Wonders never cease. Russian mouthpiece/Putin Fluffer Tucker Carlson was pretty smug with his interview with ole Val Putin. Pootie seemed to have Tuckwad spellbound. Even Trump never got so many softballs from Carlson. He expected to be feted with all manner of honors. Delusions of grandeur like dreaming of standing there, Pulitzer in hand thanking Pootie and the Gang over in “Mother Russia” and so on.  Then Pootie went and rained on his parade. Gave Carlson a “golden shower” if you will, mocking him for not being “tough” with his questions!

Poor Tucker. At least he’s got the confused look down pat. He just couldn’t (I’m sure) understand why his newest, bestest pal would turn on him like that. My god, it was like how… TRUMP goes and throws people under the bus. Just for fun.  Worse for Friared to a crisp Tuck was that the reaction back here at home (despite rumors to the contrary he hasn’t relocated to Russia) wasn’t exactly glowing. Sure, he expected folk like me and most of you (we do have some conservative readers here) and hell, he eagerly anticipated “triggering the libs” but even some fellow conservatives took him to task.  Uh Oh.

As a result, according to Newsweek Tucker Carlson decided some damage control is needed.  That’s significant in and of itself. He already got fired by Fox News but it’s not the lost money that hurt since he is after all a trust-fund baby. Inheritor of a fortune from mommy and daddy and the Swanson Frozen dinner empire.  No, it was that prime time slot on Fox. He’d become their “star”, even more the voice of MAGA than Hannity. Don’t think for a second Carlson hasn’t hoped that down the road, perhaps even later this  year he’d have worked his way back into Fox’s good graces. Maybe get to do some work for them at the GOP convention.  And eventually back into that sweet prime time gig and all the attention and adulation from MAGAs that go with it.

However as I’ve noted the blowback from his little Putin fluffing must be more significant from the right wing types that I’d thought. Plus, his fee fees had to be butt-hurt from Pootie’s snarky shot at him. Walking back some of the praise he’d had for Punt is one thing, but taking a direct SHOT at Putin is a “he said what? type of thing. But Carlson did just that:

Tucker Carlson bashed Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s justification for invading Ukraine, claiming that the “denazification” of the country was “one of the dumbest things I’d ever heard.”

My advice to Carlson is to never, ever travel outside the U.S. again, and to hire a food taster. (He can afford it. Hell, he can brag about being a job creator) Rather than punch him in his stupid face my reaction if I were to suddenly find myself face-to-face with Carlson would be “Dude. you DO realize this guy enjoys knocking off people who displease him don’t you? And that sometimes he makes it a point to make it an extra painful death, like say with poisons or nerve agents?”  Then again as I think about it I just might tell him
“Don’t listed to the critics. Your interview with Putin was awesome and you should get back over there right away. And tell him how great it would be to add to your look at how much better Russia is at things with a visit to one of your model, clean and modern and totally human prisons!”

Well, Carlson certainly didn’t  hold back in that podcase interview with Lex Fridman. As the linked article notes it covered a range of topics and it seems Carlson has changed his mind just about completely when it comes to how great he thinks Putin is. Or was. Or pretended to be or whatever the hell was coming out of his stupid mouth before he realized he’d dove into a steaming pile of sh*t. In addition to calling Putin’s justification for the Ukraine war stupid he also had this to say:

Carlson also described his first impression of Putin as someone who “seemed nervous,” telling Fridman that the Russian president “went into [the interview] like an over-prepared student.”

Well, it looks like the Vlad-Tucker “bromance” is over.  It was vile and disgusting while it lasted. But hopefully this breakup is for good. Still, I can’t help but wonder given the way Carlson gushed over his pal Pootie if there’s enough residual longing that he’s willing to consider a “reconciliation.” Again, I think it would be the stupidest idea Carlson has ever had because it could well be his last one if he goes back to Russia for another sit-down.

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  1. Methinks it’s all part of the game, just like Putin making nice noises about wanting Biden to be re-elected. All bullshit, all intended to confuse the issues and distract from the real goal: to put Comrade Trump back in the White House, but of course without any help from the innocent Russkies and their American allies.

  2. Someone should get a word to Putin that Tucker’s WIFI are “Putin Kills Kittens” and Putin Poisons Puppies”. And maybe Tucker should go back to eating frozen dinners.

  3. “I never met a man more in need of a beating!”
    Kevin Kosner as John Dutton from Yellowstone
    Boy…those prep schools sure know how to ‘educate’ smug little trust fund assholes!!!


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