For months now, I’ve been pleading with y’all to just sit back and give Merrick Garland some time and room to work. Everybody was frustrated that the only cases the DOJ was bringing were against the foot soldiers of the Capitol riot. But it takes time to build a more intricate criminal case.

It turns out now that the DOJ has been investigating the promoters of the Capitol riot almost as long as they’ve been investigating the foot soldiers. And their investigation is much better organized and advanced than we thought. As I said, they were doing their job properly, behind the scenes.

Today the DOJ announced that US Attorney Thomas Windom was the lead DOJ prosecutor for the January 6th investigation. Bloomberg Law reported that when his name was announced, Maryland defense lawyers rushed to bars to celebrate his promotion. Nobody wanted to go up against him in court.

It gets even better. The DOJ announced that Windom had been in his post for more than a year, which means that he has been intricately involved in directing the varied investigations.

And there’s even more sunshine and blue skies. It was leaked that, for the last several months, Attorney General Merrick Garland has been receiving weekly briefings from Windom or senior staff on the progress of the investigation. Obviously Garland is remaining very in the loop on this investigation.

And we already know that the DOJ is engaged, and much farther along then they’ve been letting on. Look, if the DOJ was concentrating on nothing more than prosecuting mouth breathers and bed wetters, there’s no way that they could have pulled off the lightning raids that put Jeffrey Clark on the street in his PJ’s and slippers while they confiscated his electronics, not grabbing John Eastman’s phone from him in a restaurant. You have to show a federal judge probable cause to get a search warrant.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t see Merrick Garland doing this on on the cheap. If Garland appointed a great white shark like Windom to lead the investigation, I don’t even wanna know the other sharks he’s gathered around him to move in for the kill. And we all already know from Garland’s own lips that pretty much every employee of the DOJ is tuned into these hearings.

So please, sit back, let the J6 committee do its work and enjoy. But sit back and let the DOJ do its work as well. Because they’re obviously a lot further along than we thought they were, and they have a competent lead prosecutor and his team on the job. Take my word for it, perp walks to follow.


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  1. Patience is a virtue very few Americans possess. People somehow expect the case to be solved and adjudicated in an hour ala Law and Order. I remember when the CSIs started, everyone thought that every police dept., no matter its size and/or budget, could immediately process a scene and get results that day. Investigations, done properly, take time. Processing evidence, depending on the type, can take months. I heard someone speculating that the Watergate investigation from start to indictments took a little more than 2 yrs, and using that as a timeline they expected high level indictments some time around March 2023.

  2. Good to know but still lock them up now .im sure you have enough on them all to put them away please get Er done

  3. Your article gives me great hope that Garland is doing what absolutely needs to be done. Thank you.
    I’ve been very skeptical. Garland is a very measured intellectual and scholar–a great choice for the Supreme Court. But what is needed here at DOJ is a killer-prosecutor. My choice was Andrew Weissman, a proven, aggressive, relentless killer-prosecutor. That’s what is required to take on an historical indictment of the sleaziest, amoral former President we have ever had.
    If Windham is that good, we have a chance to save our democracy.
    I love your articles, but for me this is the most important insight you have given us readers

    • Oh goodness, these indictable politicians continue to wreck havoc while we await the long arm of the law. I’m afraid by March 2023, it will be too late to save our democracy. 2022 elections of Republicans are going to wreck DOJ’s plans! Trump will get away AGAIN!

  4. I want to add that America’s greatest constitutional scholar, Professor Lawrence Tribe, describes Garland as his former student and long-time friend. He told CNN that he believes Garland will indict Trump. I believe it likely that Garland reaches out to Tribe regularly. If anyone has knowledge of what Garland is thinking, it would be Professor Tribe.
    As a former practicing lawyer, I revere Professor Tribe and am certain that Garland does as well.


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