We’ve seen some amazing presidential/VP pairings in candidates, that much is certain. We saw H.W. bring Dan Quayle into that level of politics, a decision he ended up regretting. We saw John Kerry rue the day he approached John Edwards. I still don’t know if anything can top Spiro Agnew and Dick Nixon, though. Agnew ended up with indictments and being forced to resign, the first time that that has happened. Then Nixon ending up having to resign. Could Trump get anybody that bad? Oh, yes. There are some terrible matches out there and here’s just a sampling.

Where does Elise Stefanik fit into all this? She vying and clearly dying for the role. She has completely sold out to MAGA. Now if we look at it dispassionately, if Trump is following this line of thinking, then Stefanik might be the worse possible choice. She is, after all, looking for a Dick Cheney level of position. And in all truth, had something happened to Dubya, who would have noticed? Cheney was running the show. So if having an alternative so horrific that Trump’s safety is assured is the goal, then Stefanik might not be his best choice, using that logic.

Tulsi Gabbard would then move several notches up. She’s reportedly a Russian asset, so having her as Trump’s VP would put Putin in charge but Putin would be in charge anyhow, so maybe that’s not as subtle a deal as Putin would wish.

Kari Lake would be a complete screamer. She or Marge Greene would be a fiasco, but then they would be perfect MAGA comic foils for Trump.

Trump tried to play it “traditional” when he chose Mike Pence. Pence brought in the White Evangelical vote and he was the image of the Safe Republican Daddy. The question is, will Trump try to do that same thing again? Because nobody who is old guard, old school, is in the running.

Tim Scott is the perfect Oreo sell out, Vivek is there because it’s show biz, plain and simple. Vivek is of the Sarah Palin School Of Politics, he’s there to be a star.

And as to the worst possible VP choice Trump could make, I think it’s a three-way tie between Vivek, Marge, and Kari. Marge, at least arguably, has sat in the Capitol and knows something of what goes on in Congress. Kari is a TV talking head, so between those three probably Vivek would be the worst.

Or, Trump could do something really crazy and just go for the Queen Of Crazy, which is Sarah Palin herself. Maybe that’s the way he’ll go. Because if the goal is to present an alternative to Trump that would make Trump look good, then Palin would probably be the only person who could pull that off.

We won’t have long to wait now. The GOP coronation could happen this week and basically will happen this week if Trump puts his daughter-in-law and loyalist in charge of the RNC coffers when Ronna McDaniel steps down.

That could happen on the 8th. And as soon as Trump feels like he has the nomination sewed up, he’ll announce a running mate. And then we’ll know for sure how many of these whacky theories are just that, whacky theories, and how many of these outre candidates are actually not in the weeds at all, but right there, ensconced in Mar-a-Lago and ready to take the role.

Hey, I got it? Are you ready for this? This is drop dead perfect. Lauren Boebert. And before you 1. collapse or 2. throw up, listen up for a moment: It might be perfect. If, as this broadcaster says, Trump should pick a VP so horrible that nobody will want to off him, then Boebert is the obvious choice. You can’t get any worse.

Plus, it would give Boebert a graceful exit. She wouldn’t have to run in CO-04 and do a primary and all that, she could just go for the big ticket item. Trump endorsed Boebert just today, so read that however you want to, as he’s not going to ask her to be VP, or that he does plan to, he just hasn’t done so yet.

That’s my submission for Worst VP Candidate Possible. A Trump/Boebert ticket. Can you bottom this?

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    • Boebert, Josh Hawley, Jim Jirdan, Comer, Bratty Matty –anyone in the Freedom Caucus. Problem is all of those people love the spotlight as much as,Trump–and he hates being upstaged, which is one of the two reasons he picked a non entity like Pence who had no personality but could bring in the evangelical vote(second reason he was picked).

    • Gaetz was on the horrible list. Abbott would be a disaster, yes. No question. Jordan would be something out a Grade-Z movie. i hadn’t thought of Jordan. If Jordan’s the pick, then Trump might actually do better with Don Junior or Eric.

      • Tucker Carlson, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham…or any of his relatives. How about Melania ? Ivanka ? Don Jr ? YIKES !!!

        • He can’t choose any of his children or DIL who live in Florida. prez & vp can’t be residents of same state. that eliminates DeSantis & Rubio also.

      • Why not Mike Johnson? Wouldn’t that further solidy his evangelical base?
        Evangelical movement is insidious right now, injecting themselves in media, education and politics.

  1. Trump didn’t choose Mike Pence, Paul Manafort did (probably on orders from the Kremlin). Trump was tricked into it by Manafort and he was livid when he found out, especially when he discovered it was too late to change it. At the time he favoured Chris Christie who has felt cheated ever since (and it shows). Trump never liked Pence and certainly never wanted him as VP.

  2. Just a few thoughts. Where do Uday and Qusay Trump live? From what I gather, both have established residency in Florida which makes them constitutionally ineligible from being selected as VP. The Twelfth Amendment begins, “The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves; . . . .” Having both Trump the Demented Elder and either one of his spawn on the GOP ticket immediately causes Florida’s electoral votes to be null and void if most of the state’s voters choose the GOP. (It’d be deliciously ironic if Trump lost the election because his state’s GOP slate of electors were ruled ineligible because the GOP ignored the 12th Amendment in letting Trump pick his own VP. Of course, the electors could split their VP vote among various other choices–that’s happened before, as recently as 2016–but a close electoral vote could lead to Kamala Harris having enough electoral votes to remain VP.)
    Of course, Trump could pick someone else and then “convince” that person to step down (maybe with a decent Cabinet post or ambassadorship?) and he could then choose Uday or Qusay to be his new VP and, with a compliant Congress, he’d have one of the spawn as his VP (it only requires a majority vote in each house–not a 3/5 majority or a 2/3 majority; just a simple majority).

    • Wow, do you really still think Trump is constrained the Constitution? If so, you haven’t been paying attention. If he chooses one of his sons as VP, try filing a lawsuit. By the time it gets to the Supreme Court, he’ll be running for a third term. You can file suit against that, too.

  3. As for Bernstein’s contention that Trump just needs to pick someone worse than himself to “ensure” his continued presidency, well, that’s why you’d spend your money on multiple assassins: Send one after Trump; send the other after the VP (let’s remember that, in 1865, not only was Lincoln a target of an assassination, but his VP, Andrew Johnson, was also targeted). Get rid of them both and the Speaker of the House takes charge. (If that happens, we’re then in completely untested waters. The Constitution only provides that, if the President-elect dies before Inauguration Day, the VP-elect is sworn in and serves a full four years; if both the President- and VP-elect die before Inauguration Day, Congress would probably have to set a date for a new election but there is NO provision for how long a “double successor” would serve as Acting President or if said successor would be considered a “full” President.)

    • If we retake the house and someone offed the President and VP, we’d get a Dem president. The trouble is the wildest group on our side are Antifa,,and they don’t enjoy playing war games. They may get in a,rare fight with Nazis,and white supremacists but it is usually after the ranks attacked them. Liberals just don’t enjoy killing those who disagree with them.

  4. Boebert, Josh Hawley, Jim Jirdan, Comer, Bratty Matty –anyone in the Freedom Caucus. Problem is all of those people love the spotlight as much as,Trump–and he hates being upstaged, which is one of the two reasons he picked a non entity like Pence who had no personality but could bring in the evangelical vote(second reason he was picked).


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