulsi explains a lot!

    • You mean, Sinema’s suspicious switch from the Green Party to being a Democrat didn’t raise some issues of trust? Until 2003, she was considered the Green Party’s spokesperson for Arizona but, apparently after losing an election as a Green Party-affiliated independent in 2002, by 2004, she’d suddenly “converted” to being a Democrat. As an Alabamian, it puts me in mind of how the George Wallace of 1958, who won the NAACP’s endorsement during that year’s gubernatorial election, decided winning elections was more important that actually standing up for your beliefs and so, by 1962, he’d morphed into the racist that has become his unfortunate legacy; I use “unfortunately” since, following the assassination attempt on him in 1972, he began mending fences with the African-American community which had been so successful that he had as many African-American political leaders attending his funeral and speaking fondly of him without ignoring his actions in the 1960s but, rather, showing how he’d redeemed himself in their eyes.

  2. “And the day after Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Tennison posted, “I am deeply concerned about a NATO country being on Russia’s borders in Ukraine … As for Putin’s current dilemma, I’m sorry he felt he had to intervene in Ukraine!” Ukraine is not and has never been a NATO member.”

    A couple of thoughts on this point:

    First is to add some additional corrections to Tennison’s comment. During the height of the Cold War, Russia had a NATO neighbor “on its borders” in the form of Norway, a founding member of the alliance. (And, incidentally, Norway’s border with Russia is still there. In fact, it’s been there since Sweden and Denmark ruled Norway.) And, to the south, since we shouldn’t forget that Russia–before 1990–shared a border with Turkiye (aka “Turkey”) which joined NATO in 1952. And, at the time that Putin decided to invade Ukraine, Russia was bordered by several NATO members: Poland (via the Kaliningrad Oblast), a member since 1999; Estonia, a member since 2004; Latvia, a member since 2004; and Lithuania (also via the Kaliningrad Oblast), a member since 2004. And, thanks to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia got ANOTHER NATO member state on its border, in the form of Finland, the country with the longest single border with Russia of any NATO member (in fact, Finland’s border with Russia, at 1271.8 kilometers or 790.3 miles, is longer than all other NATO member states’ borders with Russia, combined–Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania combine for a Russian border length of a “mere” 1261.2 km or 783.7 miles).

    Secondly, I wonder when Ms Tennison developed her “support” for and “defense” of Putin? Could it be after she was detained in 2016 by Russia’s Federal Security Service under suspicion of being a foreign agent? Interesting that the Federal Security Service is the primary successor of the Soviet Union’s KGB, an organization that one Vladimir Putin belonged to in the late 80s (and, interestingly Putin was also the Service’s director in the late 90s and during Putin’s first presidency, he put the Service directly under the control of the President–it still has a Director, but three guesses as to whom said Director answers and the first two don’t count). I can only imagine what Ms Tennison was “offered” in exchange for her “freedom” since she was only held for a couple of hours, rather than detained for days or weeks (which would seem to be more likely for a suspected “foreign agent”).

  3. Are those Q-Tips around gabbard’s neckline in the first pic? Sure looks like it and sure looks silly. She goes out in public like that?

  4. Putin’s attitude toward the possibility of Ukraine’s joining NATO makes me wonder if he is trying to adapt the Monroe Doctrine of the US to Russia. From Wikipedia:

    “The Monroe Doctrine is a United States foreign policy position that opposes European colonialism in the Western Hemisphere. It holds that any intervention in the political affairs of the Americas by foreign powers is a potentially hostile act against the United States.”


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