Oblivious Tucker Carlson told Trump voters “to erase their text messages and emails “every single day” (as if that would do any good) last night while providing the most delicious video of the day – footage of John Eastman, author of drumpf’s plan to destroy our 250 year old democracy, being patted down by federal agents prior to having his phone taken into evidence.


Of course Aaron Rupar’s followers had a lot to say about that…

Me too BeSerious, I’m gonna watch it on a loop.

Yeah, that’s why he makes all those stupid faces…

Lock him up!

Well, he is a lawyer who thought sedition was no big, so…

Eastman makes Bob Halderman look like a genius.


Ignorance of the law got drumpf Jr. off, so maybe he’s on to something…


Thanks, Aaron, for monitoring Faux Spews so we don’t have to…

Moar John Eastman being frisked footage Please!!!

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  1. Okay, if you’re a living fossil like Trump, Ghouliani or Tucker’s own boss Rupert Murder (shout-out to John Ostrander for that one three decades ago!), you can’t be expected to understand how tech works necessarily. But if you’re Gen Xer and below, you have no excuse for being this ignorant. I’m reminded of a meme of a Ukrainian soldier commenting on his Russian opponents: “We are lucky that they are so effing stupid.”

  2. I always thought liar tuck had that stupid look on his face all the time because he constantly sh*ts himself. It certainly isn’t because his brain is actually providing cogent thought.

  3. Oh how I hope Tucker has already done what he’s told others to do. Because IF (sadly it’s not likely but one can dream) the feds ever come a calling he’s just provided a crucial element to the crime of Obstruction of Justice – consciousness of guilt! As in “I get rid (or think I do) evidence of my crimes and so should you.” Please, please PLEASE let him be involved in the failed coup plotting in some way. White collar defendant’s high-priced lawyers are great at milking the “intent” portion of criminal statues (regular folks like you and me not so much!) but ole Liar Tuck has just gone and (to a freaking lawyer no less – who SHOULD have gently advised him to walk it back somehow) displayed willful intent to cover up any crimes he might be involved in. I’ll bet his own personal lawyer(s) popped a bottle of the finest champagne. The lawyers at Fox? Not so much. THEY probably ate an entire pack of RollAids!

    • These days, I get the feeling the lawyers at Fox are like Chinese officials who have to deal with North Korea whenever the Kim family is making trouble.


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